We’re grateful to you who link us…

Carabiner…you know who you are , but you may not know who all of them are. We’ve picked up links from some of the big aggregators or tour d’horizon d’armes de guerre sites (like The Gunwire and Gunmart). And we were recently linked by survival guru James Wesley, Rawles (as he punctuates his name). We just read one of his novels, finally, and were astounded to read a survivalistic novel that actually delivered practical advice. Any idea how rare that is? Anyway, all these links are most appreciated.

But to us, the links we treasure the most come from other vets, especially from vets who either did something very similar to what we did, or something radically different.

For a long time — many years — we were disdainful of the need for the other services, and the other branches and units of the Army. That was, of course, juvenile and silly, and going to Afghanistan opened our eyes to just how necessary all those other dudes and dudettes were.

Since then, we’ve enjoyed hearing about others’ service experience. No matter what you did, you did something that we didn’t, whether it was breaking track on an M551 or getting up at oh-dark-thirty to ready the grits and corned beef hash that so many of our fellow vets are struggling to find a workable civilian substitute for.

So please accept our humble thanks for your service, and thanks for your link.

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