Sunday Road Readiness

In the coming week, it’s off to Florida to do battle with the gators and mosquitoes, then a measured drive up I-95 with stops in Fayetteville, NC for work and possibly in DC (yecch), Annapolis and Frederick, MD. There may be fewer posts than usual, and slower than usual response in the comments.

Today should be the Sabbath, a day of rest and reflection. Instead, it’s a day of frantic project-completion and travel prep, as Plaintiff IIĀ and Kid are going someplace completely different and need a drive to the airport. Naturally she did not pick any of the means of local departure, but rather an airport a long distance away in the middle of a state-sized Victim Disarmament Zone.

We regret the missing TW3s for the last three weeks, and yesterday’s Saturday Matinee is also indefinietly delayed. (It was just not coming together, and usually we have a couple spares in the can for a time like this, but not right now). It goes back in the queue for later polishing, when time permits.

We do hope to keep to the regular posting schedule this week, but it may not be possible.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Road Readiness

  1. Granny Grunch

    Check the weather forecasts,dude,because there is a low pressure area that may cross Mexico and go into the Gulf and head East for Florida. ETA is next weekend….if it comes this way.

  2. WyomingBound

    If you’re in Maryland looking for a place to stay, steer clear of the uncivilized western shore and consider the much more conducive to civilized living eastern shore. Tis only minutes away!

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