When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Wrenches

Pipe WrenchExcept in England, of course. There they’ll have spanners.

But in Pennsylvania, where indicted felon Attorney General Kathleen Kane has determined that the biggest threat to public order is licensed concealed carriers (who are involved in rounds-to-zero crimes in crime-ridden Pennsylvania cities), and the next biggest is lack of that magical incantation “background checks” (in a state where 100% of pistol transfers, even parent to child, must go through an FFL and NICS), we bring you this wrench attack.

A 57-year-old Northeast Philadelphia man suffered a skull fracture in what appeared to be a random attack by a wrench-wielding man Tuesday morning at Suburban Station, SEPTA police said.

The victim was at a ticket counter around 6 a.m. when a man behind him started striking him the head with a pipe wrench, said Transit Police Chief Thomas J. Nestel III.

Technically, what he suffered is most likely a cranial fracture, an injury that always bears with it risk of brain damage. So a family is waiting, now, to see if this fellow who was just minding his own business buying a ticket to the commuter train is going to have all his marbles, and his motor skills. Because he trusted the police, the criminal courts,  and the social order of Philadelphia to keep him safe, and did not take charge of his own safety.

Cue Otter from Animal House. We’ll see in a minute why his trust, whether he knew it or not, was in the courts; and why that trust was tragically misplaced.

A nearby transit police officer quickly apprehended the attacker, identified as 38-year-old Jeremy Wilson, whom Nestel described as a transient. Wilson was arrested without a struggle and the wrench was recovered.

“Transient” is one of those Philadelphia locutions. It’s a term of art for what other moderns call “homeless”, and that was a term that those of us on the dark side of 40 recognize as arising in the 1980s  as a media and political euphemism (it was a keystone of the ill-starred Dukakis campaign, remember him?) implying that the explosion of menacing bums (there’s the right word) had nothing to do with 60s and 70s “deinstitutionalization,” and was somehow a failure of public policy with regard to mortgages, or perhaps insufficient funds wasted spent on “public housing.”

Philadelphia, let us note, is a “sanctuary city” for bums, as well as a “sanctuary city” for criminal aliens.

Court records had a home address listed as Camden.

Well yeah, he has to have an address in Jersey somewhere for the Party to vote his absentee ballot for him. All the nut jobs do.

Wilson, also known as Jonathan Wilson, was charged with attempted murder and related offenses, and was being held on $1 million bail, records show.

Well, that’s alright as far as it goes. Being that it’s Philadelphia, you’d half expect them to confiscate his wrench and schedule it for destruction, and ticket him for practicing mechanics without a license.

Nestel said Wilson had a lengthy criminal record in Florida and also a record in New Jersey. Wilson had been arrested five separate times for assault on police, Nestel said.

Um, the obvious question would seem to be: why is he not in prison? This seems to be one more of those cases where the system, unable to cure a violent insane person, just shuffles him along until his unpunished crimes reach some threshold where even the most deluded of the “reformers” is ready to jail him.

In the next sentence, the emphasis is our own.

Wilson was arrested earlier this month for terroristic threats and theft from a motor vehicle, court records show.

via Cops: Wrench attack at Suburban Station appeared random.

Violent criminal, violent history, arrested in the same jurisdiction for violent threats and theft, and immediately let go. By the pop definition of insanity, is this wrench-wielding weirdo any more insane that the City of Philadelphia itself?

If a dog bit people as often as this guy, even in Philadelphia, they’d put him down. At what point does a human being’s rabid behavior deprive him of the cloak of human exceptionalism and compel society to cure itself of him?

Oh, never mind. It’s Philadelphia. They’d rather not be cured. They value his life. What a shame they place a zero value on his victim’s.

11 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Wrenches

  1. Trone Abeetin

    I remember in the 80’s Whoopie Goldberg, Robin Williams, and that third turd who’s name escapes me were always having telethons and concerts benefiting “homelessness”
    They’d rail against Reagan and his policies which were causing same. When Clinton and Obama got into office, you’d swear there wasn’t any homeless people.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Thanks, Scott. I ought to give you a percentage of what I make from this, but a percentage of zero… uh, rounds to zero!

  2. staghounds

    As we all know, minding your own business is some dangerous stuff. Fully three fourths of my shot and shot-at victims were doing it immediately prior to the assault.

  3. Ben

    To be fair: I see a lot of “arrests” and not a lot of “convictions”. This could be either an editorial error by the reporter, or an accurate reflection of Mr. Wilson’s record. It is deliberately difficult to imprison someone in the United States prior to their conviction in a court of law. This has more to do with due process than letting out frequent-flyers because it makes some misguided “reformer” feel good. (The politics, history, and effectiveness of pretrial detention is its own can of worms). I don’t disagree with your overall stance, but the distinction between arrest and conviction is an important one to keep in mind.

  4. ToastieTheCoastie

    There used to be distinct types of homeless people. Bums of course refuse to work and just hung around whatever town they were in. Tramps were the real transients who traveled for work. And hobos were tramps on freight trains.

    The tramps (and a few hobos), the true transients, are still with us, but they tend to mind their own business .

    1. Hognose Post author

      Most of the “homeless” today are bums, but mentally ill bums, untreated or self-medicating with alcohol and recreational drugs.

  5. Gray

    There is no one homeless in the U.S. except by choice. In the 50’s, I remember my father pointing out the bums (the designer word “homeless” not yet invented) on skid row in Philly. As someone who has worked since my early teens, I subscribe to an understanding that “the man who does not work, does not eat”.

    Pain is a universal language, easy to understand, and right to the point. Hunger, being a form of pain, is a relentless motivator if it is not artificially (by government interference) assuaged. If society would allow pain to have its natural consequence, we would see a diminution of the numbers of bums until only the crazed were left. Those can then be institutionalized.

  6. Cap'n Mike

    All you hate filled commenters need to rethink your use of the language.
    They are not “bums or “homeless”, they need to be referred to as “Residentially Challenged”:)

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