National Guard Troops: 5,000. Armed? Zero.

The very last thing that will be executed under Jeh Johnson’s leadership, if that’s the word, of the Department of Homeland Security, is the 2017 Inauguration. The Secret Service plans to flood the DC zone with armed defenders. The Washington Examiner:

Washington is beefing up security in the run up to President-elect Trump’s Jan. 20 inauguration, including the deployment of 5,000 National Guard troops downtown amid security concerns.

Mayor Muriel Bowser said despite increased security concerns, the city is prepared and ready for the event, she said Friday at a press conference with U.S. Secret Service and other security forces.

“We prepare for the biggest number possible,” Bowser said. Secret Service special agent Brian Ebert said the Washington field office is “well-prepared and ready for this inauguration.”

In addition to the 5,000 National Guard troops being deployed in the city, 3,000 security officers from multiple jurisdiction will also be on the ground, according to security officials.

Many of the 3,000 LEOs are detailees from other Federal agencies, assigned to scut work and standing posts by the Secret Service. (That’s pretty normal for any big even the Secret Service is protecting). These law enforcement officers will be armed with their customary sidearms.

But the National Guard soldiers? Some of them may have weapons, but most will be unarmed. Even any that do carry weapons will simply be window dressing: neither Johnson nor the Secret Service considers them sufficiently loyal or well-trained to be trusted with firearms.

There is a technical term for a soldier in uniform, but unarmed. This technical term is understood by the soldiers, and by the would-be lone wolves and homegrown wolves of ISIL.


They’re not “beefing up security.” They’re beefing up security theater. They might as well put the TSA in charge.

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  1. Loren

    Obama will be there too. It was common for all soldiers to be disarmed whenever Obama visited a base. Either that or Johnson assumes Trump has the same fears as that p.o.s.


      So if you want to assassinate the incoming man, having armed oath keepers could be a problem, as they would be loyal to the constitution and the new man. The half blood Prince does not have their allegiance, so arm those loyal to the prince and you have the perfect conspiracy.

  2. Bill T

    I joined the ‘Guard in 1965 in Mississippi. After BCT, AIT, Jump School, SF Training group I returned to my Unit just in time for “The Long Hot Summers” of the “Civil Rights Movement”. We were called up several times and NEVER ONCE were we deployed without ammunition for our weapons. The refrain, “National Guard was deployed without a basic load of ammo” is published about every time something like this comes up. They weren’t firing blanks at Kent State, Watts, ETC, ETC, ETC. Don’t bet your life on this MIS-info.
    I hope and pray to GOD that the inauguration goes off without a hitch and NOBODY has to die. That’s one of the things that The USA is famous for!

    1. Eric Smiley

      I too, was in the 20th GRP (SPT CO) after serving on AD with the 7th ID (11B). Having been deployed on day 3 of the riots to SCLA, to guard a power substation. While pulling static security we had MP’s assigned to us from the CA NG, they carried M16’s. These guardsman were NOT issued live rounds and they were NOT issued firing pins as well. We made sure they had ammo and we scrounged up “spare” firing pins as well. We (AD guys) also had SAW’s with us but no drums to go with it. They told us that they were mobilized so fast that there wasn’t time to issue ammo and other equipment. The guys told us that they were going to be assigned to AD guys and LE and could get ammo from us.

      SO in this case I did bet my life on this info.

      I also heard a lot of the stories about the JSU riots from the old timers, that had been deployed from the 20th. Good stories.

  3. Tom Stone

    Jeh Johnson used a private email account to do Government Bidness like so many others in the Obama years.
    Judicial Watch has filed suit to have those emails preserved and turned over to the department in accordance with the Federal Records Act.
    Anyone want to guess who the Attorney’s fighting JD work for?

  4. Al T.

    “Obama visited a base”

    Any President. When Regan went to South Korea, disarmed troops were the order of the day. Don’t be a ODS victim.

    1. Loren

      From Terrance Morgan responding to a relevant post. (There are more such stories if you care to look but you’re generally correct it seems.)
      I was a Marine in Mogadishu when President G.Bush sr came to visit. Not only did no one ever come around to take our ammo or remove the bolts from our weapons?! As Marines, we were instructed to provide security for our Commander in Chief. The Presidents route was relayed to us (at least my unit), and we secured it. Every window, every doorway. Bush sr loved his Marines. He sent us to do what we were trained to do. Clinton took over I’m mid-mission and that’s when everything turned to shit. But that’s another story.

  5. George

    I was SOG at Ray Barracks, Friedberg FRG several times. The only time we had ammo was one time in ’87 , there were concerns about anti nuke demonstrators. And I had the ammo for my guards. I mentioned this to the CSM, and he listened to my concerns about the safety of the guards. To put them at the gate with a weapon and no ammo seemed like inviting trouble.
    Nothing was done.

