A Weapon is Where You Find It

Kevin Vickers opens ParliamentWho knew that Canadians in their Parliament would defend themselves with such intensity?

By now, everyone knows about Sergeant at Arms Kevin Vickers, a middle-aged retired Mountie in a ceremonial position that often involves dressing funny and carrying weird implements, to wit, a Ceremonial Mace (carried at the opening of Parliament, and called “a Foolish bauble” as log ago as 1650 or so, by Oliver Cromwell — of course, Ollie was talking about the English version, but that was the origin of the Canadian tradition). Vickers dashed to his desk, picked up his Smith & Wesson 5906, and returned to the scene of the fray, curing all the ills of the Sudden Jihad Syndrome sufferer with a couple of well-placed therapeutics. “Readiness is all, said Hamlet; Mr Vickers and company were ready,” the Globe and Mail intoned in a satisfied editorial.

Yeah. We knew about all that.

maple_leaf_1964But we didn’t know about what the parliamentarians themselves did. Imagine a gunman loose in the halls of the US Capitol — it’s not hard to figure out who would pee himself, who would hide, and who would vie with one another to draft the most abject terms of surrender imaginable.

The Canadian politicians did none of that. Now, the PM did hide in a closet, which is only partly excused by the fact that it was his bodyguards that stuffed him in there. At least he had the stones to reject his American counterpart’s invitation to call this “workplace violence,” American-style. But the rank and file MPs took action:

Some positioned themselves on risers that flanked doors, ready to attack an assailant.

“There were 15 flags up at caucus and all but two were taken down,” one MP recalled.

“These guys were up there holding these spears ready to impale anyone who came in,” the source said.

“It was that or get mowed down,” the member of Parliament said of the threat posed by a gunman who was ultimately shot dead by Parliament Hill security.

The MPs-turned-halberdiers (or at least, pikemen) didn’t know that the PM was still in the caucus room, or the closets thereto, until a flying wedge of Mounties swept him out of there.

It looks like Canada will be springing for new flags, as the MPs who manned-up during the attack have grown attached to theirs.

Some MPs kept their flagpole weapons as souvenirs.

“Everyone was taking their spears home,” the MP said. “I’m going to frame mine.”

Tory MPs reunited with Mr. Harper Wednesday evening at the Foreign Affairs building and Democratic Reform Minister Pierre Poilievre brought his spear as a memento, another source said.

We have no idea what a Democratic Reform Minister does, and probably wouldn’t like it if we did, but we can’t help but have warm feelings to our fellow North American, Minister Poilievre. We’ll even suck it up and have those warm feelings in English and en français, in deference  to the way our neighbors do things. Toujours l’audace, Pierre, to quote another famous Francophone (The ill-fated Georges Danton, specifically).

Remember, your weapon is your mind. The raw materials necessary to bring those conceptual weapons to immanence are all around you.

File photo of a 94 -- TEddy Roosevelt's Maxim-silenced version

File photo of a 94 — This one is Teddy Roosevelt’s Maxim-silenced version, actually, but it was the 94 photo at hand.

Many have commented on the excellence of Vickers’s performance, but we also have to highlight that he went up with a pistol against Jihad Boy’s long gun (a .30-30 Winchester 94, according to Dean Weingarten). Fat lot of good the rifle did the wrongdoer, once Vickers showed up: Canada 1, Allah 0 from that point on.

(Does Larry Vickers have cousins in Canada, or what?).

The Moslem assailant did nail two Canadians before Vickers terminated his spree: one soldier, Nathan Cirillo of the Argyll & Sutherland Regiment, and one of the regular security guards. The guard, whose name was not released as far as we know, will recover, but Cirillo passed away from blood loss as a pick-up team of first-aid-trained passersby urgently strove to keep him alive.

The gunman fired four shots at Cirillo. The Canadian trooper and his partner, ceremonial guards  at the National War Memorial, had empty C8 rifles. He appears to have bled out from a compromised artery due to an abdominal wound.

Many Canadians seem shocked that the terrorism has come home. In the past, the terrorists asps suckled at Canada’s breast, like Omar al-Khadr, have turned their fangs on America. But it was just a matter of time.

Rather shamefully, Canadian Armed Forces have ordered their men not to wear their uniforms in public. Here’s hoping they also give the two fellows at the War Memorial, and any other ceremonial guards, some pointy bullets. (The details are closely held, for sensible reasons, but the guard mount at, for example, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the moral equivalent of Canada’s War Memorial cenotaph, has always had deadly force capability). That would have resolved this whole thing without terrorizing the MPs.

Whether Canada (or the US, for that matter) wants to do something about the cuckoo’s egg of Moslem immigration is a policy question, one the parliamentarians may consider when they put aside their improvised spears. But whether to give guards live ammunition is dead in the lane of a Weapons Man. And we say: if you don’t trust your guards with bullets you probably shouldn’t trust them with weapons. And if you don’t trust a man with weapons, he probably should be confined or at least under supervision.

15 thoughts on “A Weapon is Where You Find It

  1. Stefan van der Borght

    “……….“Everyone was taking their spears home,” the MP said. “I’m going to frame mine.”………”

    Hopefully behind pre-scored glass, with a sign stating “In Case Of Emergency: Keep Calm, Break Glass, Impale Jihadist. (p.s. then pay the taxpayer back for their stolen spear).”

