If someone invades your house…

…meaning to do you harm, what do you do?

There’s only one right answer: stop him. For this man in Antioch, CA, that meant wrestling the gun away from the would-be robber, and killing him dead as a doornail. The San Jose Mercury-News has sparse details:

The man confronted the suspect, and the two struggled.

[T]he resident wrestled away the suspect’s gun and shot him several times with it. He then called police.

The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. Police are still trying to identify him.

There are a pitiful few more details at KTVU TV, and the Fresno Bee and Contra Costa Times have more, including the identity of the 18-year-old decedent (we can’t really call him “victim”, can we?) and the identity of an alleged accomplice who has been charged. A third accomplice remains at large.

This 18-year old kid apparently, according to these news stories, selected a door at random. But the 34-year-old man there refused to be a victim. There are important lessons for everyone here.

First, sometimes trouble comes to you. Nothing indicates that this young dad did anything to provoke the wannabee robbers. He was at home with one child, behind a locked door.

Second, never quit. Even when you are disadvantaged by age and are unarmed against a younger, armed assailant, do not be a victim.

Third, gun prohibitionists often say that a criminal is more likely to disarm a citizen than the citizen is to successfully resist the criminal. As far as we know there are no statistics on this whatsoever, and there are very few anecdotes. In fact, the preponderance of anecdote seems to indicate that homeowners shot with their own gun are a very rare thing, yet it happens to criminals (and, unfortunately, police) with some regularity. We wouldn’t read too much into that, because the tables-turned story is catnip to newsmen and so that kind of story gets written up more. (Would any of the news media above have written up a home invasion without a shooting? Probably not. Antioch has some crime — and look here, another case of a would-be thief collecting hot lead¬†and a Darwin Award instead of cold cash, last November).