When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have hair care products

If a comb in the wrong hands is a weapon, maybe the problem is not the comb.

If a comb in the wrong hands is a weapon, maybe the problem is not the comb.

This is an old one (September, even), but was peculiar enough we think it’s still worth reviewing. Now, police pressure pinpointed this person Pearson in short order, and Pearson’s presence in prison promptly resumed (and probably persists). But he certainly had a novel way to spring himself from durance vile:

Police in Michigan have captured a fugitive who escaped from a Detroit courthouse Monday after stabbing a sheriff’s deputy in the neck with a plastic comb.

Abraham Pearson was taken into custody Monday night after a brief chase on foot near the intersection of Interstate 94 and Mt. Eliot Road. Law enforcement had received a tip from a citizen who spotted Pearson walking in the area.

MyFoxDetroit.com reported that Pearson escaped from a holding cell at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice after stabbing 63-year-old sherriff’s deputy Harrison Tolliver three times in the neck with an improvised knife. Pearson then took the deputy’s uniform, cell phone, and radio and escaped out the back door before carjacking a van. The vehicle was found abandoned blocks away from the courthouse on Detroit’s east side.

Pity poor Pearson, who ponders….OK, OK, we’ll stop. He gets high marks for initiative and low marks for planning… it might have occurred to him that anyone can figure out that having a car hijacked by a guy in a (most likely ill-fitting) prison guard’s uniform is not that different from having the same car jacked by the same guy in his own convict uniform, stripes or whatever. So the time spent changing clothes, if that’s the change you’ve got, is time wasted.

The improvised knife was a sharpened comb, a staple of convict armament.

People say it would take a police state to disarm the public. But where is there more of a police state than in prison? In the jug, police oppress the prisoners for good reason, as Pearson’s bid for freedom demonstrates.

Yet, the cons still get or make weapons, and still do mischief with them — as Pearson’s bid for freedom demonstrates.