A Short Film with a Message

Funny. It seems like we’re always one step behind in the culture wars. Here’s a short film — a bare five minutes — that was made by someone on the gun side of the cultural divide. In it, a man uses a magical talisman to travel back through time, to save a woman’s life. But it will take another magical talisman to get the job done.

Of course, even accepting the time-travel premise of the film, did anyone catch the enormous logical plot hole?

Still, it was very well done for what appears to be a student film; and the subject matter is as daring as all the crowd-followers in Tinseltown pretend to be. Here’s hoping that the filmmakers have a long and productive career ahead, despite their inclination for sacred cow sacrifice.

25 thoughts on “A Short Film with a Message

  1. staghounds

    Does the fact that they end with a Jefferson quotation that isn’t count?

    And I find it annoying that the victim is always a pretty white girl. How about a frumpy, stout, Hispanic hotel maid? Or a frail old black man?

  2. Carlos

    did anyone catch the enormous logical plot hole?

    Ya, in fact I was thinking ‘WTF is going on?’ the whole time. He’s leaving stuff in the future, after she’s been murdered, and then going back in time before he left that stuff, which wouldn’t work. He should have gone back in time and put up the no guns pictures, and then when that didn’t work, go back again and leave her a gun, or better yet just kill the guy himself.

  3. KPKo

    Plot hole: seems like the guy should have heard one shot for each cycle of time travel and then multiple shots the last time when the girl offed the bad guy. I say one shot for the first cycles because we were shown that in the failed instances the girl had one shot to the head.

    But that might’ve clued in the audience too much for the “reveal”. Maybe best to have one shot each cycle and the guy doesn’t know who gets it until he reaches the building.

    Of course, he had the gun all along so why not go farther back and off the bad guy himself? That’s why I don’t write fiction, I get so OCD about plot that I don’t finish.

    Still it’s so good to have someone in the “arts” do a pro-gun spot I’d give them an A just for attitude.

  4. Tennessee Budd

    Spoiler alert–then again, if you’ve come to the comments without watching the film, you let yourself in for it:
    I figured that the logical (iffy word, as we’re speaking about traveling in time, aside from the second-by-second normal kind) failure was that he was making the alterations in the present (including leaving the weapon), then going into the past–where the changes he made haven’t been made yet.

  5. John M.

    Plot hole: everybody knows that if you ride the slide forward like that, you’ll jam it. Say, did someone say something about OCD?

    -John M.

  6. LCPL Martinez USMC

    I’m assuming the scenario not shown is that of a fast draw shoot-out, since the suspect had a gun… and now, thanks to the magic of time travel, so did the woman? Were the shots we heard 2 to the chest and 1 to the head, or was it an OK corral type exchange , ie. bang, missed, woman then shoots, hits, and then one more for good luck.

    The plot hole for me, is that.

    I know it’s International Women’s Day, but i’ve not come across a woman (whether police or military , hell even civilian trained) that has the wherewithal to dominate in a shoot-out situation, posited in this short-film.

    I don’t mean to be anti-women here (especially with all the crap happening with facebook photos and stuff).

    Now I’m not saying women can’t kill in cold blood with a gun, they’ve done that aplenty… just that between a man with a gun, and woman with a gun, it would be hard to believe that the woman (in this particular situation) will best a man with a gun.

    I don’t remember a news or scenario i’ve come across (even stories ) where a woman has bested a man in a shoot-out situation. I could be wrong, if so, i’d love to hear your take on women vs. men in toe-to-toe shootouts.

  7. John D

    Disregarding the space time continuum errors, if the hero had gone far enough back, he could have left her a six-shooter.

    She could have then taken out 7, maybe 8 bad guys (it’s a movie, right?).

    I understand the short video play is meant to put forth a pro gun/self defense message,
    but a real hero would have gone back and taken out the bad guy himself.

    With a gun, of course.

