Two Approaches to Immigration

First, let’s see how the Land of Oz deals with would-be welfare “refugees.”

Serious looking bloke — check. Serious message — check. Serious about border security and immigration — check, and check. (Hat tip, Gerard Vanderleun).

We could use some of that. Instead of a serious bloke in a camouflage uniform (that, unlike our Army, the Diggers have not seen fit to change in a couple of decades), we have an airhead Beltway-nomenklatura lawyer named Sarah Saldana as head of our Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, which she has stripped the “enforcement” clean out of and sunk, as we noted this week, to the bottom of the briny deep of morale with the deft assurance of Gunther Prien in U-47 torpedoing HMS Ark Royal in Scapa Flow.

Here’s Ms Saldana, displaying the limits of ability in one who has been steadily advanced in government and other large organizations by dint of affirmative action, and has lost (or, more probably, never developed) the ability to think like people in the real world have to do.

The video is here. We didn’t embed it because it’s 450 Megabytes. (The DC nomenklatura doesn’t need any stinkin’ compression, they don’t need to mind their bandwidth, they got taxpayer Benjamins like Hog Manor has oak leaves in November)

Some high points:

She says she’s spending some staggering sum (a billion something?) on IT upgrades, but she can’t describe the upgrades, and admits she doesn’t understand them. “I’m a lawyer,” she says, as if that exempts her from non-lawyerly aspects of her job.

Asked why ICE is turning loose scores of thousands of, not mere immigration-technicality violators but recidivist and violent criminals, she first either gets confused, or feigns confusion as an obfuscatory stratagem, and then seems to at once admit it’s happening, deny it’s happening, and casting blame, in a lawyerly conditional, on her predecessors from the previous administration seven years ago, that is, if there is any blame to be cast.

She interrupted Rep. David Young (R-IA) to tell him that she didn’t care what the black letters of the law said, that was subordinate to what the All-Powerful Person of Godhead the President wanted. Homeland Security Today reports:

Young Thursday “had a memorable exchange with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Sarah Saldaña during a House Committee on Appropriations Homeland Security Subcommittee hearing on the agency’s budget. Saldaña interrupted Young to say agency policy trumps the law, which I think feeds into the larger narrative of management flaws, dysfunction and distrust at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS); it is a disturbing trend,” a Capital [sic] Hill source told Homeland Security Today on background.

HS Today got direct quotes from a floored Young, also:

“I told director Saldaña that if I had policies or directives that were contrary to the law I would understand if my employees did not want to follow them. I would expect them to follow the law first,” Young said. But, “director Saldaña interrupted me to say, ‘That is where you and I probably have a fundamental disagreement.’ She went on to say that she expects those under her to follow her orders, not the law.”

Young said he was surprised by Saldana’s answer and pressed her “further regarding the possible threat that DHS officials might feel is being leveled at them when they are simply trying to obey the law,” the Hill source said.

“We can have policy debates and disagreements, but we must demand better management of our federal government at every level,” Young retorted, noting that, “Reports show that of all the federal agencies, ICE currently ranks last in employee satisfaction. The morale is low, employees up and down the line do not know who they can trust, nor can they rely on the plain letter of the law.”

“America is a nation of laws and I take that very seriously. The culture problems at ICE run very deep, but I think they start at the top,” concluded Young.

Young said he was floored by Saldana’s response because “America was founded on the principle that no person is above the law and I take that very seriously.”

Young said, “When the director of the second largest federal law enforcement agency, and a former US Attorney, believes that officers sworn to defend the Constitution should follow her policies instead of the law, you know there is something deeply wrong.”

Exercises for the reader:

  1. Can you articulate one reason why ICE morale has hit the seafloor near the Marianas Trench, and begun drilling for more depth?
  2. Without knowing any more about them than you can infer from this post, is morale in Australian customs and immigration agencies likely to be higher or lower than their American cousins’ is?
  3. Are the ungodly-expensive IT initiatives at ICE likely to enhance the agency’s communications and its law enforcement mission? Why or why not?

21 thoughts on “Two Approaches to Immigration

  1. Alex

    So she uses the excuse that she is a lawyer to justify why she doesn’t understand something that doesn’t involve the law, and she also either doesn’t understand or plan on following the law either. So what the hell are her qualifications and abilities for this job, besides being a dutiful Yes man to the President.

    1. Hognose Post author

      You’re correct, I meant Royal Oak, the Battleship, not Ark Royal, the carrier. Duh. At least I got the U-Boat right.

