Sunday at Sea. Arrrrrrr!

‘Tis a miserable time we’re having on the gigantic Oasis of the Seas of the screwed-up-like-a-soup-sandwich Royal Caribbean Line, so posting will be dependent on scheduled posts and on port calls in various third world island harbors, which offer better connection options than the ship can manage (like “any”).

Some people like cruises. We are here with them. If you want to pay top dollar to spend a week in a Motel Six with 10,000 of your best friends, while constantly being barraged with upsell messages, this is for you.

Of course, the whole ship is also a Victim Disarmament Zone, which is its primary means of security. Not its only means – they can also call on the radio for help. The Bahamian Coast Guard would be on the way, sooner or later!

But hey, the crew played grab-ass all through the boat drill, because who needs that? I mean, what could possibly happen to a cruise ship?

Still, it’s Sunday, a day of rest, not matter how irrationally angry our aquatic incarceration makes us. Please avail yourself of recent posts. And batten down the hatches, matey, for a week of unfortunately sparse posting.