Help a Brother Out — Forgotten Weapons Indiegogo Appeal

OK, usually when we’re axing ya to he’p a brother out, it’s an SF brother. In this case, it’s a gun blogging brother, and the guy that actually inspired us to take up the blog cudgel, for better or for worse, Forgotten Weapons .com’s Ian McCollum. Ian has a dream, and it involves higher-quality videos shot with better video, audio, and production gear — in fact, with fully professional gear.

His 50 meter target was $7,500, and he’s blown past that with the generous support from others (and some miserly support from us. Hey, New England Yankees, you know?). Now he has his sights on a stretch goal of $13k. That will put a professional-quality high-speed camera in his hands, allowing high-speed video of a lot of the unusual, exotic, and just plain cool social-action tools that he gets his hands on.

Forgotten Weapons already sets a high standard for accuracy and interesting content – imagine combining that passion and dedication with a really serious set of of video equipment! Many of the guns you see on Forgotten Weapons are ones you will not see anywhere else, and the information I present is a step (or several steps) above the typical online video. I tell you about the development and history of the weapon, its pros and cons, how and when it was used (or what it developed into our out of), and the intimate details of how it works.

That’s the essence of his pitch: he gives us all good stuff, and wants a little help to give us better stuff. As we type this Wednesday night for Thursday morning, he’s $2,600 or so short with three weeks to go. If ten of you buy a Lifetime Premium Membership in his site for $150, he’ll be most of the way to his goal (and you’ll get some cool discounts). If you can’t see your way clear to $150, I know that Ian appreciates every donation, even $10, $5, or those silly Euro thingies.

So please go here, view Ian’s pitch, and be part of his site’s bold advance into tomorrow:   Forgotten Weapons Pro-Quality Video | Indiegogo.

(If you want to see some of the videos he’s doing now, just go right to

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  1. Ian

    Thanks! We’re getting really close, and I am very excited about the possibilities of this high-speed camera.

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