When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have bathtubs

Lucas mugshotKimberly Lucas always insisted her family was just like any other family, even if the kids did have two mommies. But when she and her girlfriend broke up, and the girlfriend found a new squeeze and kept the kids, she plotted a vicious revenge. She tried to kill her former “domestic partner’s” two kids, a 10-year-old boy and a 2-year-old girl with some kind of poison pill, and took one or more of the pills herself. When the toddler, Elliana Lucas-Jamason, wouldn’t drink the cup with the poison, the brutal “mommy” violently drowned the child in the bathtub.

That’s one way to spite your ex.

A Florida woman killed her former domestic partner’s 2-year-old daughter in a botched double murder-suicide, authorities said.

Kimberly Lucas, 40, also attempted to kill Elliana Lucas-Jamason’s 10-year-old brother before trying to take her own life, the Jupiter Police Department said.

Little Elliana was found in the bathtub of her Jupiter home on Monday and was later pronounced dead at Jupiter Medical Center.

Elliana’s older brother and suspect Kimberly Lucas, 40, were also found in the home and taken to the hospital, cops said. Police are not identifying Elliana’s brother or her mother.

Kimberly Lucas with Elliana Lucas-Jamason, the daughter of Lucas’ former domestic partner. Lucas is accused of killing Elliana on Memorial Day.
The boy called 911 and had heroically tried to revive his sister using CPR.

“I think he’s the bravest person I ever met,” Jupiter Police Chief Frank Kitzerow said at a press conference on Tuesday.

Lucas, in custody at the hospital, will be charged with homicide and the attempted murder of Elliana’s brother sometime on Tuesday, according to the police chief. Lucas may be in critical condition, according to CBS12.

via Florida woman kills ex-domestic partner’s 2-year-old daughter in double murder-suicide bid: cops – NY Daily News.

FMI: http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/news/crime-law/jupiter-pd-woman-arrested-after-girl-2-found-dead/nf7mn/

Cops will tell you — if nobody is listening — some stories about the domestics that result from lesbian breakups. DV in these cases tends to be unusually rare (the Sapphic subset are a much more law-abiding demographic than average, and hardly ever cause anyone the slightest trouble, and more power to them). But when one or both partners do go high-order in one of these breakups, it tends to be extremely dramatic, histrionic and violent. In this case, the vicious spurned “mommy’s” poisoning skills were about as bad as the recent California bozo’s marksmanship, so she neither killed her ex’s other child, nor cheated the People of Florida out of their ability to exact justice upon her. Unfortunately, an infant drowning is difficult for even the most abject loser to botch: humans just don’t work without air.

The crewcut, stout woman-in-sensible-shoes pastor of the post-Christian church that the ill-fated family had attended was, as you might expect if you know the type, resolutely nonjudgmental:

Horrible things happen in life and there’s so much we have little control over whatsoever. But what we do have control over is how we love one another in difficult time [sic].

What is this, the Church of Homer Simpson? “Life is a bunch of things that just happen”?

Yeah, horrible things happen… when you let horrible people do them. Or do we chalk this one up to “bathtub violence” and demand a one-bathtub-a-month limit? Maybe a three-day waiting period when you draw a tub of hot water? Or simply restrict people to shower stalls. You don’t need a bathtub, after all.

The cops were led to the church by an apparent suicide note on the murderer’s computer. Either the police, or the reporters, displayed a remarkable ignorance of Judeo-Christian, even wishy-washy Barney-the-Dinosaur-Christian-lite, culture and worship when they wrote:

In the sermon, investigators detailed that, “God asks Amraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, but at the last minute God stops him from doing so.”

Yeah, the Old Testament prophet “Amraham.” Forget which one he is, maybe the one that started Amway? (Seriously. Even a semiliterate Afghan mullah gets this right). The reporter also lowercased “god” — quoting a professed Christian pastor. Lord love a duck.

Anyway, the sins of the reporters are venial indeed, compared to the mortal sin of the murderer Kimberly Lucas. (Sin is probably a concept little spoken of in Barney-the-Dinosaur Sunshine Church, but it never does rest).

Florida still has a robust death penalty. This looks like a perfect case for it. Lethal injection is a spineless way to conduct judicial executions, but some people just need to be put down like a vet does to a vicious dog.

Oh, dear. We got all judgmental for a moment there, didn’t we?

3 thoughts on “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have bathtubs

  1. StukaPilot

    it isn’t as if this Sodomite robbed a 7-11 and killed everyone there to eliminate the witnesses; this is merely a Crime of Passion. Also, it’s a member of the latest bi-partisan Entitlement Group. More likely 20-to-life, out in 8 to 12 “for good behavior”

  2. Le Tigre

    Asshole this was a tragic loss that real people were apart of. A selfish sick human took control and advantage of a small child (a baby!) that had nothing to do with the situation. The family is traumatized and anyone who knew them is grieving and you stand on your soapbox trying to be a scarcatistic asshole about bathtubs and gun control ? go grand stand somewhere else. Your logic is infantile at best and your attempt at symbolism is trite. Go grow a heart instead of using the stupid internet to boost your follower rating by attempting to copy Fox News moronic illogical bullshit. Go back rethink and try to be a professional and not a sensationalist idiot. you might even find out what integrity is.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Rather amusing to have a foul-mouthed, nasty person come in here, into our blog, anonymously, and tell us to go somewhere else. The totalitarian, fascist impulse is never far from the surface in some people.

      You have shown us a hint of the kind of pent-up viciousness that must have been percolating in that family, the seething hostility that gave rise to this bestial murder and attempted murder. We make light of it, and that makes us, what’s your neologism, “scarcatastic”? (What, English major?) You, on the other hand, are full of violent, projecting hatred.

      We do apparently agree on one small point: the murderer in this case was a “selfish sick human.” Although we resolutely use “sick” in its folk meaning, and don’t suggest that she is mentally ill and ought to dodge judicial retribution. Nope, we think she deserves the needle, but the people of Florida will make that decision in due course.

      For the record, we regret the child’s murder, but we have no way to change what has been done. All we can do is learn from it. It is very difficult to defend against a devious and evil person who knows one’s routine and is free of the chains of bourgeoius morality and common decency. We have heard nothing about the doer, but would guess that she was widely known as a nasty piece of work, but no one ever suspected she was nasty enough to do this.

      We are glad the 10-year-old survived, and hope he and his mother recover from what must be an ongoing nightmare beyond imagining. Having lost a few folks ourselves, we can only say it never gets better, but it can be endured. It must be endured.

      We note that the boy’s decisive action to summon help and try to save the baby suggests he’s a person of great potential.

      There are almost 4,000 accidental drownings and a few dozen homicides by drowning every year. The method is used from time to time by mothers murdering their children.

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