One law for you, one law for them

"Laws are for the little people, not us."

“Laws are for the little people, not us. Don’t you peasants see we’re important humanitarians?”

Meet Kerry Kennedy (yes, of those Kennedys) — a jet-setting, pill-popping socialite who’s too important to take her knocks for a DUI crash-and-run in 2012. She’s one of the 9 or so of RFK’s 11 kids who wound up as druggies, and would have wound up as bums, if not insulated from that outcome by an immense family fortune. (One brother OD’d — no loss to humanity. At least two more were also heroin addicts, including Chavez-loving RFK Jr., who says he’s off it now. Another rolled a Jeep under the influence, crippling a friend — who was then dropped as a friend for being a cripple. Nice people, not).

Kerry Kennedy may agree to a plea deal over driving while drugged charges stemming from a 2012 accident so she can continue her extensive human rights work.

Kennedy, 54, is afraid a conviction would bring with it restrictions that would curtail her international travels – she has visited several dozen countries on humanitarian missions.

The plea deal was previously discussed between her legal team and prosecutors before being shelved, but her attorneys have brought it back to the table with her trial slated to start Monday, according to the New York Daily News.

Lawyers originally tabled the deal while preparing a defense explaining former Senator Robert F Kennedy’s daughter took Ambien by mistake – she meant to take thyroid medication, sources told the paper.

‘Our defense in this case is that Kerry Kennedy did not knowingly and intentionally ingest those sleeping pills,’ her lawyer explained Friday in court.

‘The pills are very similar,’ he added. ‘She took what she thought was her thyroid medication.’

The former wife of current New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Kennedy was travelling between the Western Sahara and Brussels, Belgium during last week’s jury selection process, sources said.

Kennedy faces a misdemeanor charge of driving while impaired by drugs after colliding July 13, 2012 with a tractor trailer on a suburban New York highway, authorities said.

via Kerry Kennedy seeking plea deal in Monday trial for driving under the influence of drugs after leaving the scene of an accident | Mail Online.

The “humanitarian work,” of course, is bullshit. Like the rest of her family, she’s helped no one but herself. She jets around giving speeches and feeling self-important, but has never physically lifted a finger to help a soul.

“I have too much regard for the lives of others, as well as my own,” she said, while insisting the law shouldn’t apply to her. So far, it hasn’t. When she slammed, stoned, into a truck and ran, her family clout made sure that it was her victim who got the ticket.

She fled the scene, then lied about the cause of the accident. Now she is standing on a fallback lie. Problem is, she told the arresting officer at the time at the time that she had carrots, cappuccino, and Ambien for breakfast. Ambien’s a Kennedy breakfast favorite: it’s what cousin Patrick was high on when he slammed into a parked car in Washington DC a number of years ago. And yes, Patrick played the, “Do you know who I am?” Kennedy Card to avoid prison at that time, too. Her uncle Ted — Patrick’s dad — threw down the Kennedy card to get away with more episodes of public drunkenness than entire fraternities, not to mention an actual vehicular homicide.

So the basis of her defense? She’s a Kennedy. “She is not seeking any advantage here because of her famous family,” Kennedy mob lawyer Gerald Lefcourt said piously, while seeking an advantage because of her famous family by pointing out all the Kennedy family members and hangers-on, who turned out to help their latest problem child get off. (Even including one horse addict, RFK, Jr.)

The Daily News says she won’t get jail time. Everybody should know that! Drunk, stoned, and entitled, Kennedys are just an everyday road hazard along the Acela Corridor, and if you forget that and get hit by one, you’ll get the ticket.

Wonder how long it is before her three daughters — all in Ivy League schools, her mouthpiece told the judge to put him in his place — are having their own drug raps broomed? “Do you know who I am?” Because it’s good to be liberoyalty.

Of course, some people are unimpressed with a name, no matter how famous it is. As the case of the cannibals and the Rockefeller reveals.



Kerry Kennedy took the stand, not something a defendant with a strong case does. First thing she did? “Do you know who I am” Kennedy card, complete with “My daddy was killed.”

 Jurors listened impassively as Kennedy’s lawyer led her through a blatant bid for sympathy that included references not only to her being a Kennedy orphan, but a mom, a human rights leader, a fundraiser for Haitian orphans, an almost daily church-goer and a former Sunday school teacher.

She also dropped the fact that she’s the ex of anti-gun extremist governor Andrew Cuomo (D-Apalachin Summit).

Next thing? Admitted she’s been dropping Ambien for ten years.

No word on whether the prosecutor established that her normal breakfast was that day’s: carrots, cappucino, and drugs.

5 thoughts on “One law for you, one law for them

    1. Bill T

      Don’t worry Aesop, Soon, I’m afraid, there will be a “free-fire” zone with no bag limits for either side.
      When the thin veneer of “Law” goes up in smoke It is going to get “interesting”.

      I have a friend who keeps an updated list of people for just this scenario. He doesn’t seem to care that he is on several lists himself.

  1. Bill K

    It’s sad but instructive to see the truth of Him “who keeps lovingkindness for thousands, who forgives iniquity, transgression and sin; yet He will by no means leave the guilty unpunished, visiting the iniquity of fathers on the children and on the grandchildren to the third and fourth generations” displayed so blatantly in living color for all the world to see.

    Reminds me of that demotivational poster of a shipwreck, “It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.

    And speaking of cannibals, what did the cannibal do after dumping his girlfriend?

    Wiped his butt.

  2. James

    Another Kennedy scandal.If I recall correctly,she was unfaithful in her marriage to Cuomo.That’s another Kennedy trait.The Kennedy spokesman is spinning this Ambien story.I seriously doubt a state trooper would charge her arbitrarily.Did she have an Ambien and booze,drugs,what?But she left the accident scene.How long before these charges vaporize since she’s a Kennedy and the Gov ex-wife.Yes,there is a double standard.And the trooper will probably get a negative performance eval for poor judgment in charging a Kennedy.

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