That Was the Week that Was: 2015 Week 47

That was the week that was TW3This was a holiday and travel week combined, and while we held up our end apart from taking Thanksgiving off (all right: we held up our end until Saturday, where we didn’t post the Matinee and this on time), we saw a considerable defection of readers in the site stats… which we certainly hope was occasioned by you guys doing analog stuff with live human families.

Or playing video games, if that’s what you wanted to do. It’s a free country.

We were ahead of the scheduling curve throughout the week. We do warn that in the weeks ahead we may reduce the posting schedule a bit to accommodate meatworld life.

The Boring Statistics

This week’s statistics show a dramatic decline, both on our end and the reader end.  In an average week we make 27 posts, and with Thanksgiving off we only posted 24, and only about 16,000 words. We posted about 3,000 less than usual, then. If we passed any significant milestone this week, we didn’t note it, but we have posted over 900,000 words this year so far (and you have helped us to a total of over 13,000 comments and counting this year). Our average post was 695 words long, and the median was 548, not a lot of shift there.

See, we told you the statistics were boring.

Comments This Week

Comments were predictably light as this is a major holiday week in the USA. All in all, there were only 222 comments this week, exactly two-thirds of the 333 on the clock for the prior week. Most commented post was Monday’s How Big Should a Recon Team Be? with 27.

The Week in Posts

Here’s the recap of our posts for this week:

We then took the day off, with no posts (instead of a usual Thursday’s four) on Thanksgiving Day.

Going Forward

Last week, we expected this past week to be a little thin on posts. It was, but on a week when relatively few were reading, anyway. We expect next week to be a return to ordinary with an ordinary 27 posts and 300-odd comments.