  8. Steven Y.

    Regarding females getting it done using a gun, while Officer Stacy Lim of California likely counts as an outlier based on her profession and training, taking a .357 hit to the chest at short range from a gang banger and continuing to return fire until he was down (and expired) proves that it can be done. She died doing it, but thanks to EMT response and skilled trauma care she made a relatively complete recovery and went back to the job.

    So there’s one example.

    1. Steven Y.

      To expand and clarify, she was off duty at the time, not geared up with any body armor, and was shot on the sidewalk leading up to her home. The projectile clipped her heart, destroyed her pancreas, and blew a gaping exit wound in her back. Her attacker had followed her with a group of his peers intending to kill her and take her vehicle to impress other members of his gang. She knew she was in a gunfight, and after being hit advanced aggressively on her attacker firing her weapon until he was no longer a threat, and his accomplices fled the scene. Not a bad performance for anyone.

      Yes, I use this incident as a motivational example when teaching CCW classes.

  9. Keith

    I had seen that before and thought it very good. Another well known short in different circles is Wanderers. If you have any interest in space exploration you should look it up.

    Keep your powder dry and your faith in God.

    1. staghounds

      One of whom left France to get in the fight. There are plenty of women who will gunfight and prevail.

  10. LCPL Martinez 29 Palms


    I’m not trying to do an anti-women in the infantry (or other combat arms) bit here.

    I understand women have fought in wars, i remember hearing that Viet Cong women were targeted specifically during raids, because they tend to be unsurprised and picked up their weapons and squeezed one or two out, where men had to wake up and rub their eyes of eye buggers, before they could engage.

    I’ve still not really verified that story (have you guys heard of this?)… but seems plausible, biological difference and all, i guess.

    “Her attacker had followed her with a group of his peers intending to kill her and take her vehicle to impress other members of his gang. “ if I remember correctly it was 2 and 2, two guys and two females, out on a double date and one girl says to his vato bf, i like that ride.

    As for the Ofcr. Stacy Lim story, I’m familiar with her story, but would add that she was the aggressor (and rightly so), she observed the teenagers trailing her—- so it would be like that female in the student film having a time machine watch herself and her knowing what was already gonna happen.

    Same with Ofcr. Assam ‘s shooting, not taking away from the shootings, but she too got some time to make a plan,

    just based on the film being reviewed here, the scenario presented, the suspect had just shot the female in the head (one shot); to then rewind and give her a gun, what would a woman do? We’re assuming she doesn’t know she’ll get shot right? and here’s my bias of women and these situations,

    Murray is 20 yards away. “Police officer!” she yells. “Drop your weapon!”

    The man jerks his rifle toward Assam. She fires five quick shots. Murray falls backward. Assam moves to the middle of the corridor and rushes forward. She’s a few dozen feet from Murray now, exposed in the middle of the hallway. “Drop your weapon, or I will kill you!” she yells.”

    here’s my bias, it would be anecdotal at best i know, but women tend to hesitate , between killing and not killing , they’d give the attackers the benefit of the doubt (not wanting to kill), hence it’s a plot hole, unless the victim (the female) was cognitive during the time traveling and knew she was about to get shot (hence two to the chest and one to the head).

    I’m not taking away from Lim & Assam, and other female soldiers, I believe Jessica Lynch would be another example of courage under fire, I’m simply playing that scenario presented in the film, of a mano-y-mano, toe-to-toe shoot-out (where we’re assuming the suspect is an above average shot, based on the head shot/ female’s skills unknown).

    So if that story of VC females in Vietnam is correct, that US military specifically targeted them in raids because they didn’t get surprised and actually shot back, i’d probably buy this student film’s scenario. But my bias prevents me, is all. I’m open to it though.

    but it’s still a plot hole for me (at this time). No disrespect meant to the women shooters offered as examples.

  11. Bill Williams

    I haven’t read the comments, the plot holes are:

    1) He puts up the “GUN FREE ZONE” markings in the future, they then are there in the past.

    2) He lays the gun down in the future, it is then there in the past.

    What he needed to do was go back in time THEN put the gun down, or just use it himself.

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