Mostly OT: A Super Bowl Commercial that Didn’t Run

This story came to us from the local righties at GraniteGrok, but the national lefties at the HuffPo loved this video, too. Maybe Americans can come together?

The story behind the video: the Adaptive Training Foundation works to provide ways to accomplish fitness and strength training, even to people with incomplete or damaged bodies. A worthwhile endeavor.

This good ATF made this commercial and entered it in a Doritos-sponsored contest. Only a shortlist of finalists were broadcast, and this wasn’t one, but we have to say in our admittedly biased view, it is better than any of the ones that did air. (Update: this was not from this Super Bowl, but from last year’s. Still, we don’t recall seeing it before. And we certainly don’t remember last year’s ads stinking like this year’s, for what it’s worth).

Looks like we spoke to soon, on Americans coming together. Do yourself a favor and don’t read the immature comments at the HuffPo. While some of the Huffington readers loved it, some vocal ones took to the comments to bash the evil Bushitler, not to mention the vets in the ad — the “victims, nazis and chumps” that are what that side of the aisle thinks of soldiers. Of course, none of them know any soldiers, and like anyone benefiting from an undeserved handout, in this case peace at home, they resent those who provide it.

Those lefties who look at this and think, “How neat,” rather than “victims of Bush turning 9/11 into a war,” those are people one can work with.

Those righties who look at this and think, “How neat,” rather than “how many of these guys owe their injuries to Obama’s moral cowardice and vacillation,” those are people one can work with.

4 thoughts on “Mostly OT: A Super Bowl Commercial that Didn’t Run

  1. Boat Guy

    Good commercial. Understand why stuff like this tends to be obscured.
    Nae worries; I’m not gonna hit Puffington Host for anything. Don’t need the toxicity.

  2. TBoone

    Poignant, Powerful, Awesome! They did good work and are doing good work.

    The young girl’s facial expressions made my day. Huffpo PuffHo? I know not these digital buffoons of which you speak…

    Thanks for posting this.

  3. Docduracoat

    I must have gotten something in my eye while watching this
    I got a little teary eyed
    Great ad!

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