  2. Expat

    A good serious message. Too bad it isn’t true.
    Boat people, often from the ME via Indo. get to Christmas Island, contact the Navy and then sink the boat. The survivors get taken to camps and when the next Labour government (left wing unionists, Greenies and other general assholes) gets into power, get released. They then apply to have their relatives (who financed the original trip) come in.
    Hundreds if not thousands lose their lives doing this but Labour washes their hands of any responsibility.

    1. Wombat

      And now the muslim vote swings 20 seats of parliament in Australia.

      Hooray for diversity.

  3. Dienekes

    22 years as an INS investigator/special agent. From experience, I am intimately familiar with what the term “domestic enemy” means.

    I thought things were bad with immigration years ago, but thought that if the American people and their “leaders” ever realized how bad it was, and could be, then sanity would prevail. Silly me.

    Shamefully, that window seems to have closed. Buckle up.

  4. S

    Good on the Abbot gov to get something right, but plenty of damage has already been done, and immigration is not even the main problem. Rot from within is worse, which results in immigration insanity and a few raft-loads of other problems. At least we have gun safety….

    1. Expat

      At least we have gun safety…….
      I needed to get rid of a new and cheap H&R single shot 12 ga. as I no longer live in OZ. The only reasonable option was giving it to my son. Shipping it to myself in the US required an export license from the (get this) National Strategic Weapons Board in Melbourne.
      A safe gun function inspection – $29.00
      A gun transfer form
      A signed certificate by a private land owner that he has a place to shoot. (Shooting on public land is forbidden.)
      His personal details on another form.
      A police clearance
      A gun safe in a secure location
      License application – $252.00
      The license may or may not be granted depending on the time of the month of the inspector.

  5. S

    National Strategic Weapons Board??? Is that new, or a leftover from Maralinga? I bet they’ve been hiding in Nimbin ever since.

    1. Expat

      The info came from a very nice lady at the Fremantle Customs house. I may have mangled the full title as it was a few months ago and anything older than 5 minutes is suspect, but it was the “well fuck it” moment for my munitions export efforts.

  6. Kirk

    Hognose–Just a note. The Aussies jumped on the multicam bandwagon a few years back, and adopted a modified version of their colors in a multicam pattern.

    There have also been several different iterations of the original Aussie pattern since they adopted it.

    Just sayin’…

      1. Kirk

        It’s actually pretty interesting stuff, AUSCAM. I don’t know where the hell it’s gone, now, but there used to be a damned interesting website up detailing how they came up with it. It was actually one of the very first “digital” patterns, in that it was developed using a computer. I can’t recall precisely why they had Crye do a re-design for them, but they did.

        Aussie gear has this whole “through the looking glass” thing going for it. Some of it is really, really good, and some of it is just horrid, but in ways completely different from ours. They’ve also got this really weird esthetic going for a lot of it that’s obviously very different from ours, somewhat similar to the UK, but different from that, as well.

  7. S

    It was interesting to be around during the development of Auscam. Starting from jungle green cotton in service since our last shared Asian adventure, going through various iterations of the bunny suit (it has splotches that sometimes resemble rabbits….a cunning stratagem to confuse enemy soldiers at close quarters: while they’re trying to find more wabbits, you stab them). One early version was much more greenish in colour and had very practical pockets, kind of like the US blouse (sry, not sure what else to call it) that was long enough to have pockets below the web gear, as well as slant breast pockets and even sleeve pockets. Superceded rapidly, probably cost reasons; also, it was comfortable. Some of the new field gear such as packs and web gear was bargain basement awful, and the assault pack was a sweat-inducing monstrosity with one saving grace….placed over the head of the inventor and cinched tight with a big cable tie, it would have found its true niche. Whoever could, made sure he was forced make do with the tried and tested old canvas gear, and tut-tutted over his misfortune at not being fashionably new.

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  9. Frogdaddy

    Who cares /sarc . I’m more interested if the Supremes have reached a decision on gay marriage yet.

    We’re so screwed. But that’s the plan isn’t it. The many distractions.

    “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”

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  11. Y.

    You Americans, you make me laugh.
    Hispanics. Bah.

    Europe borders the midEast and Africa.

    Your Washington Post is really happy about Africa:

    The amazing, surprising, Africa-driven demographic future of the Earth

    Africa is projected to have 4.3 billion inhabitants by 2100. Add 300 million by 2030.

    This is all going to end well.

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