When Guns Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Reproductive Health Services

Behold, one more iteration of The Mug Of Bat Guano Crazy.

Behold, one more iteration of The Mug Of Bat Guano Crazy: Dynel Lane.

Some things are perfectly legal, just not if some undifferentiated ordinary citizen does them. But when someone does something for free for which a well-connected non-profit organization charges $175 plus what they get for the scrap value of leftover parts, the authorities tend to move in. Especially when the victim wasn’t looking for, er, “reproductive health services” in the first place.

The woman accused of cutting the unborn child out of a pregnant stranger’s womb earlier this year has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder.

She’s not doing it right. She’s supposed to auction off the parts!

Dynel Lane showed little emotion at Thursday’s hearing in Boulder County court, The Denver Post reported.

Prosecutors say Lane lured 26-year-old Michelle Wilkins to her home on March 18 with an online ad selling maternity clothes, attacked the 8-months-pregnant Wilkins and removed the fetus.

Wilkins survived, but her baby did not.

via Woman charged with cutting fetus from womb pleads not guilty – NY Daily News.

It’s a pretty safe bet that this woman, even if the court finds her sane from the narrow point of view of trial competence, is Bat Guano Crazy.

Another story explained how Lane’s ad-hoc clinic was equipped:

The alleged assailant, Dynel Lane, beat and choked Wilkins before using a kitchen knife and broken glass to slice out the baby, police said.

Lane turned up at a hospital with the dead baby, claiming it was hers and she’d had a spontaneous miscarriage. It took about a millisecond for the ER crew to call bullshit on that.

Meanwhile, police officers who gave the near-mortally-wounded mother first aid initially kept her from knowing her baby had been stolen, because the mom was hanging on to life for the baby’s sake.  (She learned the miserable truth in the hospital the next day, after her survival was assured).

Wilkins is recovering in the hospital, but she’s “scarred beyond imagination,” her parents said in a statement Friday, speaking for the first time since the tragedy.

“We cannot begin to fathom the depths of depravity and evil which drove her attacker,” they wrote.

Neither can we, and we write about people like that practically every day.

“One life was ended and another scarred beyond imagination in this senseless act, with scores of others negatively affected.”


While the parents and grandparents of the victims say, “One life was ended,” Colorado law disagrees. In some states, killing the baby would have been murder, but in pro-choice Colorado it’s a choice, not a child — even if someone else makes it for you. Therefore Lane is only charged with attempted murder (of the mother, whose life is the only one that counts under CO law). She is additionally charged with “unlawful termination of a pregnancy” which is the charge for performing an abortion without a license.

How could such a crime have happened in Colorado, where anti-gun Governor Hickenlooper and one-party majorities (including the pols from the city where this happened, Boulder) solved crime and violence by banning magazines over 15 rounds, and driving Magpul out of state?

Apparently, the Bat Guano Crazy folks with knives, broken glass, and stranglin’ thumbs, weren’t in the distro for the Crime Is Over memo.

9 thoughts on “When Guns Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Reproductive Health Services

  1. Boat Guy

    Having recently returned after thirty-some years I echo Tim’s anguish and resolve to keep working to get the state back for “the People”.

  2. gebrauchshund

    The incident actually occurred in Longmont, about 15 miles northeast of Boulder. It’s in Boulder County, hence the appearance in Boulder County Court, but used to be a pretty conservative town. Not sure if it still is with changing demographics, but it’s certainly not as left wing looney as the city of Boulder. Problem is, the liberal front range urban corridor has most of the State’s population, and overwhelms the far less densely populated, and more conservative, eastern plains and western slope in political clout. Same disease as California, but just possibly not yet advanced enough to be irrevocably terminal.

    1. John Distai

      I got out 15 years ago. The only thing I miss about Colorado is Caboose Hobbies, big game hunting without tree stands, mountain bike trails without tons of rocks and roots, no pistol purchase permits or mag capacity limits, and houses with flat lots, basements, and garages that can fit pickup trucks.

      I was more than happy to leave John Elway and those damn Denver Broncos, cold, snow, ordering fast food in Spanish, low riders, pickup trucks with naked lady mud flaps, and cinco de mayo events.

      Of all the places I’ve lived, Denver has the best conservative talk radio market. Thankfully much of it is still available on the internet. I can still listen to Peter Boyles and Mike Rosen to hear lots of scandals of Denver politics, and rational descriptions of current events.

      I was hoping the rural folks would secede to send a message, but unfortunately, it didn’t work out. I’m curious as to how much more rot has taken hold since I left.

      1. Boat Guy

        You obviously left before Morse & Co rammed through the magazine capacity law through the legislature. We (in the Springs and Pueblo) recalled Morse and Giron but that’s about all we’ve been able to do so far.
        Secession is still an option…we’ll see what -16 brings.

  3. aGrimm

    A good friend of ours works for the Longmont PD’s Victim Advocate Program. She took the call on this crime. Naturally she cannot talk about it but for weeks we could see her anguish and depression. She is normally a strong, upbeat person, but this disturbed her deeply. My daughter did volunteer work for the LPD-VAP and has shared with me the incredible damage such crimes do to victims and their families. Those of us who have been in combat understand and have a certain resignation to death in war. However, there is no understanding or resignation to senseless civilian crimes/deaths such as this. That the woman cannot be charged with murder is an affront to all humanity. Please keep Michelle, her family and our friend in your prayers. Thanks.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Thanks for the comments, and thanks for your friend’s and daughter’s service. Takes some tough ladies to do that job, I think.

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