They Join ISIL Because They’re Losers

ISIL flagIn an absolute what-is-this doing here release, [NAME] in The Atlantic makes a serious attempt to understand the Americans, Britons, and other Westerners who’ve flocked to ISIL. By “Westerners,” of course, we mean the real Westerners, not the cuckoo’s eggs like Abdulazeez, the Charlotte murder, or the Tsarnayevs, the Boston Marathon bombers. And his most interesting finding? That the down-and-outers who flock to the black flag are the same exact malformed personality types that flocked to the red flag in previous generations. (That’s the bit that shocking in a contemporary liberal magazine).

ISIS’s caliphate project, because it offers a bracing utopian alternative to Western secular society, speaks directly to those who feel their lives are worthless, spiritually corrupted, empty, boring, or devoid of purpose and significance, and who see no value in their own societies.

Don’t all those words add up to: “losers. ISIL appeal in the West is pretty much to losers”?

The article is a little deeper than that, as it carefully compares the ISIL enthusiasts in the West to the Communism enthusiasts of an earlier era. You know what? They’re the same people, falling for the same empty promise of heaven on earth — by betraying the world you know for the enemy you imagine just must be better, because you don’t like the world you know. Because it was mean to you. (Note that losership unites not only left-wing dregs like Unabomber Ted Kaczynski with ISIL, but also right-wing dregs like Timothy McVeigh).

Anyone who’s studied criminals in depth may be less impressed with the depth of this article. But ISIL has an appeal, right now, that has more TV appeal than the old loser/terrorist/loser modes.

It promises, in short, salvation and ultimate meaning through total commitment to a sacred cause. “I don’t think there’s anything better than living in the land of Khilafah,” or caliphate, said one British jihadist in a video, “Eid Greetings from the Land of the Khilafah,” released last summer by ISIS’s media arm. “You’re not living under oppression. … You’re not living under kuffar [unbelievers]. … We don’t need any democracy. … All we need is shariah.”

Similar themes come out strongly in a recent report on female Western migrants. Based on the social-media postings of self-identified migrants apparently within ISIS-controlled territory, the authors found that estrangement from Western society and anger at perceived injustices against Muslims worldwide, together with a strong sense of religious calling and an unwavering faith in the rectitude of the newly emerging caliphate, form the basis for why these women journey to ISIS.

via Why Are Westerners Attracted to ISIS? – The Atlantic

Much more in the article. Like the pathetic losers who follow ISIL, the pathetic losers who followed Communism were often wealthy and educated, but they felt dislocated and had an ingrate’s loathing for their own world (think Jane Fonda as a type. If she weren’t an osteoporotic septuagenarian, she might be out there now wearing a burkha over a TATP corset).

But the bottom line is, the Westerners who up and join ISIL are losers, pathetic, hopeless losers.

No wonder ISIL leaders think they can beat us.

10 thoughts on “They Join ISIL Because They’re Losers

  1. obsidian

    These are the same folks who want to kill for the pleasure or experience.
    The same ones who believe being such evil, killers makes them something more than the losers they are.
    These folks ego are boosted by thinking of others admiring them, hating them or fearing them for being jihadi killers.
    Like criminals they never see the future of their death, being maimed or the emptiness of these acts.
    The same people who torture and kill animals are attracted to this agenda.
    It has nothing to do with faith, or religion in most cases, it has to do with the narcissistic and border line personality disorders.

    1. S

      That sort of thing is neither rare, nor restricted to likes of ISIL. We’re all susceptible to some degree, and to recognise it is the first step to guarding against it. We are at heart evil, all of us. What makes the difference between the ones that go full retard, and the ones that don’t? Sure, the ISIL barbarians might be the lowest of the low, and the kind that revel in afflicting the weakest of all, but those that feed higher on the chain for essentially the same meal aren’t much better at all, appearances be damned. If it weren’t so, things would be different.

    2. Y.

      Damaged goods are prime cult and fundie fodder.

      Also: these nuts are religious. It’s just that they are truly medieval in their mentality. But I guess you are not familiar with medieval atrocities? Hint: these are still too gruesome for film and TV. Never recall seeing TV festuring hundreds of people with their eyes gouged out and tendons slashed crawl around a sacked town ..

      Beheading was The Honorable and least painful Way out for condemned. Merciful death..

      Daesh are nasty, but if you take the long view..nothing exceptional.

  2. S

    “It promises, in short, salvation and ultimate meaning through total commitment to a sacred cause.”

    Salvation by self-effort, meeting a self-imposed set of laws derived from their own decrepit spiritual character, in other words. Summed up another way, actually where all this began: “ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil”. That explains why the slogan “do as thou wilt” is so popular amongst satanists, and also sheds some light on the enigmatic phrase “Arbeit Macht Frei”, so conspicuously emblazoned over the gates of one particular recent example of the application of this creed. Ultimately, all of man-made religion has this at its core, and always ends up with some iteration of the camps. As for the muslims, calling their religion “submission”, when in fact it is wanton anarchy, is rich irony. Where did the poor little dears flocking to them get the idea they need saving, anyway; and from what?

  3. Kirk

    Just because the initial wave of converts is full of losers isn’t a reason to downplay the threat.

    The first members of the Nazi Party were a bunch of similar losers, just like many other movements that have gone on to infamy. The snowball effect is real, and will have its way with things. Competent people will show up, and work their way to the head of the organization, simply because its there, and there is a lot of potential power in large groups of stupid people.

    1. Y.

      Competent people from Saddam’s intelligence services started the Daesh. Losers as cannon fodder was part of the plan.

      Spiegel ran an article on it. The guy who wrote the booklets on how to start up and take over was a AD intelligence captain, IIRC.

    1. John Distai

      The irony is that virgins probably aren’t any good in bed. Perhaps I could understand it better when I was younger, but as I get older, I fail to see the appeal.

  4. Cap'n Mike

    When I was 18, I felt my life was empty, boring, and devoid of purpose and significance.

    Uncle Sam helped me out with that.

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