Sunday Slippage

Yeah, uh, when we sat down at this computer we were going to write a quick Sunday post.

But we had a movie review, overdue from yesterday (and a production, actually, recommended by one of our commenters, so thank you, belatedly). And this happened and that happened and there was a plane building session and a grocery run and an exercise bike to fix and…

Well, it’s not as if we’d have said anything profound in this post if it had been up on time first thing in the morning, n’est-ce pas? 

It’s Sunday, the Lord’s Day. Noon will have to do.

1 thought on “Sunday Slippage

  1. MattL

    How on earth do you get so much done, Hognose? Judging by what you wrote, your “lazy” Sundays are more productive than any three of my days put together. Just don’t overwork yourself, now.

    Also, I would suggest for your consideration another foreign-language series: The Raid and its (very creatively-titled!) sequel, The Raid 2. The first is basically a giant excuse for some incredible martial arts choreography out there; the second adds a plot and acting that stand on their own as excellent, in addition to taking the martial-arts thing up a notch further. It’s just a bit over the top at times, but that should make it a nice departure from the atmosphere of Generation War, at least. I imagine The Kid would get a kick out of it, too.

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