Sunday Slackin’

Some days we sits and thinks, and some days we just sits.

This has been one of those Type B days so far.

We scarcely posted anything Saturday, which wasn’t entirely intentional, but is just a consequence of life at this time of year, between holidays, family, weather, and projects old and new all getting demanding all at once.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Slackin’

  1. redc1c4

    i’m still nursing a stiff shoulder from firing the Can Cannon on Fryday… it kicks like a freakin mule.

    firing Lake City 2013 blanks purchased from , i was, once we got the rupturing under control, getting ~100 meters range, firing *up* a ridge, so the flat ground distance would have been even moar impressive… i even got one over the top of the ridge.

    we bought name brand sodas, but they were bursting coming out of the barrel, which was impressive, but messy, not to mention disappointing.

    i had also purchased a can of aerosol cooking spray, thinking the lube might give better range, but it turns out, it was necessary to get the can out of the barrel in one piece.

    once we started lubing the can prior to loading, we got impressive, albeit messy, results, but i’d recommend a shoulder pad, etc, unless you’re either a masochist or Superman.

    can’t wait to take it out again.

  2. Bill K

    Might I recommend the book, Margin by Richard Swenson, MD? Or cut to the chase with his main point – just as books have margins between print and edges, lives need a little space around and between the activities or they become unattractive?

    See what I did there? By giving you the main point, now you don’t have to read the book –> more margin.

  3. Expat

    When I lived in the Colorado mountains I had a stressful job but every Saturday afternoon I left it till Monday morning. No phone, no internet, no people. Just me, the mountains and a hot tub built into a cliff top. Peace.
    Then I got married.

    1. Expat

      Will do Bill.
      Probably be of a long tail if you know what they are. Raining here @ LAX but at least it isn’t snowing -and they’ve fixed the place up so it isn’t an embarrassment anymore.

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