Good-bye, Lenin!

The Associated (with Terrorists) Press took a few videos of Lenin statues biting the dust in Ukraine this February and edited them together. “Raz, dva!” (“One, two!”) Craaaaash!

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. (Well, Stalin, but we think any statues to him didn’t survive Ukrainian independence).

From the comments at YouTube:

[W]e got rid of Lenins statues in Georgia even before USSR was dissolved, clearly Ukraine is on the right track.


The shackles have been broken, the people are freed, and Ukraine will NEVER go back in Putin’s lap! God bless the free people of Ukraine. FUCK PUTIN!

From Syria with love <3



What is STUNNING is that, in 2014, statues of this monster were (and are) still standing ANYWHERE in Ukraine. What in God’s name TOOK so long?

Of course, it is YouTube, so there are a lot of dumbass, retarded, and bigoted comments, too.

Ukraine is not out of the woods. Clearly Yanukovych’s (and therefore Putin’s, because Y never had an opinion P didn’t issue to him) next objective is to propose a partition along linguistic/ethnic lines, with Russia retaining the East around Kharkov and the entire coast, including Crimea. The native inhabitants of Crimea were not predominantly Russian, but Stalin-era ethnic cleansing took care of that.

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