OT: Merry Christmas from Chuck Norris

If you’ve seen the Jean-Claude van Damme “epic split” video this will make more sense. If you haven’t, the Belgian brute’s feat, which was an ad for Volvo trucks, is after the jump.

The narration makes no sense to us, but that’s just us. Hit the “more” button to see the ad that Chuck and gang are sending up in this video Christmas card!

While Norris’s split was a CGI gag, Van Damme’s was reportedly the real thing.

Both of these guys have got to be in their sixties. We wouldn’t tangle with either.




5 thoughts on “OT: Merry Christmas from Chuck Norris

    1. Hognose Post author

      That’s what it says. He had a safety harness, but it was all him. Check out the other YouTubes where Volvo is showing off their trucks. In one, they have a hamster drive the truck by being led one way or the other with a carrot! In another, they zoom in on the CEO talking about how strong the hook is on their bumper. Then the camera zooms out and you see he is standing on the bumper, while a crane holds the truck up in the air.

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