JPFO Auctions a Battle of Athens Commemorative Shotgun

Well, we goys PFO thought we’d throw our cousins of the 12 Tribes a bone here and publicize their auction. They’re selling a shotgun that JPFO founder Aaron Zelman had made many years ago. Not our cup of tea around here, but if you like it, go forth and bid.


This one-of-a-kind commemorative shotgun proudly hung in JPFO headquarters for many years. We are now putting it up for auction to raise funds for future projects.

Some more details:

Description: Mossberg Model #500A 12-gage pump action shotgun with 18-1/2″ cylinder bore barrel. Accepts 2-3/4″ and 3″ shells. The stock is engraved with the words:


The receiver is engraved with the old-style JPFO logo and the words JEWS FOR THE PRESERVATION OF FIREARMS OWNERSHIP.

The other side is marked with another reference to the Battle of Athens:


The Battle of Athens took place when a corrupt local government used vote fraud to stay in power — or tried to. They were overturned by force, by an ad hoc militia made up of local men who had returned from WWII and were not expecting to find their home town run by the exact sort of tyranny they’d just defeated worldwide.

An FFL Dealer has appraised this shotgun at 95% of new condition. We are offering it “as is”, with no sling, gun case, or original box.
BONUS: The winner of this auction will also receive Aaron’s own personal copy of the now out-of-print hardbound book on the Battle of Athens, autographed by author C. Stephen Byrum and dated 9/26/1994
Bidding: Bidding begins at $500 and will close August 12, 2014 at noon EDT. This is a no-reserve auction. Whoever holds the high bid as of the end of the auction will be the winner, prior to which the checkout should be ignored. Bids must be in increments of $10 or more.

via BiddingOwl – Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership Auction.

If they were really thinking hard about it, they’d have had the auction end on the anniversary of the Battle.

If you’ve heard of the Battle of Athens, but don’t know the details, this article in American Heritage will stir your pride in our American fighting men, who engage enemies foreign and domestic equally.

During the Civil War, deep from within secessionist territory, McMinn County had sided with the Union; in 1898 she had declared war on Spain two weeks before Washington got around to it. How could Cantrell have such undisputed control over a county noted for its independent and cantankerous spirit? One answer lies in the Second World War: 3,526 young men, or about 10 percent of McMinn’s population, went off to fight. Most of those left behind—older and perhaps more timid—contributed to the Cantrell machine’s growth by remaining silent. Still, as the war dragged on, people began to tell each other, “Wait until the GIs get back—things will be different.”

In the summer of 1945 veterans began returning home; by 1946 the streets of Athens overflowed with uniforms. The Cantrell forces were not worried.

It came down, ultimately, to the combat vets versus the deputies who’d stayed home on bogus 4F deferments — with rifles and dynamite. The press, naturally, got it wrong:

At dawn the veterans slipped from the jail, made their way through the detritus of the battle, and dispersed into what they hoped would be anonymity. Miraculously there had been no deaths. But on August 2 a page-one headline in The New York Times wrongly trumpeted the news: TENNESSEE SHERIFF is SLAIN IN PRIMARY DAY VIOLENCE . All day long reporters with cameras and notebooks poured into town to photograph, question, analyze, and write.

The national press was almost unanimous in condemning the action of the GIs. In an editorial perhaps best reflecting the ambivalence of a startled nation, The New York Times concluded: “Corruption, when and where it exists, demands reform, and even in the most corrupt and boss-ridden communities, there are peaceful means by which reform can be achieved. But there is no substitute, in a democracy, for orderly process.” The syndicated columnist Robert C. Ruark commented: “There is very little difference, essentially, between a vigilante and a member of a lynch mob, and if we are seeking an answer to crooked politics, the one that the Athens boys just propounded sure ain’t it.” Commonweal cautiously compared the battle to the American Revolution, then went on to say that “nothing could be more dangerous both for our liberties and our welfare than the making of the McMinn County Revolution into a habit.”

Actually there was one death, a black man named Gillespie, backshot by one of the political machine’s deputies, one Windy Wise. Wise would do time (although not enough) for the murder. Three of the deputies, including Wise, were seriously injured.

The American Heritage article is really good; Read The Whole Thing™. And if you want a one-off shotgun commemorating that remarkable night in 1946, well, bid away!




14 thoughts on “JPFO Auctions a Battle of Athens Commemorative Shotgun

  1. medic09

    I learn something nearly every time I visit your site. I never heard of this group, even though I’m Jewish and interested somewhat in firearms. Ignoring the vast majority of Jews in America (who are liberal and probably anti-gun anyway), I can say pretty confidently that even the conservatives and gun-interested among us have likely never heard of these guys. Not even a passing blip on the screen. Their website was pretty cluttered, and didn’t inspire exploration – so I didn’t. I noticed their rabbi featured. From my limited exposure to him in other venues, I’d say he’s pretty knowledgeable; but not a known figure in the American Orthodox rabbinate. All told this group is a non-entity. That’s probably why they’re auctioning off that shotgun.

    1. Hognose Post author

      They’ve been higher profile in the past. They were extremely active during the Clinton era. (Which is probably about the date of their website). I think Zelman is getting old and no successor is lined up. I do think most of their members are gentiles.

    2. Philip Schipsi

      Actually, Zelman is quite well known to TV-Cops shows. He was the primary consultant for virtually all Cop shows.

  2. medic09

    Wasn’t there a fictionalized movie about Athens? I seem to recall seeing it a few years ago.

    1. Wise Cave Owl

      tho I’m not entirely in agreement with deadeye’s sentiments. In fact, I’m going to drop one of my workshifts, which’ll put me under the federal taxable income level. That way no more of my money will go to his friends who claim they’re “fighting terrorism” by doing this (Gaza, 29 July 2014):

      1. Philip Schipsi

        Of course we don’t know the cause of this child’s death. What we do know – if we are honest – is that Hamas has built more than twenty tunnels into Israel, with concrete that was designated to be used for schools and hospitals. More than 6000 rockets have ben directed toward Israeli citizens. But for Iron Dome, that picture would be of an Israeli child.
        Let me ask you: If your home was attacked by terrorists who hid behind their own children, would you refuse to protect your children for fear of injuring one of theirs?
        Hamas can end this tragedy at any time; they choose not to. The blood of their children is on their own hands.

  3. RobRoySimmons

    I have one of their posters I bought from them during the 90s version of political terror from a small show here in the PRI. I bought it because I had a paper due (pro 2A of course) in English 103 being taught by a Prof straight from Madison, WI (a clown show of a place where sanctimonious white twerps go to learn the wonders of collectivism on the tax payers dime in exchange for football games). Anyway the Mommy Prof and the twits heads exploded when I presented the poster, because back then Jews were victims, now a days the white twerps in class with me would probably call them the Nazis.

    IMO its time to be honest our Jewish cousins are like every other people, usually herded by fear and the unscrupulous use of propaganda, and so they take on a group viewpoint however stupid it is because it benefits a few greatly and the many somewhat.

  4. Bill K

    One wonders what would happen in this day and culture should some Enduring Freedom vets take issue with Chicago aldermen, Athens – style.

    Or Dearborn for that matter.

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