Thanks to Linkers, Commenters… and Reddit

chainNow that we have stats running, again, we’re pleasantly suprised to see that we’re more popular than we were before our stats plugin went tango uniform in August. We attribute that to our genial commenters and to the sites that link to us, among them:

  • Ace of Spades HQ. We’re grateful to be frequently linked by such a well-regarded (and, not coincidentally, well-trafficked) site, and hope we’ll always have something of interest to Ace readers.
  • The Gun Feed. We could never decide which of the Gun Link Aggregators we liked better, but now that the other guys have joined the Choir Invisible, we know it’s The Gun Feed. If you’re ever hard up for a gun-news fix, the Feed is your dope.
  • Raconteur Report. By our own prolific commenter, Aesop, who’s quite a talented blogger his own self.

Recently, we found a few of our posts linked by Reddit’s /r/guns. That’s led to a surprisingly long tail of interest on the posts, one a pair of training videos and the other our write-up on the Sokolovsky Automaster. We welcome all Redditors who share our interest, and are glad to see that technical posts, like the Sokolovsky post, that may have disappointed us with the lack of reaction they drew when new, actually have some legs on the net.

4 thoughts on “Thanks to Linkers, Commenters… and Reddit

  1. "Greg"

    I was wondering how I might find Aesop’s Blog (mentioned in a previous comment) and now I can thank you for conveniently posting it here!

    1. Aesop

      Or, just click on my name on any comment here. ;)
      Works for all posters here if they have a website and link it.
      The only time it doesn’t work for me is when I mis-type my own link, because stupid fingers. D’Oh!

  2. Aesop

    As long as I’m driving people to your blog rather than away from it, I won’t feel like I’ve worn out my welcome.
    Happy to have helped.

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