What is it with cats and crossbows?

luckyasscatlgSome people don’t like cats. We get that — they’re not for everybody. And some people like to fool around with primitive weapons, like bows and crossbows. We get that — it’s fun.

What we don’t get is why the intersection of the two sets insists on nailing the furballs that they don’t like, with the arrows or bolts that they do. You may not like cats, but you probably have no problem understanding that not everybody is like you, and some of them may like cats.

As our wise old grandmother used to say, “It takes all kinds to make a world.”

Cat survives cross bow through the headAnd you know that. And therefore, you refrain from using said third parties’ cats as your personal moving target range.

As we’ve recounted before, not everybody has your level of forbearance. Indeed, rather a lot of them (there are about 10 speared cats at that link) seem to think that it’s a highly amusing thing to nail somebody’s pet. Even cops have gotten into it (in that case, we have since learned, that while the DA sided with the officer, the Police Chief didn’t… this turned out to be one of those Leave Your Badge On The Desk™ moments. Oddly enough, for all these attacks, the cats usually survive.

So, now we have some upside-down antipodean reenacting Agincourt with somebody’s moggy in the role of the Chivalry of France. Nice shooting, Elmer Fudd.

A cat in New Zealand is lucky to be alive after being shot in the head with a crossbow.

Owner Donna Ferrari saw her four-year-old cat, Moo Moo, from Wainuiomata, hiding in the bushes with an arrow through his head.
She took Moo Moo to the Wainuiomata Veterinary Clinic.

“They said they’ve never seen anything like it and called (the Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital),” Ms Ferrari said.

Moo Moo was operated on late Monday while Ms Ferrari went to look after her three-year-old daughter.

“They rang when we were driving back to say they had removed the bolt,” she said. “I’m sick to my stomach. Hopefully the person responsible is caught or feels so much hatred from the community that they never do anything like it again.”

Vet surgeon Dr Jonathan Bray said Moo Moo is extraordinarily lucky.

“The bolt went in just above the eye but was a glancing blow across the cranium so didn’t actually impact on brain tissue at all,” he said. “It was really just a matter of opening up the track so we could clean up the contamination so it would heal up okay.

“There was a little bit of injury to his nose and eye socket, but he’s an extraordinarily lucky cat. The velocity of the bolt hitting him would have been quite frightening, so he’s very brave,” he said. “He’s very well this morning – bright and happy, the wound is doing fine and he’s got nothing that is going to cause him any long-term harm.”

via 8 lives left! Cat survives arrow through head | New York Post.


Elmer has turned himself in, according to the Australian press, and will be meeting with Moomoo’s owner. One would hope that an apology — and perhaps, some restitution or volunteer service with a veterinarian or animal shelter — ends it. The kid (he’s 18, we can call him that) is a cretin for shooting the cat, but perhaps the road to redemption began with that walk of shame into the police station.

Or maybe the cops will just give Moomoo’s owner a bow and a free shot!

5 thoughts on “What is it with cats and crossbows?

  1. ecurb

    Honestly? Once you’ve seen a whole row of little chicks decapitated through the mesh of their pen by a sadistic cat, you get a lot less angry about things like this.
    Of course, if the kid was doing it for fun, he’s a creepy asshole, but the SSS rule applies to any wandering nuisance that harms livestock.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Hey, maybe he was just the predator control militia.

      But there’s a difference between putting an arrow upside a yote, which wouldn’t bother me in the slightest, and upside a cat. In a residential area, odds are the cat’s someone’s property.

      Yeah, it’s better to keep cats inside for the sake of the cat as well as the local avian life. But one doesn’t get the bowhunter’s veto on someone else’s decision to let Fluffy roam free.

    2. Karen

      No animals are ‘sadistic’ their actions are governed merely by instinct.
      Human beings however have supposedly evolved to the level of self awareness to enable them to curb their sadistic or primitive instincts. Unfortunately some human beings have yet to evolve fully, as we see in this instance, and in other cases of casual cruelty to animals.

  2. Y.

    And you know that. And therefore, you refrain from using said third parties’ cats as your personal moving target range.

    But how do you tell a feral cat, which eats a lot of wildlife from a domestic one out on a prowl to eat a lesser amount of wildlife?

    Slovakia has a lot of controversy because it’ll be legal, again for registered hunters to shoot any seemingly feral cat or dog more that is more than 50 m from the nearest inhabited building.

    Predictably, hunters being people, and thus fallible or perhaps sadistic – from time to time someone’s free-running pet was shot, sometimes when the guy was just 20m behind the dog but the hunter didn’t register the person.

    Now it’s changed – if the cat or dog has a collar or visibility vest something similar, it can’t be summarily shot.

    See the outrage here:

  3. Aesop

    Feral animals predating upon livestock take their chances.

    This was just a teenage sadist hunting housepets for kill-thrills.
    He doesn’t need community service, he needs incarceration and mandatory psychotherapy whilst thence.
    After he pays the vet bill, and his personal armory is forfeited.

    I have had to deal with suburban versions of Fluffy, and even the annoying ones, at worst, are handily sorted out with a garden hose, water balloons, or at extremes, a Daisy Red Ryder-delivered pellet to the hindquarters, which stings, without even breaking the skin. Thus a lesson about where not to make an ad hoc litter box is conveyed to the feline crainal information storage facility, without any harm to the offending Fluffy, let alone 2 feet of crossbow bolt through the head.

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