Listen up, SEIU: This is a Peaceful Protest

New York Mayor Bill De Blasio (née Warren Wilhelm) insisted on making a campaign stump speech at a funeral attended by thousands of cops from the NYPD and elsewhere. NYPD officers were threatened by their superiors not to answer DeBlasio’s disrespect with their own, but when the politician began to speak, the police turned as one, offering their backs to the cop-hating mayor in the latest showing of raw disrespect. The only NYPD officers who didn’t turn their backs were the most politically-oriented white shirts. Most of the visiting officers from elsewhere joined in. Here’s how it looked from the photographer’s gallery under the dais, and therefore pretty close to what it must have looked like to De Blasio.

cops turn backs 3


When De Blasio was done campaigning, they turned back.

Lesson: when you hate people, they hate you back.

Friday, a coalition of serving and retired police celebrated the good weather by hiring Jersey Shore Aerial Advertising for a banner flight. Warned by the NYPD Aviation Unit that De Blasio would have them intercept and divert the flight if he knew, the banner was prepared in secrecy and had completed its five circuits of the Hudson and East Rivers before De Blasio’s flacks could attempt to suppress its message:

de blasio protest banner

We hear he still hasn’t got his must-be-black head of his PSD, either.

For those of you who may be members of the SEIU and unfamiliar with the concept, this is what an effective and truly peaceful protest looks like.


While De Blasio attended the Ramos funeral, 1,000 of his core supporters, led by organizers from the SEIU and International ANSWER, rallied to — we are not making this up — celebrate the deaths of the two “pigs.”

They weren’t the only ones trying to make hay off the incident. Shannon what’s-her-face, the Democrat Party anti-gun PR dolly whose kids call their nanny “Mom,” said Ismail Brinsley’s cop murder really was caused by his gun leading him astray. Suuuure.

Meanwhile, other people, especially New Yorkers, reacted… differently. The 9/11 Tunnel to Towers Foundation, one of the rare charities that actually does charitable stuff with its funds instead of spending it all raising more money, has pledged to pay off the home mortgages of Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos. The Foundation can’t lift the yoke of tragedy off those families, but they can ease their financial worries. Well done.

7 thoughts on “Listen up, SEIU: This is a Peaceful Protest

  1. Andy

    He forgets that his protection team is NYPD , Hmmm… Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

  2. Buckaroo

    I really don’t understand how New York cops can stay on their jobs in good conscience. Why would you work for this guy for three more years?? If you had any self-respect, wouldn’t you have resigned already? I know pension is a huge motivator for civil servants, but when your boss expresses extreme indifference regarding whether you live or die, you would think that would be some information you would want to act on, immediately.

    1. fcp503

      They can stay doing the job because first the do the job for themselves. Then they do the job for their families, then the do the job for the city they live in. Some dude sitting in the big office does not, and should not ever enter into the equation.

      Do the people in the armed forces do it for the president?

      1. Hognose Post author

        Indeed. You do it for yourself, for a feeling of doing something greater than yourself, and for the other guys (and gals).

        The high points, for me, of 30 years in the Army, involved actually liberating people from no-$#!+ oppression, just like it said on our regimental DUI: “De Oppresso Liber.” Most of the rest of it was training and practice for that day. Was it worth it? To me, and I was the guy re-upping. I hear analogous things from my cop & special-agent friends (most of whom are also SF vets, so there may be some selection bias).

        1. Buckaroo

          Fair enough, but in my mind DeBlasio’s behavior seems pretty representative of the entire government of the city of New York– so it’s not just one man that’s the problem.

          Then again, I broke a long tradition of military service in my family. Part of my reasoning was that I couldn’t be an employee of a Federal government, and General officer class, that seemed to me at the time to be somewhat deranged. So my mindset comes from a different place.

          The fact that it later became even more deranged, seemed to justify my decision. However, I will never criticize someone for serving in the military, and sometimes I wonder what I missed.

  3. Drew

    what rule can de blasio use to take down their sign behind the airplane? how is that not a 1st amendment issue? where are the journalists demanding de blasio’s head for even threatening to divert the plane much less actually doing it?

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