When Guns Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Anti-Freeze, Duct Tape… (etc.).

Heather Leavell-Keaton. Not the Mom of the Year.

Heather Leavell-Keaton. Not the Mom Of The Year.

Meet Heather Leavell-Keaton, living (for now) proof that the Wicked Stepmother isn’t just a fictional trope or figment of Grimm history. They’re really out there, and the Brothers Grimm had no idea just how wicked they could get.

Heather Leavell-Keaton was sentenced to die by lethal injection Thursday, six months after the children’s father, John DeBlase, was handed the same sentence.

As we always ax ourselfs, at this juncture: what’d she do? Oh, this:

Keaton was found guilty of poisoning the children, Natalie, 5, and Chase, 3, with anti-freeze in their meals but it was the choking that ultimately killed them, the court heard.

Keaton felt her boyfriend's two kids were rivals for his attention.

Keaton felt her boyfriend’s two kids were rivals for his attention.

After enduring months of being burned with cigarettes and hot candle wax, the oldest child was duct-taped and stuffed inside of a suitcase for 12 hours in March 2010.

When she was finally released she was choked and her body dumped in a garbage bag in woods near Citronelle, Ala.

Three months later, after detectives say Natalie’s brother started crying and asking about her in public, creating a “liability,” Chase was taped to a broom handle and left in the corner of the couple’s bedroom overnight.

Eventually he too was choked to death and his body tossed in woods outside Vancleave, Miss. in Dec. 2010. Their skeletal remains were found a few days later.

via Alabama woman sentenced to death for kids’ torture, murder – NY Daily News.

We can explain the “skeletal remains found a few days later” bit. The kids were killed and quite some time elapsed before the bodies were thrown away. And they were only found when the murderers gave up the grave location — after being arrested.


John DeBlase. Aka “The Predator.” Not the Dad Of The Year, either.

The guy and the gal pointed fingers at each other, but the kids were murdered and their bodies thrown away while they were together, so two separate juries concluded that they were both, to one sufficient extent or another, guilty of these crimes.

Certainly none of them said anything about it, until they had a falling out, and then Heather Leavell-Keaton told the police, in the hopes of getting John DeBlase in trouble. She succeeded, as far as that went, but got herself in trouble too. Now they’re both on Death Row. Ah, l’amour perdu.

There are several different stories, told by the suspects, about how and why the kids were killed, although the how is really pretty clear: they were tortured, poisoned with anti-freeze, and ultimately asphyxiated by strangulation. Here’s another story:

Leavell-Keaton, a former Spring Hill College student, poisoned Natalie with anti-freeze after Natalie had given her “the cold shoulder,” according to prosecutors. She died and her body was dumped March 4, 2010 in the woods near Citronelle.

All in all, some people give Homo sapiens a bad name.

What did John DeBlase do for a living? He was employed, apparently, on…

…the local professional wrestling circuit, where John DeBlase portrayed a burly masked character with dreadlocks known as “The Predator.”

The Predator. Words fail. Good luck with that in the jug, and better luck to both of you as you get set to ride the needle.

5 thoughts on “When Guns Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Anti-Freeze, Duct Tape… (etc.).

  1. John D

    You know, after 65 years I like to think I can handle just about anything.

    I guess I can’t.

    Real, real dusty here.


    I thought nobody could be more depraved than the monster from Alaska, but a father who would do that to his children? Against the natural order in every way. To Hell with him.

    And her too…her search for vengeance certainly didn’t go so well for her.

    Unfortunately, given how the US legal system works I imagine it will be at least a decade before the sentence is carried out.

  3. Kirk

    What I can’t find in any of this, or the links… Where the hell is the biological mother, in all this?

  4. guy

    In this case I was hoping there was a major meth lab involved or some similar amateur chemistry at work.

    One person this naturally screwed up is bad enough, but two working together is a nightmare.

  5. Aesop

    Pity that the laws don’t permit a “punishment fit the crime” sentence of lethal injection…of anti-freeze.
    After duct-taping the both of them to a pole for a week, unfed and unwatered.

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