Three Years (and a Million Hits in 2014) for

Gun cake! From

Gun cake! From

Happy birthday to us, it’s good to be us. went live on 1 Jan 2012 with a post we called, “Signal to Noise Ratio,” setting out the philosophy behind WeaponsMan. We wrote:

Here’s how we’re going to try to keep the S/N high on here.

  1. Stick to what we actually know
  2. Document and source facts where we can
  3. Explain the reasoning, as well as source the facts, behind our opinions.

It’s really not ours to say whether we hit that X-Ring or not. But we know our intent to keep the blog apolitical and above the fray collapsed when we were attacked in late 2012 by anti-gun forces of the media and politics, and saw a number of Quislings in our own ranks flushed out. We’d rather talk tech, and we definitely don’t want to be just another site with predictable political rants.

We’d rather throw unpredictable weapons facts at you. But we’re not going to roll over and play dead in the face of billionaire enemies who look at the Gestapo and see, not a chilling lesson, but a model of police work and domestic surveillance deserving emulation. To hell with that. We were too young to fight the Nazis, but spent a long time fighting their soul brothers, the Communists. And we’ll fight their fifth columns at home.

That said, through 3,248 live posts (counting this one), we have tried to keep the site entertaining and informative. To that end, we posted about 30 Saturday Matinee movie reviews, as well as our When Guns Are Outlawed series where we look at some of the gunless ways people have for doing mayhem unto themselves, loved ones, or perfect strangers.

Over the years, we increased our post rate to the point where we post four posts most days, except for Christmas and maybe Thanksgiving Day. We would not be shocked to see that roll back to two or three posts a day in 2015, as we have more analog stuff to do. In 2014, we posted about 1,360 posts containing about 950,000 words, or about ten genre novels’ worth (or one Russian novel). We’re still going to give you at least one gun tech, history or usage post, and one military, SOF or warfare post, every working day.

A Million Hits on Our Humble Blog

Yes, we did get a million hits in 2014. The actual total was 1,081,435, and there was a period of six weeks (from 1 Sept 14 to 14 Oct 14) that we collected no data, so the real total was probably more like 1.2 million. (We only have unique visitor numbers from 14 Oct, and they come to 341,740).

Thank you guys! That includes the regular readers, the commenters (who are kind of like the corps d’elite of readers, no?), and especially the many fine folks from many fine sites that have mentioned us, linked to us, or gotten into pissing contests in our comments.

What are some good goals for 2015? Maybe we need some New Years’ Resolutions.

16 thoughts on “Three Years (and a Million Hits in 2014) for

  1. DJ

    Happy Blog-Birthday!

    “What are some good goals for 2015? Maybe we need some New Years’ Resolutions.”

    If you could continue to generate posts with quality similar to those I read in 2014, while keeping production between 50% and 100% of the current rate, you’d have at least one highly appreciative reader.

    Thanks for all you do!

  2. Just Tom

    Happy New Year!
    You guys run a fine blog. I’m a smarter guy from your work.
    Thank you!

    1. Hognose Post author

      And here I never thought of Rheinmettal as a particularly festive outfit, although I always did appreciate the MG3….

  3. Sando

    Happy Birthday and thanks!
    I enjoy the blog – it’s a good blend of info and entertainment.

  4. MtTopPatriot

    Here Here!

    (I really really appreciate the first 2 paragraphs you penned WM. They are thoughtfully said, are righteous and full to spilling over in principles and moral indignation. Rightfully so. You have made me your fan for life)

  5. Tom Schultz

    You are always welcome in my team house.
    Just keep on keeping on.

    I am sure one of us will grab you by the stacking swivel and shake you until your butt plate comes loose, if necessary

  6. DAN III

    Thank you for the time you invest in your many well-written essays. Always informative. Often educational.

  7. Jim Scrummy

    Thank you for a great bleg/bleh/blog! I always feel a tad bit more edumacated after reading the posts and comments. Excellent content on both accounts. Happy New Year!

  8. AJ

    Great site, I’m a new reader that was linked here from a post and have been stuck in the nexus of your gun tech/rifle and carbine tags for a few days now, hehe.

    And I appreciate the aversion to the long-winded political rants that the smug intelligentsia point to in their scoffs and mockery of those of us that believe in freedom and the Constitution, and those of us who have fought for it. Giving the 5th column of communism more ‘ammo’ to point at doesn’t help promote the idea of our 2nd Amendment.

