How Can You Kill ‘Em When They’re Already Dead?

We like oddities, we like customs. But we’ll be upfront: this is an acquired taste that we have not acquired:


This is… we are not making this up… a vampire-branded M1911. In the suitably already-interred 10mm caliber.


What better caliber for slaying the undead, than a caliber that’s two graves down from the .357 Auto Mag? (The intervening grave? Jeff Cooper, the great exponent of the 10mm).

So 10mm it is. Presumably with silver bullets.


Naturally, Count Drac here comes with his own coffin:


We don’t think even Owen Z. Pitt his ownself wants one of these. But if you are planning a Transylvanian hunt, or if you have to drive by Salem’s Lot to get to your friendly local FFL, you can contact Reeder Custom Guns and still see if they have one of these Kase Reeder Vampyre Slayers on hand.


Reeder is an extremely prolific maker of custom 1911s and revolvers. Hunt around on his website and you can find some single-action revolvers he’s built for Frank Beard of ZZ Top, the best traveling music ever for handling Texas distances.

(We’re partial to baroque for handling New England twisties, and soothing us if some personal calamity has compelled us to engage with Boston traffic. But when the roads are straight, the car is hot, and distances are measured in six-packs, it must be Texas, and the playlist must be ZZ Top’s Deguello).

23 thoughts on “How Can You Kill ‘Em When They’re Already Dead?

  1. Calimero

    How dare you bad-mouth the Almighty 10mm Auto!

    We’re like at least 10 users spanning across five continents sharing the 100 annually produced shell casings by Starline!

    OK, OK. I admit that my Glock 40 & RMR are a bit over-the-top. :-)

  2. John M.

    10mm is NOT dead, thankyouverymuch. You can buy it in any gun store (even if my local Walmart doesn’t have it). Heck, Glock alone makes three separate models in 10mm (20, 29 and 40). Kimber and Rock Island make 1911s in 10mm.

    -John M. (10mm fanboy)

  3. Mr. 308

    Well it certainly looks different, not my taste but then whatever floats someone’s boat.

    What are the chances that stud coming off of the business end would be classified as a bayonet in NY I wonder?

    Oh and, if it’s not baroque, don’t fix it!

    1. Mike_C

      Not to mention Tap, Ra – aargh!
      Not quite as dangerous as the Manly Innovations bayonet though.
      And those protrusions are silver, [Ag], not just the color, right?

  4. Boat Guy

    I certainly concur in your taste in driving music (in both scenarios) but I gotta pile on the 10mm pack. I chose to carry mine on a trip last week that took us a good distance from home through mountain and rural country and yet would be wearing jacket and tie at an “event”. I says to meself “Self, what hangun do you have that would suit the purpose the best?” and took the Delta Elite to the range; made sure it and I were still compatible; filled my mags and threw an extra box in my suitcase. Comforting – and not uncomfortable.

  5. Winston Smith

    I came to the comments to defend the 10 and am pleasantly surprised I am not the first.
    Any gunperson understanding Math is usually a 10fan unless they are too slight to handle it (coughfbicough).
    But to each his own. Diversity and all that pc bull ya know.

    1. John M.

      The FBI was the worst thing to ever happen to the 10mm. They should have gone with .45 ACP. They would have been unlikely to ruin that venerable cartridge, even if they had had the dumb idea to down-load it for agents with, uh, smaller hands.

      -John M.

  6. Tom Stone

    I’m not sure if a seagull crapped on it or if that’s ‘Engraving”.
    I hope it was a seagull because that would wipe off.
    As to the 10MM, if I wanted a hunting caliber in a 1911 platform I’d go to the .460 Rowland, nothing wrong with the 10MM but there are better platforms for that cartridge.

  7. Kirk

    Well, if nothing else is available to serve as a clue that our host is an easterner, this will.

    I’ll grant that 10mm is not a popular caliber, but… Dead? Zombie? That’s a bit off, considering the recent release of pistols like the Glock 40, and SIGgies in 10mm. Not to mention all the ammo out there.

