Gun-Builders’ Info Deal! From Home Gunsmithing.

There are several good gun-building forums out there. One of them is Home Gunsmithing, sponsored by Roderus Custom Gunworks, which offers some interesting gunsmithing and gun-building plans and threads.

Each forum has its own strengths and weaknesses. This one is strong on hardcore machining and machine building. Some of you guys like that, yes?

One of the cool things they do is offer to sell you their archive, complete, every year.

Home Gunsmith Forum Archive (NEW)

This archive is our largest ever – 2 DVD-ROMs, packed with gigabytes of great information, CAD files, PIctures and blueprints. MANY new prints and diagrams have been added. A must-have item for home gunsmithing. Think of it like the encyclopedia of Home Gunsmithing knowledge. 2 DVD set….it’s BIG. Covers everything from the very first post up to and including December 31, 2014.

You get it all for only $54.95.

If you ever wanted to have the whole forum, offline, including all the resources that forum members have posted, here it is.

So you’re ready for a WROL situation where you can’t get this info off the internet, or the day a numbnuts Nork hacker transposes two octets in an IP address and accidentally nukes the router serving your town.

Order here. Tell ’em Hognose sent you.