    Also, hopefully you Canuckistani parliamentarians don’t further disarm your citizens, else they might decide to prioritise; and first impale you, their unworthy servants, on their recovered stolen spears, before rearming and fixing the damn problem you imported! As for any soldiers standing guard, anywhere: is that a full mag in your pocket or are you happy to see the public? Make them all count, and then dirty up that bayonet. At least it’s better to be alive and on a stoopid chargeor discharged than dead and in the PC good books. Dang, I just forgot, the ptb used to make us turn in our breechblocks as well…..but that was the FAL. Hmmmm, where’s that printer…..

    We in Teutonia, and from farther afield, Oz, are not permitted a “Nachbildung einer Kriegswaffe”, or even a pocket knife in public. Gee I feel so much safer now Mohamed’s adherents have been so cunningly and resoundingly defeated. In fact, the threat of threat of terrorism has so completely escaped my mind that I feel completely safe on my perpetual way to a cricket game, followed by an archery shoot, a cooking class, and of course a spot of gardening (hey, the soil might be acidic so don’t forget the lime). It’s a lot of crap to carry around, but I have a plausible excuse, er, reason, for all of it.

  2. Aesop

    If Kevin Vickers isn’t found atop the New Year’s Honours List, then the old bag in Buckingham Palace is a rotten egg.

    He also deserves an award for Best Use Of A Vickers Gun by a Canadian since 1918.

    Not least of which because the two rounds he delivered home that day were the first he’s fired in earnest in his entire career. Not too shabby for his first time at bat.

  3. Expat

    Well at least the gun and ammo were in the same vicinity.
    This lady in Connecticut encountered a naked crazy guy in her backyard having sex with her pit bull and…….
    ” I ran in, got my gun out of the bedroom and realized as usual the ammunition is in my car locked in my glove box”
    What could go wrong with that plan?
    I do wonder how many of those Feminazi, Left Wing, Gun Banning MP’s in attendance would have had their knickers in a knot it they had known that a gun, and actual loaded gun was sitting in that guys desk all these years?

    1. Wyoming Bound

      “…how many of those Feminazi, Left Wing, Gun Banning MP’s in attendance would have had their knickers in a knot it they had known that a gun, and actual loaded gun was sitting in that guys desk all these years?”

      None, they’re all quite comfortable with their bodyguards and bullet proof enclosures. It’s the rest of us they’re afraid of.

  4. GBS

    Vickers apparently pulled a move out of an action movie to take out Jihadi Joe, and then the rest of the police showed up to douse the area in gratuitous gunfire. I think Vickers is lucky HE wasn’t killed by his own people. Standing by for proper Weaponsman analysis.

  5. Tom Schultz

    When I was there if there was a Marine on guard duty and he had a firearm. It WAS loaded. Period.

    Theory then was that if it wasn’t valuable enough to be guarded with gun fire it wasn’t worth wasting a Marine’s time. (Boot Camp excepted)

  6. Bill K.

    This bit about not trusting your guards with bullets?

    Not too long ago, didn’t our Marines parade down the street in DC with rifles missing bolts?

    Evidently, someone was thinking they were sworn guards of the Constitution, is that it?

    1. Y.

      it’s not hard to figure out who would pee himself, who would hide, and who would vie with one another to draft the most abject terms of surrender imaginable.

      A non-negligible fraction of lawmakers are sociopaths who don’t generally piss themselves.

      Only 20% have served in the military, and of that only a small fraction in combat units. I wonder what’s the breakdown of that by party?

      1. Hognose Post author

        In the USA I would think the percentage of vets is a lot lower than 20%. And combat vets are a negligible factor. There are many more Judge Advocate General (military lawyers, think of them as enemy forces) vets than combat vets by far. And very few of them are Army vets. I don’t believe there’s ever been a Special Forces vet in Congress, but then, we’re a pretty small minority.

        Vets in general and combat vets in particular tend conservative, hence Republican, but the USN and USAF officer corps runs more liberal than the ground combat services. There is a Democrat running in Massachusetts who is a former combat infantry officer; his name is Seth Moulton; I knew members of his family, oddly enough. They are very successful, but otherwise not unusual people. He is very likely to be elected in the 6th Congressional District in Mass; his opponent is a well-liked Republican. But Republicans are always a minority in Massachusetts; the previous Democrat would have coasted to a win, if Moulton hadn’t beaten him in the primary, and the outgoing Dem, John Tierney, is an out-and-out crook (Tierney’s wife took the rap for one crooked deal and went to prison for him).

        Moulton isn’t the only Dem combat vet. Sen Jack Reed (D-RI) bills himself as a Ranger vet, but he’s a short-service Army officer who went to Ranger school like almost all combat arms leaders. The IAVA is controlled by Democrats and used by them for political purposes.

        Remember, military vets of the GWOT (and its various other names) are far less than 1% of the population, and probably less than 5% of them are combat vets.

  7. BDFT

    After the Canadian Forces suggested that soldiers not wear their uniforms, veterans across Canada dressed up and, medals and all, stood a post at the nearest war memorial. As one hard old trooper put it on the news, They want to kill me, they know where to find me.

    1. Hognose Post author

      That’s the best thing I’ve heard in days. What a way to honor Nathan Cirillo and all the other Canadian heroes. It’s also delightfully fitting: decentralized, leaderless terrorism, meet decentralized, leaderless patriotism. Good on Canada and her veterans!

  8. Y.

    The Canadian trooper and his partner, ceremonial guards at the National War Memorial, had empty C8 rifles.

    Is that not more common than the opposite?

    Czech castle guards have ceremonial rifles (vz.52 )whose stocks don’t even allow the insertion of a magazine. And chrome-plated. (facepalm)

    It does seem they’re carrying sidearms though. Not sure what type. (goes to check)- Skorpions.. it seems.

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