From Infantry Company to… Hurling Team?

That’s what a bunch of New Hampshire National Guard soldiers did to try to keep the comradeship alive after a stint in Iraq in 2004-05. They took up the little-known (in America) Irish team sport of hurling, which if nothing else is great high-intensity PT.

Part 1:

Part 2:

It’s nice to have a military story to report that isn’t about Secretary Hagel establishing quotas for pedophiles, Congress zeroing out the ammo budget, or the President deploying guys because some 26-year-old speechwriter thinks it’s a good idea, and then leaving them hanging.

Hat tip, an Irish friend who’s been trying to explain hurling to us for about a year. Oddly enough, we think we served in SF with a relative of the officer in the video (who goes from CPT to LTC thanks to the magic of editing eight years of film down to a half hour.

3 thoughts on “From Infantry Company to… Hurling Team?

  1. Bill K

    So how did their match against the Irish turn out? I don’t think I caught that.

  2. Oberndorfer

    Over on the Emerald Isle even the girls play Camogie.
    And then there is Shinty/Camanachd, and the Scottish lassies play Field Rugby in school for PE.

  3. aGrimm

    Good for these guys; it looks to be fun and challenging. So I learned something new today as the only hurling I had heard of involved too much of the fermented XXXX (pick your poison).

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