The Klan? That’s still a thing?

burning AND crossFlorida has different demographics depending on where in the state you are. The East Coast is pushy, abrasive New Yorker boomers. The West Coast, the same. The Southern tip is occupied by whatever Latin American caudillos survived their ouster, and their former retainers. The Panhandle is Where Alabama Meets the Sea®. And the dank, gator-rich and citrus-producing center of the peninsula? It’s Alabama, too, but circa 1960.

So you get headlines like, “KKK membership sinks 2 Florida cops.”

The 49-year-old [Deputy Chief] Borst, a department veteran of more than 20 years, was also fire chief for the Lake County city of 5,000, about 40 miles northwest of Orlando. He resigned both posts Thursday after being confronted with the FBI report.

Officer George Hunnewell, who was demoted last year over performance and attitude complaints, was fired Friday by Chief Terry Isaacs.

via KKK membership sinks 2 Florida cops.

klan rally wrongNo word on whether either one was a “white Hispanic,” but given the Klan’s less-than-inclusive membership traditions, we kind of think not. Just goes to show that Trayvon wasn’t the only Floridian to get into trouble in a hoodie.

It’s a free country, and you can join the Klan if you want. (And we can laugh at you, if you do). But people are going to look askance at a policeman whose other uniform is a pointy-headed burkha with a faint whiff of burning cross to it.

The Shriners may dress funny for parades, but they never terrorized anybody, and they actually have built a lot of hospitals. “Burn center” has a completely different meaning to the brain-deads in KKK Nation.

In 2014 this should not take a lot of figuring out, but then again, on a figuring-out scale of 1 to 10, where would a guy who signs up for the Ku Klux Klan score?

3 thoughts on “The Klan? That’s still a thing?

  1. Don Williams

    You might be able to join the Klan but in Mississippi, you couldn’t go to public school in the 70’s. They required an oath or affirmation that you weren’t a member. That was a real mind blower coming from Wyoming. D0n’t know if they changed it since then

  2. Wise Cave Owl

    arguably Reagan’s best role, in the little-known, c. 1950 anti-Klan flick “Storm Warning”. RR plays a brought-in-from-outside DA fighting a Klan outbreak in Indiana; other cast awesome as well: Ginger Rogers, Doris Day, Steve Cochrane. Only time I saw it on the big screen was a showing of several Reagan movies in a NY theatre – with the usual hard-Left audience – during the run-up to the 1980 election. There’s a scene where he’s leaving the rooming house he’s staying in to begin his morning investigations: lady in the doorway watching him walk down the street sez, “I think that boy is going to be President someday”…and an audible groan of anger and fear swept over the audience. Anyway, I think there’s a gun or two in it, and so another one waiting for a Hognose review.

  3. TRX

    There are several “Ku Klux Klans” with varying outlooks and goals; the larger ones are pretty mellow compared to the old days.

    Times change, and even “hate groups” simply aren’t what they used to be… well, except for the Black Panthers, who seem to have split and gone rapid enough that even the good old “Southern Poverty Law Center” now lists them as a hate group. Though the SPLC lists almost a thousand organizations as hate groups nowadays, plus “patriot groups” and “extremist groups.” HUAC only had about 500 individual people on their blacklist…

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