That was the week that was: 2012 008

This is a late post due to internet problems at sea, and we apologize for that. While this new week is shaping up to be a disaster here at, the week just ended was a pretty good one. We’re happy that, as promised, we had more real gun technical coverage that we’ve had in a while.

We had 21 posts this week, and are closing in on the milestones of 200 posts and 100,000 words, just as we finish our second month. We’re enjoying an increase in the number and quality of substantive comments as well (and are receiving story tips in the comments, which we’re planning to use well). We don’t have the exact weekly statistics due to the internet hassles, but will try and add them later. No promises!

Recapping our stories:

  1. We told you Sunday wasn’t much of a day for work around here, as usual.
  2. Then we opened our five-part explanation of how to get the most from a Beretta 92 or M9 auto pistol. The five parts were:
    1. Part 1: Embrace the gun
    2. Part 2: Understand the gun
    3. Part 3: Maintain the gun
    4. Part 4: Master the basics
    5. Part 5: Master the gun.
  3. An SF guy who bozed out and brought the wrong day pack on a family trip was cleared of C-4 charges that could have landed him in jail. (If you think no one could have inadvertently lost track of a block of C4 at the range, you’ve never had a 20-hour demo training day).
  4. We looked at the strange and far too cozy relationship between Pakistan and Bin Laden.
  5. And took a moment to celebrate National Handcuff Day
  6.  If you want a Genuine CAR-15, somebody had one for sale on GunBroker. Only $22k and it could be yours. Or you could spend twice as much on a Chevy Volt. (And six months after you buy them they’ll both be worth about $22k).
  7. A woman working at Eastern Tennessee State University lent an old rifle to a friend studying filmmaking and the campus cops went nonlinear over it. She learned the main lesson they teach at ETSU, “You really don’t want your kids to go here.”
  8. We had a preliminary story on the Stolen Valor case going to the Supreme Court. We’ll have a follow-up next week.
  9. And we had a report and photos on a new Kalashnikov, the AK-12 (That will be its official designation if, as the factory hopes, the Russian Army adopts it this year). No word on whether they’ll pay us a royalty for the Picatinny Rail, like we did for the Mauser 98 action.
  10. On Washington’s birthday we looked at one aspect of Washington, the general: his gift for advancing talented subordinates, with Henry Knox as an example.
  11. The Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week was the gunsmith’s pal: Brownell’s.
  12. If Someone Invades your House… with a gun… and you’re unarmed… you need to do what this guy did.
  13. The Army’s going to buy New Camo… Again? Good thing the taxpayers aren’t restive… oh, wait.
  14. The Navy wants to change the EOD motto, and that’s got a lot of play in the blogosphere. We’re not even squids, but in Think of it as Alternative Success, even though we razzed Admiral Tee Ball a little, we pointed out something we don’t think any of the other razzers did: he is a career EOD guy.
  15. We collapsed into sillitude with a brick-firing Lego gun. Cause you can’t be serious all the time.
  16. The Saturday Matinee 008 was the classic Cold War red-scare flick, Red Dawn. It just doesn’t get any more guerilla than that.
  17.  And that brings us back to this post…That Was the Week that Was: 2012 Week 08. We’ll spare you the recursive link.

Wait, you say. We said 21 stories… OK, that’s counting the five parts of the Beretta story separately. Each one was story length and ran on a separate day!

Sorry for the lack of links. We’ll add them soon as possible… They’ve now been added. A few words were added and typos fixed. We still don’t have comment stats, but the week’s vitals were 21 posts and 13,441 words.