Winter’s Revenge Sunday

Normally, this weekend is the one where summer begins… the kids are on the beach, the sun is out, and everybody’s grillin’. This weekend is bone-cold and steadily rainy, so far. The ice-cream shops and beach fried lunch joints are going to be sitting on a pile of inventory come Tuesday.

But we’ll just be cranking out the gun stuff. We’re actually going to start our week normally on Monday. Memorial Day is a private and intensely personal thing around here but we will probably have something to say.

4 thoughts on “Winter’s Revenge Sunday

  1. Ceefour

    How sad…too bad. The temperature,here, is a balmy 82 degrees with a partly cloudy sky and a stiff breeze coming in from the ocean. (Atlantic)

    1. Hognose Post author

      Well, it’s made it into the upper fifties on that same coast (just 1500 or so miles north of ya). When the sun is out, and you’re on the lee side of a building but in the sun, it feels like April. I blame Global Warming. Where’s Michael “Piltdown” Mann to account for this?

    2. Hognose Post author

      Well, I stayed up until 4 going through a foreign photo archive, no one picture of which I’d ever seen before… story this week. So I blew church off this AM and slept in. I woke to intermittent sunshine, although it’s still cold and windy out there.

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