When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have garden shears

In this case, he did have garden shears, but they availed him not, as he apparently used them to attack a policeman in a case of suicide by cop. He’d been called in for a home invasion, and fled, with the cops in pursuit in what can only be described as a slow-speed foot chase.

A foul-mouthed local hood rat bimbo filmed parts of the confrontation. At about 1 minute she loses the action just as the guy rounds on Officer Friendly, who gives him four of the finest. “Trigger warning”: Not only does some complete waste of sperm and egg get himself shot, another complete waste of sperm and egg provides NSFW color commentary.

Then she starts screaming, abusing the cops. “Bleepdy-bleeps! Why didn’t you taser him? You bleeps!”

Well, at six seconds into the video you can hear them try to tase him, without effect.

Could they have taken a guy armed only with garden shears down? Yeah, but not without risk. He had plenty of opportunities to give himself up. He didn’t take ’em.

A local (if you call San Francisco “local” to Salinas, inland from Monterey) TV station has more details, including the name of the 44-year-old suspect, and information about the 911 call that said he was trying to break into a house, threatening to kill the people inside, and tried to choke the family’s dog (hmmm. Maybe he was a WeaponsMan.com reader?) The station also reported that of the two cops’ Tasers, one failed to fire and the other cop missed.

Lately, the Salinas cops have been ventilating folks who brandish poorly selected weapons. In March, they were muzzled by one Angel Francisco Ruiz. Post-mortem it turned out his gun was a non-firing replica. Earlier this month, another suspect pulled out a knife when the cops tried to cuff him; they wound up slabbing him instead.

Also sprach Darwin. See you in Hell, Carlos Mejia.

Maybe the next idjit who considers himself well-armed with a hedge-trimming tool will learn something from this, in which case the decedent’s life has served a purpose after all: bad example.

Hat tip: Bob at Bearing Arms.

9 thoughts on “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have garden shears

  1. WellSeasonedFool

    Real stupid people. At about 0:38 they start following the action. One woman (with horrible fashion sense) has a toddler in her arm. Yessir, bring your child towards the scene where firearms are drawn, then let him see someone get shot. Not so great parenting, right there.

    1. Miles

      If you define “mentally ill” by bringing a pair of garden shears (or other extraneous – non-gun implement) to a gunfight.


      Attacking a cop who already has his/her pistola drawn and pointed in your general direction?

      Maybe all of them?

  2. Bill K

    Interesting that they can tase someone without effect. I somehow thought (partly based on our own physiology equipment that we use to stimulate muscle twitches in college students) that above a threshold voltage, stimulus pretty much guaranteed involuntary twitching, regardless of from what chemically-aided altitude the intracranial CPU issues its denials.

    Obviously, no skin contact, no twitchy. But can you stick your finger in a 1200 volt light socket and still scratch the family jewels?

    1. Hognose Post author

      I think that one Taser malfed (or the operator did… a few combat FTFs are kind of buck-fever-meets-safety-switch) and the other guy missed the suspect with his electrodes. Ergo, no twitchy.

      1. Y.

        I dunno, but I’d probably have gone for the baton.

        Garden shears aren’t that dangerous.

        But we know. ‘Officer Safety is Paramount’.

        Funny, considering that being a police officer isn’t near the top of riskiest jobs in the US. Taxi drivers and fishermen are both more likely to die because of work..

  3. Aesop

    Major kudos to two of Salinas’ Finest, for solving their city’s problem with only four rounds (and nota bene NYFPD, without shooting up seventeen uninvolved bystanders nearby). That should be a gold star affixed on their issue marksmanship award.

    And to the pinche cabrona bruja puta who shot the video, GTFO of Califrutopia ASAP, and flee back to Michoacán, Juarez, Tijuana, or some other third-world shithole in your abysmal tierra de nacimiento, where you and your fourth-grade drop-out mentality belong. Bonus points for trundling your anchor baby into the possible line of fire to document the final moments and far from tragic ending of Senor Lackwit Meatsack.

    Frankly, if anything, these guys waited two blocks longer than decency should have allowed before ventilating this crud. if he’d simply dropped the weapon, he was in cuffs with no harm done and living on the taxpayer’s munificence for the next 5 years a full 60 seconds before they planted him.

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