When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have machetes

bloody-macheteIn deepest Bloomtopia, in the heart of the greatest gun-free zone in the western hemisphere, a mass murder of five took place. The suspect, Ming Dong Chen, is a 25-year-old illegal immigrant from China, who’d been receiving mental health treatment intermittently from the New York authorities. Apparently, the Bloomberg approach of ingoring the mentally ill and small crimes — cops have recently been told to “back off” the homeless — while pursuing non-violent gun owners relentlessly isn’t working, at least, not if your goal is anything to do with violent crime.

Who could have anticipated that?

A crazed man turned a Sunset Park, Brooklyn, home into a slaughterhouse late Saturday, leaving a 37-year-old mom and her four young children stabbed to death.

Ming Dong Chen, a 25-year-old suspect — preliminarily identified as the children’s mentally troubled older cousin — was arrested after being subdued at the scene, his feet bare and soaked in blood.

Cops seized a machete and scissors from the home as evidence, a law enforcement source said.

The suspect, who neighbors said lived at the home, didn’t flinch as cops led him in handcuffs from the house of horrors, witnesses said — even as one of the children was removed from the house on a stretcher.

The top of the little boy’s yellow pajamas had been cut open at the front by paramedics in their struggle to save him.

He was pronounced dead early Sunday morning at Maimonides Hospital.
“He [the suspect] was bizarrely calm,” said one neighbor, who asked that his name not be used.

“He was completely composed and answering their questions — even as they brought out two black bags with the kids in them,” the neighbor said.
“He was still calmly answering their questions as the stretcher with the bloody child was rolled right past the car,” the neighbor said. “Again, he seemed unfazed.”


The children’s father came home from work too late to save his family, according to neighbors and law-enforcement sources, who stressed early Sunday that their information was still preliminary.

Police identified the victims as 1-year-old William Zhuo, a 5-year-old Kevin Zhuo, a 7-year-old Amy Zhuo, 9-year-old Linda Zhuo and  37-year-old Qiao Zhen Li.

The mother’s sister was present but unharmed, and called 911.

“The father walked in and grabbed [the stabber] and tried to stop him but it was too late,” said one law-enforcement source.

via Killer butchers woman and her 4 kids | New York Post.

Boy, it’s sure a good thing New York wouldn’t let him have more than seven rounds in a magazine. Way to keep the public SAFE. Meanwhile, it wouldn’t be fair to lock up the insane, because their right to be nuts is, the ACLU patiently explains, superior to the right of this woman and these children 0– one of them an infant — to live.

Of course, the illegal alien angle is there, as it so often is in violent crime. Break one law, get benefits for life — no wonder they aren’t deterred by laws. This guy is probably shocked he got arrested. After all, he’s just butchering the people that lazy Americans won’t butcher. The Post is all over this like the scent of corruption on a Congressman — they’re the source of the information that the doer was an illegal — and no doubt they’ll have further updates in the days ahead. One of the updates is that one of the victims was beheaded, and another update is that Ming (the Merciless?) did it because the family was better off than he, and he didn’t think that was “fair.”

Dang, Bill deBlasio just lost one voter. But wait, it’s New York, they’ll bring him an absentee ballot in prison — and tell him how to fill it out.

Illegal immigration is criminal behavior. The best guide to future behavior is past behavior. What do those mean, when taken together? Look at the FBI’s Most Wanted lists. The current Ten Most Wanted List only has nine at-large fugitives on it (one perv — who was a university professor, naturally — was just caught) but four of the nine are foreigners: one Honduran, two Mexicans, one Ukrainian who also has Russian and Israeli passports. (Zero Arab terrorists. Not a priority for the Holder DOJ). Just doing the crimes lazy Americans won’t do. Or consider the Ten Most Wanted Murderers (this is one place the terrorists have been demoted to, along with a terrorist-ghetto list that’s predictably 90% Arabs), they’re mostly imports: one Malian (he’s the terrorist), four Mexicans, and a Costa Rican (the other Hispanic names on the list — quite a skew in this data set, eh — are Americans or have no nationality listed).

The Violent Crimes Junior Varsity top ten (these are the ones who haven’t been charged with murder. Yet): there’s only one man whose nationality is unlisted but was born in Mexico (so he could as easily be a US citizen), one Ukrainian skinhead who was involved in a fatal gay-bashing, and one Venezualan who’s wanted for two counts of negligent homicide. But the other seven are our own natives. These crimes, then, Americans still seem to take pride in doing. Go Team USA.

Exit question: The Boston Marathon bombers were on so many welfare subsidies that it raised them to the upper middle class. Their parents, who had returned to Russian Chechnya, were still receiving welfare by electronic transfer from Massachusetts. Since New York will not be beaten by Massachusetts on liberal coup-counting (even if the Yankees were done for the season long before the Red Sox this year), what will the Post be telling us this week about Ming the Merciless’s welfare bennies?

4 thoughts on “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have machetes

  1. Jim

    I recall reading somewhere an article that claimed the machete to be the worlds most consistently deadly weapon. I guess the idea was that even in times of relative peace, people still murder each other and in a significant part of the planet a machete is the weapon of choice. Seems plausible.

    1. Hognose Post author

      I shouldn’t doubt it. Having a few combatworthy (and one probable combat veteran) swords, they have some characteristics that machetes lack as close combat weapons. But murderers seldom give their victims equal armaments, and it’s definitely capable of killing with one blow. (The principal problem with a machete is its thin, flat blade, which would tend to get stuck in flesh and bone).

      ETA: I just remembered two cases of murder by machete. One was by a Cypriot/British mercenary named Costas Georgiou in Angola. (He called himself Colonel Callan, but ISTR he was a dishonorably discharged corporal from the Parachute Regiment). He killed one of his own native troops summarily to see if the machete would do it. (He killed another to try out a riot gun). Needless to say his Angolans did not exert themselves heroically on his behalf, and the Communists caught him and shot him — after more of a trial than he himself was accustomed to giving.

      The other, of course, is the Rwandan genocide, which is used as a case study by the US Institute for Peace. I only took any of their courses for the juxtposition of putting the diplomas on the wall, but they turned out to be really good. In any event, hundreds of thousands of Rwandans were killed, mostly with machetes (the two sides were both too broke to waste bullets on civilians. They also bashed heads with rocks).

  2. Aesop

    Only five?
    With six, you get eggroll.

    Late-breaking is news Planned Parenthood has made him a finalist for the Margaret Sanger Award in the Best Late Term Abortion category, but even more importantly, deBlasio’s office called, and stated categorically that they haven’t lost one voter, they just picked up five new Democrat Voters For Life. Six if they count Ming, who moves from taxpayer-subsidized to fully taxpayer supported until he dies of old age, yet somehow unaccountably will probably be depositing absentee ballots off long after he’s buried at taxpayer expense, in 40-50 years or so.

    What you subsidize, you get more of, until either the inmates actually run the asylum, or the citizenry takes a more active role in community policing.

    Criminals, ropes, light poles. Some assembly required.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Opening statement: utterly non-PC, cruel even. Everyone chortled, and then, if they’re in the office, looked right and left.

      As far as the ballots go, I think you’re confusing New York and Chicago. Nobody needs dead (or is it undead?) Democrats in the Big Crapple. It’s a natural Democrat constituency: a couple million trust fund babies and Wall Street manipulators, and four million welfare leeches, all subsidized by a squeezed middle class minority and whatever blood can be squeezed from the turnip of Upstate or flimflammed off the public in the other 49 states, thanks to the other set of trust fund babies and welfare leeches in DC.

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