Quick Consumer Tip: LOSD book, 25% off

Law of Self Defense Andrew BrancaWe have this book and we paid full freight for it, and it was worth every damn penny. You can get it for 25% off, if you act now.

Did we mention that we liked and recommend the book?

The book, The Law of Self Defense, is by the nation’s leading self-defense legal expert, Andrew Branca, a Massachusetts (of all places!) lawyer. And now you can get it for 25% off, and you can give credit to the CSGV, which is some anti-gun group. (They don’t have much of a real-world presence, they’re just more Bloomberg astroturf, which is why we forget how the acronym breaks out, but it’s something along the lines of Criminals Shooting Guns Viciously, or something like that).

You can get the book here, and put the following code in to save 25%: @CSGV.

Heh. As Andrew said in his Tweet announcing the price break, “No joke.”

So why did he give credit to his readers, in the name of the notorious anti-gun group? It’s like this: they’ve been trying to get him disinvited from the various universities where he’s been speaking on his summer lecture tour this year. They’ve been trying to shut him up. (Lotsa luck with that, kiddies).

Of course, they haven’t had any success; but that’s to be expected. Crazy Uncle Mikey Bloomberg’s money buys more persistence than it does competence.

Plus, he’s selling more books and getting more people at the seminars he’s been holding thanks to the attack. (Hmm. If a cyber attack can come from something we define as a Advanced Persistent Threat, is this inept and backfiring approach to silencing Branca more of a Retarded Persistent Threat? Could be. As he put it in his blog,  “Anyway, I certainly hope they keep it up–I couldn’t possibly afford to pay for this kind of advertising…. Indeed, I’m going to get both those tweets blown up and hung on my office wall, like animal trophies. :-)”

So what is best on a book tour? We don’t expect to hear from Andrew about that until he, and his motorcycle, are back in New England, but we would guess it sounds something like: “To crush your enemies. And hear the lamentations of their women.”

And, don’t forget you’ll be hearing the lamentations of their girly-men, too. So amble on over to the LOSD store, and get yourself (and maybe your pistol-packin’ pals; they need it too) a copy of this excellent book.

Hat tip, the estimable John Richardson at No Lawyers.

6 thoughts on “Quick Consumer Tip: LOSD book, 25% off

  1. juan

    Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is the result of collectivists’ futile attempts to convince us that The National Coalition to Ban Handguns didn’t really want to, you know, ban handguns.

  2. Aesop

    FWIW, it’s actually on the bookshelves at thousands of Wal-Marts right now, which is where I found it when it followed me home.

  3. AndyN

    Andrew Branca, a Massachusetts (of all places!) lawyer.

    Mark 2:17 …”It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick…”

    Where better for Mr. Branca to offer his services?

    1. "Greg"

      O. M. G.

      @AndyN – I have never seen a scriptural reference more appropriately applied to our modern day life… JMHO & YMMV!


  4. Jim Scrummy

    Thank you for the tip! This book has been on my wish list (cough Amazon cough) for awhile. Just ordered it, should be a good read. I check out his tweeter feed once in awhile to see his musings on the gun-grabbers.

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