Subtropical Sunday

Just enjoying life in South Florida today, even though it’s raining.

Small Dog MkII travels well, but he’s been hard to talk into going out in the rain to do his business.

Learned a few things about flying with guns and dogs.

Can’t write more, time.

12 thoughts on “Subtropical Sunday

  1. Hartley

    Hey, you must be near us! Had to shut the hatch at 0500 ‘cuz the rain started. At least it isn’t snow :)

      1. Hartley

        Just up the road! We’re in Riviera Beach, down by West Palm. Nice & sunny today, should warm up nicely:) Getting a rental car and heading over to Ft Myers today – MIL’s 90th B-day. If you’re still here in a few days, I’ll drive up and buy ya a cold one!

  2. Bill T

    When you get your RV going that should ease the distractions connected to flying with guns and SD MKII. Just go out, load up and take off.

    I had a friend who had an Irish Setter who went everywhere with him. The guy used to fly us on sport jumps. Malfunction, the dog, flew our jumps. He would lie under Jim’s seat and seemed to just love it. Cessna 172, right door removed, all seats except pilot’s seat removed. We could jump 5 skydivers per trip. Great days!

  3. Ratus

    It was 80 degrees last weekend for most of the state.

    Did you by chance drag AlGore along with you?

  4. 11b-mailclerk

    Florida is rather gun friendly, as states go.

    It is quite rainy, although the rain is often short lived. “Don’t like Florida weather? Wait an hour.” is the usual advice.

    It overflows with tax refugees, lacking a state income tax. NYC pensioners are quite common.

    It can be decidedly weird. Probably due to sauna-weather-poached brains.

  5. Docduracoat

    Florida man (and woman) is my hero
    I live in Boynton Beach just down the road from Jupiter
    Don’t let the small dog go in the water!
    Katherine the tagged great white shark is back again for the second time!

  6. Max

    Regarding Small Bud, MKII. Have some experience with portable dog, Bichon II who bears a striking resemblance. For going out and potty time he has trained me to have clothing, umbrella, or winter clothes to accompany him and when mission is successful lots of “good dogs” and treats. He’s now older and willing to undertake mission with out accompaniment. Small dog=small brain.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Sounds like the long-term strategy in place here. SDMk II is not a genius in dog terms. He’s kind of a dumb blond of dogs.

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