Darwin Award: Brandished Knife, told cop, “You drop yours.”

The news has been full of the glowering face of ex-Bostonian Usaama Rahim, who the Imam of one of the local Suicide Terrorist Recruiting Centers has described as “shot in the back by a white cop.” Of course, that’s all false, but the apostles of jihad don’t feel like they owe truthful speaking to you, kafr. 

There’s been a lot written about Rahim and his mosque full of fans and enablers, but the Boston Herald is home to one of the two best columnists in America (the other being the Chicago Sun-Times’s John Kass), and Howie Carr has covered this adequately:

Never bring a knife to 
a gunfight.

That wasn’t dead thug Usaamah Rahim’s first big mistake, but it was certainly the final one of his shiftless, leeching 26 years on earth.

But at least the Islamist savage shared with us his final words.

“You drop yours!”

OK, so it’s not quite up there with, say, “Top o’ the world, Ma! Top o’ the world!” or “Mother of Mercy, is this the end of Rico?” But Cagney and Robinson had Hollywood scriptwriters. The terrorist du jour was ad-libbing.

Besides, “Mother of Mercy, is this the end of Usaamah?” just doesn’t have quite the same ring.

Let’s go straight to the affidavit of FBI special agent J. Joseph Galietta, “being duly sworn,” on page 7, 
paragraph 19:

“… (The adherent of the Religion of Peace) was approached by Boston Police Officers and FBI special agents. RAHIM took out one of the knives he had purchased from Amazon.com when he saw the officers and agents. One of the officers told RAHIM to drop his weapon and 
RAHIM responded, ‘You drop yours.’ ”

Perhaps, as he relaxes this morning in Paradise with his 72 virgins, Rahim considers whether he should have gone with his ilk’s traditional farewell: “Allahu akbar.” After all, just as you only get one chance to make a first impression, you only have that single opportunity to utter your final words. But back to paragraph 19:

“RAHIM then moved towards the officers while brandishing his weapon, and he was shot by law enforcement.”

Sayonara, baby! Auf wiedersehen. Arriverderci. Adios. So long, suckers. Over my dead body. You and how many Marines? Like 
many a Massachusetts House speaker, Usaamah Rahim fought the law and the law won.

Do go and Read The Whole Thing™. Howie notes that the 26-year-old Rahim apparently lived on public assistance, a cuckoo’s egg in the bosom of our misguided charity. And his nephew remains in the jug.


Between our drafting this and it going live, the imam in question has apologized for his statement, after viewing video that showed Rahim threatening the cops. Will wonders never cease?

6 thoughts on “Darwin Award: Brandished Knife, told cop, “You drop yours.”

  1. Tom Stone

    I hope all of those 72 virgins are teenagers and they all get really bad PMS on the same day.
    Be careful what you pray for…

  2. Captain Mike

    One of the only good things about living in the Peoples Republic of Masshole land is listening to Howie Carr on the Radio.
    I think of it as Radio Free America.
    I will have to check out John Kass.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Roman-alphabet orthography of Arabic names is not exactly set in concrete. Even official documents refer to Osama bin Laden and Usama bin Laden, for instance. Mohammed or Muhammed. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

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