Remember what we said about scams?

This auction was represented as a “pre-ban Romanian Underfolder” AK and ultimately sold for just under $1k.

It wasn’t that at all.(In response to comments, the auction seller did make some adjustments before the hammer fell, but the “pre-ban” nomenclature stood. If somebody bought this in a ban state, he will either be committing a felony or — if he’s lucky — will find it impossible to take delivery).

AK 47, Underfolder, Hi-Cap, semi-auto. Rifle is in Excellent condition, comes with two 30 round mags and one 40 round mag and Bayonet. Date stamped in receiver is 1968.

via Pre Ban Romanian AK47 Underfolder : Semi Auto Rifles at

It appears, from its undimpled receiver, to be a common-and-garden-variety Century WASR. These are indifferently slapped together by Century in Georgia, Vermont, from parts from scrapped military AKs and new el-cheapo receivers.

We’ve seen dozens of these, and we have yet to observe one without assembly or finish deficiencies. They generally do function, which is a credit to Kalashnikov, not the Century crowd.

Maybe the new market is so overheated that a Century AK is worth a grand. You’re better off buying a parts kit and bending your own receiver — while it’s still legal.