Hey, Dude, Where’s My Glock?

"The game is afoot, Watson!"

“The game is afoot, Watson!”

Court opened at 0900. At 1030, a veteran court officer noticed something was missing — his sidearm. With a sinking feeling, he realized he’d last been certain heĀ it in the restroom — one used by various suspicious types such as suspects, other cops, and even the worst of the worst: attorneys.

Naturally, when he rushed to the restroom and re-examined his stall, it was gone. The court officers helped search. The town cops helped search. State troopers helped search. But no trace of the Glock was found. The ABA Journal (see, we told you it was the lawyers):

A pistol forgotten in the men’s room of a Derry, New Hampshire, circuit courthouse has gone missing.

Officials say an unidentified security officer put his Glock handgun down there Monday and didn’t remember to pick it up, reports WMUR. Soon it was gone.

State police searched the area with a K-9 unit, to no avail.

An investigation is ongoing, although the incident is considered to be an accident.

via Glock pistol forgotten by security officer in courthouse men’s room is missing.

The officer in question is suspended, with pay.

For years we thought the little drill Army MPs went through at guard mount, checking their nine sensitive items, was silly. But somebody who’d internalized that culture wouldn’t walk out of the crapper, leaving a present behind for any of the local gangbangers. Would he?

In related news, the ATF M4 that was stolen while two married (to other people) officers had a tryst is still missing. And they didn’t even get suspended!

Moral of story, if you think it’s too much effort to keep track of your firearms, get a job as a Fed. No one will expect it of you.

In all seriousness, this is one reason why belt loops beat a belt clip on your holster.

4 thoughts on “Hey, Dude, Where’s My Glock?

  1. TRX

    Before leaving a bathroom or a building, or when getting out of a car or other conveyance, I always check for my keys and wallet. Had each of them squoze out of my pocket once, back in my teenage years, and the hassle was immense even back then.

    I CCW with an ankle or shoulder holster, so going to the bathroom or driving are no problem. But if you go over to defensivecarry.com, the very first thread stickied is “The Official Restroom Thread,” many pages of stories who have left their weapons on floors, toilet tanks, hanging from hooks on doors, etc.

    It seems to me that a security guard would be wearing a proper gunbelt, and simply unholstering would still leave the holster in the way.

    Any way it happened, losing your weapon is a major FU, equivalent to “what do you mean, we’re at 30,000 feet, and the fuel tanks just sucked wind?” or “I never use the parking brake, and those kids shouldn’t have been playing downhill from where I left the car anyway.”

    Like Bill Cosby said in his “Kill the Boy” skit, “Was your head WITH YOU?”

    1. Hognose Post author

      I’m paranoid about a sidearm. I know a guy (Academy grad, no less!) who got the fabled career-ending OER & reprimand for losing his M9 in combat, but he did go on to success as a reserve officer. However, Rick’s story made me even more firearm conscious.

      Another officer — a complete dud — inadvertently gifted his NODs (PVS-7b at the time) to local nationals he had carry ’em for him, with no career consequences.

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