    If it ever was a dead caliber, it is back on its feet, and looking for the assholes that buried it prematurely, kinda like Hugh Glass. Hognose might want to check his door from a safe position, in the future, ‘cos it seems likely that a revenant personification of the 10mm Auto might be wanting to have a little chat…

    Humor aside, I have to point out that 10mm is pretty popular in the Northwest and Alaska. It is the only thing that fills the bill for self-defense from both people and large furry things that eat people. A Glock 29 with the right loads is a comfort, whether dealing with bearish or humanish goblins in the night. Plus, I’m kinda tickled to be able to articulate to the authorities why I was shooting malefactors of the human persuasion with a caliber suitable for taking most large North American game animals…

    “Wow, officer… That did make a hell of a mess, there, didn’t it? I think you can see why I told 911 to take their time… It is just too bad I had the bear loads in the gun when he accosted me… Whole thing was reflexive, I’m telling you… I’ve been practicing for bear encounters, for years, and that’s why I emptied the magazine into center of ass… Errr… Mass, I mean…”

  8. Eric S

    10mm isn’t dead, but it’s definitely not thriving. Where would you put 357Sig? It’s doing much better than 10mm and I generally don’t consider it to be doing that well. 357Sig has a some LEO agencies who use it such as the Secret Service & Federal Air Marshals as well as smaller organizations. That keeps ammo makers loading it. There’s not many agencies using 10mm. In fact, the FBI is slowly replacing all the MP5/10s in inventory with AR15 type rifles. An agent buddy of mine just handed his in a little bit ago. I shed a tear for the loss of the HK slap in his life.

    1. Boat Guy

      The fact that “LEO Agencies” don’t use the 10mm is hardly an insult. The one good thing about the Feebs “discovery” of the .40 Short & Weak is that 10mm bullets are plentiful for those of us who roll our own.

    2. John M.

      Well, according to the Lindy Effect (absent any other evidence, things without a defined life span can be expected to live as long as they’ve already lived), the .357 Sig has another 22 years left in it, against 10mm Auto’s 33.

      For my own opinion, it doesn’t seem to me that .357 Sig brings a lot to the party that 9mm and .40 S&W didn’t already bring, but clearly it’s doing better than (e.g.) .45 GAP.

      The 10mm Auto, on the other hand, has no obvious substitutes outside of rimmed cartridges. As @Kirk points out, if you want a production semiauto to defend against large hairy beasties, your choices begin and end with the 10mm. This was my use case.

      -John M.

      1. Hognose Post author

        My production semi-auto for the brown bear use case would be a Nemo Omen .300WM. True, it’s not a handgun, but with Ursus h. you want to get as close as possible to “nuke ’em from orbit.”

        1. John M.

          We only have bears in the flavor of Ursus americanus where I haunt. The one who lives where I frequent is reportedly the size of a large Labrador retriever–I haven’t seen it yet, more’s the pity–and would likely be served well by a .45 ACP should the need arise. But 15+1 of 10mm goodness makes me feel good. Plus mountain lions are a thing around here, and 15+1 of 10mm would be nice for that also.

          If Ursus horribillis were a thing around here, I might consider something more in the .44 Mag or .454 Casull range. Or staying inside more.

          -John M.

          1. Boat Guy

            Ursus Horribillis have made a reappearance in my home state and their range extends to a lot of my range. While I have (and carry when the occasion suggests) a .44 Redhawk, the idea of handgun vs bear makes “staying inside” very attractive.
            We have cougars in goodly number but if it came to shootin (as opposed to the more likely scenario of fangs in the back of your cranium being your first indication) I’d have confidence in pretty much any gun/cartridge combination I’d use against bipeds.

          2. Hognose Post author

            Cougars are wise animals… they fear Man. Ursus h., not so much. Ursines around here are your ordinary black bear, and a healthy one will always decline an encounter with Homo sapiens (and with me, lately accused of being atavistic H. neandertalensis). Your only real risk is if you get inline between mama and cubs, and then run away from mama (i.e. towards cubs) instead of orthogonally to the mama-cub line.

          3. Boat Guy

            Ursus h. need not fear man – or anything save bison in a herd. Reminds me of the TR “speech” in The Wind and the Lion”.


    10mm is certainly not dead

    Hell Colt still makes Delta Elites in 10mm every year and colt does not stick to making things that does not sell well.

    that gun is just ostentatious and absurd enough for some one to make one in that double barrel style next year

  10. Daniel E. Watters

    Kase Reeder would be an unknown pistolsmith if he were not riding the coattails of his father Gary Reeder. However, even his father’s custom revolvers share the same goofy lack of taste in engraving motifs.

  11. Alan Ward

    JMB is twisting in his grave at the sacrilege. No, not the 10mm, just the gaudy, hip hop, over the top BS stuck on the poor harmless abused 1911!

    1. John M.

      It only counts as being trolled if you didn’t enjoy rising to take the bait. :)

      -John M.

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