Weapons Website of the Week #005: Oleg Volk

Well Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week #003 was pure eye candy, and it was enough of a hit that we’re doing it again for Number 005. (Next week, we’ll be back to information resources again).  For years we’ve been massive fans of photographer Oleg Volk. Back in the Cold War, we always knew that most Russkies were just ordinary Joes like us, and it grieved us mightily to have to prepare to kill them in wholesale patches. Fortunately, the wheels of history left their tire tracks upside the One-Party Fraternal Socialist State and made shooting them all unnecessary. Meanwhile, the best and most ambitious Soviet citizens found ways out of incarceration nation, and the most fortunate of them became enthusiastic Americans.

Oleg is one of those. The picture above is him, holding another  Russian export, and it also shows some of the characteristics of his photographs: brilliant lighting, crystal clarity, and eye-pleasing composition. It’s easy to see how his art is highly prized by companies seeking to promote their products! He combines business and pleasure; a list of his commercial photography clients includes a who’s who of the gun industry.

He also makes a seemingly endless series of photo posters promoting the safe and legal use of firearms, and armed self-defense. His posters tell stories, in the same way the best wartime motivational posters did. His “Careless Talk Costs Lives” is probably… well, there are so many interesting posters on his site that we couldn’t decide. So here’s one we like — one of many, go to his sites to see many more. And there’s probably no truer indicator of Oleg’s talent than this: even his cat pictures are beautiful and entertaining. Whether they’re just sappy pictures of cute kittens (the reason the Internet seems to have been created), or hilarious LOLcats — with guns. “I iz on ur roof sniping ur poodlez.” You gotta see that one.

He also put his talents to work on the website A Human Right. The 1990s-vintage website explains the moral and legal origins of the right to individual armed self-defense. This work predated (you could say, predicted) the right-affirming Heller and McDonald decisions by over 10 years.


Oleg does harbor one deep, dark secret. He’s a great admirer of Ernesto “Ché” Guevara. At least, the way Ché (an Argentinian slang term meaning approximately dude) wound up: cold stone dead and missing his hands, which still haven’t turned up even though the rest of his skeleton was dug up and reinterred in Cuba. You can get an “Only good Commie” t-shirt designed by Oleg right here.

Dead Ché Day (9th October) is a major holiday at WeaponsMan.com, and we plan to give away some of Oleg’s Dead Ché t-shirts to commenters. So hang in there.

This post has been edited: typos corrected.