Breaking: When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have knives

Kunming attack victimsAn organized attack has killed 27 or 28 people and injured from 109 to 163 more (the numbers disagree) in one of the world’s largest and most aggressively enforced gun-free zones — Communist China. The probable terrorist attack took place in the modern, tidy rail passenger station in Kunming, in Yunnan province in southern China. The most probable perps are Uighur terrorists, practicing the highest sacrament of The Religion of Peace™, to wit, jihad.

Chinese police. On the ground behind them is a dead attacker. SMG appears to be a Type 79.

Chinese police. On the ground behind them is a dead attacker. SMG appears to be a Type 79.

On the plus side, the cops reportedly whacked five of the attackers and have one or more in custody.

At least 28 people have been killed and 113 injured after a group of knife-wielding men hacked their way through innocent people at one of China’s busiest railway stations.

Distressing photos circulating online showed bodies, pools of blood and abandoned luggage scattered across the terminal floor at Kunming Railway Station in Yunnan province.

Attack scene.

Attack scene. This is what Mohammedans believe is doing their godling’s work.

Authorities described the incident at about 9pm local time (1pm GMT) as an ‘organised, premeditated, violent terrorist attack.’

Probe: Police have cordoned off Kunming Railway Station in Yunnan province, one of the busiest in China in a city of six million people, after a gang of knife-wielding ‘terror’ attackers stabbed dozens of people

via At least 28 dead and 113 injured after gang of knife-wielding men attack a train station in China | Mail Online.

The ever-censorious Chinese authorities have been deleting graphic images with as much vigor as the attackers mounted their attack. (It’s not like we can learn much from those images). The police response has been powerful, professional — especially compared to the clown show that was the Indians at Victoria Station in Bombay — and, as is usual for the police, too late.

5 thoughts on “Breaking: When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have knives

  1. Aesop

    Nice to see Beijing is getting a love note from RoP Inc., to let them know that they haven’t been forgotten.

    Amazing how mass murder always seems to follow in train with Islam, whether it’s the US, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, India, China, Sudan, Somalia, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, ad infinitum, and yet no one at ABCNNBCBS ever seems to put one and one together and get two.

    Any word on Piers Morgan’s upcoming crusade against kitchen implements, or has he been stricken blind, deaf, and mute as well? (He’s already got dumb covered.) Or is it that it only matters to him when caucasians are the victims, and not “just a bunch of bloody wogs” in the venerable old English phrase?

    1. Hognose Post author

      I’m sure he’s talking about it, but no one is letting him near a broadcast microphone.

      On balance, he may have been a net plus for our side: so clearly on the other side, and so clearly a horse’s ass, that he made people curious about what we really do, say and believe. I mean, to the extent that anybody watched him.

    2. Bill K

      I’d love to post the Coexist sticker – the one with the explosive belt around the starting crescent, if it were possible to insert pictures in comments.

  2. Allahuakbar

    Bastard bias article against Islam. There’s no evidence this crime done by Muslims. So please stop your slander bitch.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Or what, you and your mohammedan savages will come cut our heads off?

      The Chinese have identified the terrorists (one of whom they have in custody) as Moslems.

      “Xinjiang separatists” (Sinkiang province, in the old transliteration) are Islamist Uighurs.

      But really, who else commits mass terror attacks but you guys?

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