The Limits of Unarmed Self-Defense

So, people are buying guns on the legitimate market to commit crimes in New York?

So, people are buying guns on the legitimate market to commit crimes in New York? What, this robber bought his in 2012 or so?

A liberal lady who wouldn’t be caught dead carrying a gun was nearly caught dead not carrying one in New York City, as a bold stickup crew that targets out-of-state visitors and tourists sent her to the ICU with a shoulder wound.

Andrea Koller, 53, was in critical but stable condition Friday after getting shot by a bandit wearing a ski-mask who pistol-whipped her and her daughter during the attack outside the Hampton Inn.

Koller, author of an impassioned anti-gun letter to the Baltimore Sun in 2013, slugged the armed robber in a Thursday night scuffle that ended with a gunshot tearing through her right shoulder, sources said.

Koller’s 93-year-old father said his daughter’s brave stand against the gunman was typical of her Maryland mettle.

via Baltimore mom shot by robber in Queens was targeted by crew – NY Daily News.

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton refused to attribute any blame to the city’s lax law enforcement — this is believed to be the fifth such robbery the same crew, whom his police can’t find, have committed — or revolving-door courts that leave New York teeming with maladjusted felons. Instead, he, like Koller herself, blames the guns in the hands of all those people outside New York, the ones who are not committing any of these unpunished crimes.

“This is America,” Bratton said. “We have 300 million guns and a lot of bad people.”

lot of bad people. Some of them are police commissioners.

James Koller said his daughter, a Baltimore public school teacher, was a liberal and an activist who worked with children and the minority community in the city.

Three years ago, she wrote a letter to the Baltimore Sun decrying gun violence and the gun show loophole that allows criminals to easily acquire weapons.

Frankly, we’d bet 10-to-1 against the contents of Koller’s stolen purse that the gun she was shot with was not acquired through the so-called “gun show loophole,” or in any legal means whatsoever. And we’d bet 100-to-1 that it wasn’t the trigger punk’s first felony.

Bandit in the hoodie's going down for the count. Sad, eh?

Bandit in the hoodie’s going down for the count. Sad, eh?

Funny that these sorts of crimes are much less common where the lowly commoners are allowed to arm themselves against such criminals, and not wait for Bratton’s title-of-nobility-clutching civil servants to get around to investigating “mere” armed robberies and gun assaults.

Compare and contrast the outcome of an armed robbery of a barbershop in South Carolina. Two black Asset Redistribution Engineers tried to hold up the shop, and two black licensed carriers lit ’em up. NYDN. The State (newspaper). WLTX TV 19. Best lines:

“The man who got shot tried to go through the back door and it was jammed up,” said [Barber Brandon] Dreher. “He ended up getting shot again because the door was stuck.”

He was turning his life around, all right, he just didn’t know it. Master Barber Elmurray Bookman and one of his haircut customers came through unscathed, despite the criminals having a rifle or shotgun, a pistol, and the drop on the good guys. The long-gun-armed criminal got away.

Still, in New York, Ms Koller might not have been armed, but she also didn’t submit. She fought back. If more people did this, more thieves would be looking at a career change. But the best way to fight back is the way Mr Bookman and his customer did — kill the guy threatening your life, and the threat is over and he never threatens another life.

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  1. Tom Stone

    Whether or not to fight back depends on the circumstances, when I was robbed at gunpoint in an area of million dollar homes on a sunny Sunday afternoon by a crew of four I surrendered my wallet without an argument. They were pros in their 20’s and I did not have a chance. In contrast when two young punks tried to carjack me at an ATM after landing a sucker punch (16 and 17 and hardened black males) I fought back and they were arrested. In the first case the cops were not interested in a quick response even though I provided them with make, model and license # of the car. They did not show up to tqake a report until the next day.
    In the second case the two young men were strongly suspected of having beaten a 72 year old woman to death a week before they attacked me, and they got 6 months home confinement with ankle bracelets. Since they were supposedly responsible for my ( Minor) medical bills I followed up, one was shot dead within 6 months and the other sentenced to San Quentin for 10 years shortly after turning 18.
    I REALLY want Perutta to be decided soon in favor of the second amendment, I don’t have the $5K to donate to the Sherriff’s reelection campaign needed to be considered for a CCW.

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