    I have one comment that I hope people will think about, in regards to your When GUns are Outlawed topic, that I agree with 100%. 22 Oct. I came home from work and found my fiance had stolen the key to the pistol safe and took her own life. I’ve been devastated and slowly am putting everything into perspective. Guns don’t kill people and are not the root cause for any type of violence. At first I swore that I’d never pick up another weapon ever and that it was all my fault (of course I blame myself for not seeing the pain she was in) . But through countless hours of reflection, counseling and lots of late night crying I’ve come to terms with the fact that PEOPLE are responsible for their behavior. I don’t mean for that to sound cold, I love my fiance as much or more than any of you love your significant others, but as a law of reason. Just as a car cannot kill anyone without a driver behind the wheel, a firearm can’t kill without a PERSON that intends harm behind the trigger. So being affected by “gun violence” myself, the leftist statists that would take our 2nd amendment away under the guise of ‘public safety’ or any other hollow slogan, are misguided at best and downright evil at worst.

    Sermon endeth.

    Great content and you earned yourselves a daily reader here!



    1. Hognose Post author

      I’m sorry for your loss, brother. It is the most inexplicable and frustrating thing, suicide.

      I have been thinking long on crime. You know, I’ve been contacted by family members of people who featured in When Guns Are Outlawed columns — families of victims, families of perps, they’re all pretty busted up and it doesn’t help them to see their loved one’s messy end become an internet punchline.

      I’m reading a provocative book called The Anatomy of Violence by Adrian Raine. His big idea is that crime (violent crime only, apparently, not property crime) has certain biological precursors that predispose the criminal to what looks like to us acts of barbarism or cruelty. I don’t know what I think as I’m still reading it. Funny thing is, whoever did the index was clearly anti gun and used anti gun verbiage as index cues, but go to the page and that’s not the import of what Raine is saying. In his world… it’s not that guns produce or prevent crime, they’re just kind of orthogonal to crime. A difficult birth and maternal rejection have a bigger impact. It sounds like social science bullshit, but he presents what appear to be strong data.

      I despair of ever being able to understand suicide at that level, even though I think 20 years from now criminologists will have a much more refined understanding of violent crime that the one Raine can offer us today.

      ETA re SOFREP: Brandon, Jack and all are great guys doing good work. Two thumbs up!

      1. AJ

        Thank you sir for the kind words. I hope no one will ever have to experience of finding the grisly site of losing a loved one at home. It’s one of those scenarios that I’d sincerely never wish on anyone. The only silver lining, if you’d call it that, is being able to relate to my Marine brothers that have PTSD as well. (Actual PTSD, not the type the Chair Force weenies that merely watched others push the button on predator fire missions).

        No one can understand what a flashback actually is until they experience the fear personally, the smells, taste, feel and sounds are indelibly etched into the psyche. The mind-set and twisted logic of the suicidal mind will never be fully understood as to the reason, even when there is a letter accompanying the act. In my own case, my fiance may have left one but the ever efficient state police haven’t managed, 84 days later, to open the macbook that is pw protected although a.) I supplied them with the PW and b.) presumably have the ability to hand it off to their geek squad and hack it themselves…the topic of police ineptness is another topic you bring up that I shout Amen! from the pew.

        Nature gives humans chinks in their armour that nurture either strengthens or further degrades. In the case of the violent criminal, childhood abuse/trauma, lack of familial stability, and other mental health issues are all common threads. I don’t buy into a lot of the social science bullshit that makes excuses for people not being accountable for their own lives and behaviors, but I do see the proof in the pudding what repeated and long term trauma, lack of stability in support systems, and not having examples of successful behavior to pattern and replicate does to distort a person’s thoughts and behaviors as an adult.

        I do like your description of the tool used in the commission of a crime as being orthogonal. A gun’s mere presence doesn’t influence behavior, but simply presents an option for that behavior to be expressed. That’s some heavy dope, sir!

        Thanks again for the kind words and yes, B.Webb and Jack put out some great stuff as well. You actually displaced them from my #1 most visited tab on my browser, if that counts for anything. And since I pay the monthly membership fee there, I can honestly say I’d pay a few bucks a month to keep your content coming as well. Food for thought. Enjoy the weekend brother.

        -AJ in NJ


        1. Hognose Post author

          Don’t call me “Sir,” please, brother. I’m a retired Sergeant First Class (yes, you can hang on in the USAR and Guard at team-level rank longer than on active duty), the Army’s equivalent of a GySgt. in the USMC or a CPO in the USN, but the Army makes much less of a big deal out of it.

          I never had mental problems, once I got off mefloquine. Really bad dreams while on Lariam, though. Then again, if I had mental problems, wouldn’t I be the last one to know?

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