Seaside Sunday

So, there we are, lounging by the sea. If you’re not envious, you have no idea what you’re missing. The only bad part of this is that it is in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts.

Here’s hoping all of you have a great Sunday.

1 thought on “Seaside Sunday

  1. MtTopPatriot

    Good on ya, nothing like doing the beached whale act. Sun surf and that sublime smell of the sea on the breeze. Kind of the same primordial experience that comes with staring into the coals of a camp fire deep in the NH woods late at night. No words can convey.

    A humble request for a blog post: Your wisdom in a dissertation on the M21 and Leatherwood scope system.
    Have to ask, as I have always had a longing for said M21 rifle. I appreciate the inherent capabilities of the M4 platform, its combat record, the lethality and especially the quantity of ammo one can carry verses the 7.62 caliber rifle, But there is, like the fire and ocean a certain attraction for a rifle like the M14 and M1 Garand. You know, wood metal and the rugged solid authority of them.
    I would highly value your opinion on the matter.
    Kind regards, hope your beachly sojourn was refreshing.

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