  6. Sommerbiwak

    Oswald was a marine, so a certain distrust in the national guard is not totally unfounded. But this still reminds me strongly of the Red Army parading in front of Stalin. Or Cuba. Or North Korea. I dont know how Mussolini or Hitler held it, but I guess similarly.

    1. MD

      Just for clarification, Oswald was, at one time, in the Marine Corps. However he was no longer in the Corps when he killed JFK. Also, his discharge was not Honorable.

        1. roger

          no such animal. “former marine”. there, fixed it for ya. and, btw, Oswald did not kill anyone on 11-22-1963.

        2. Aesop

          Weak troll.
          No sale.
          “Former Marine” is reserved for those who have served honorably.
          Oswald, Whitman, Murtha, et al are, and always have been, ex-marines, for cause.

    2. Unclezip

      Hitler rode around in an open car, throwing packs of cigarettes to the troops, who were always armed. They revered him, as he was one of them. Not like the pansy-assed anti-military elites we’ve had over the last few iterations.

      1. Clarence Chen

        Well not THAT liked, seeing as several of them contrived to have him assassinated……

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  8. durabo

    Maybe we DO need an IslamoTango attack during the inauguration, so we can get our PC heads out of our arses in the future!

  9. Plow

    How about some concealed carry? Handle it. Pain in the ass, but people need to be responsible and ready. Unlawful concealed carry is annoying and sometimes nerve racking, but so is being a responsible citizen.

      1. Pedro Augustin

        We were, and I can’t imagine a bureaucrat saying “Yes, change that to make things simpler.” I’d bet someone’s BAH they will be screened on that long Monday, several times before they begin the route.

  10. SWIFT

    Jeh Johnson is an immoral, ugly, piece of shit. His entire agency is made up of immoral criminals, who should face a firing squad after the inauguration.

  11. Centurion_Cornelius

    Interesting. Would like to see the paper trail (or lack thereof) for ammo issuance to NG there under SAAS-MOD. Can you imagine all the BS levels of administration/sign offs for this event?

    Ammo or no, I fear that if a NG becomes a target of opportunity–rest assured that the GUN GRABBERS will use such a horrible event to further their ends. Hope this never happens.

    Don’t put anything past these monsters. ANYTHING…right now they are like a wounded grizzly looking to lash out before their last gasp of power fades.

  12. DSM

    Or, the NG troops are being used in a capacity that doesn’t require being armed? Traffic control points. Crowd circulation control. I stood many posts as an SP (MP in translation) with nothing but a road guard vest and if I was lucky, a radio.
    As for troops having to be disarmed when the POTUS is in town, I’ve never seen it. We were always tapped for additional security posts as I can attest to having sat on the butt end of his jet many times. I can’t speak for everyone, if they say it happened then as far as I’m concerned it did.

    All that said, and in that environment, I’d want some kitted out riflemen highly visible to everyone entering that area. The image that it’s a willing and peaceful change of command probably is driving decisions.

  13. Pedro Augustin

    I once had the privilege to serve as one of the marchers in the last Inauguration, politics notwithstanding. While we citizens do not always agree with the incumbent Administration, the opportunity to participate in an Inauguration was an honor for me.

    It was a very long day. We rose at 0300, and were out the door by 0400. We then went to our armory and checked out our rifles, which had the bolt carrier groups taken out. The Secret Service is very sensitive about weapons in D.C., especially given the event, and so all arms (except for law enforcement officers) had to have either the bolt or firing pins removed. We then took a bus over to meet up with another contingent of Marines from Marine Barracks Washington at 8th & I, the home of the Silent Drill Platoon and Marching Companies. They are probably the most recognizable Marines to the public, and it was memorable to march with them. My group of Marines from around the DC region didn’t look as good as them- they march in formations every day and my unit only had 2 practice sessions only a few hours long. We then proceeded to the Pentagon to go through security screening checkpoints for parade participants at 0830, and moved to the Mall next to the Washington Monument around 1000. There, we waiting until about 1400 to stage just north of the Smithsonian Castle.

    We waiting about 3 hours for our turn in the parade lineup, and we started our 1.7 mile journey down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House around 1715. The parade route itself took about 40 minutes to complete. There were stops along the way as other floats or military units took their turn passing the Presidential Review box on the north side of the White House. The parade route was lined with thousands of people, and hundreds of police officers. While my vision was limited to glances left and right, it was truly a remarkable sight to see the people’s excitement for the Inauguration, as well as the decorations in the City. Washington, D.C. is not dressed up very often as it was on that Monday, and it was quite a sight to see the multitude of flags and buntings decorating every light fixture and building. It stirred in my heart with pride to see our nation’s capitol so full of celebration and energy.

    The actual passing of the review box was fleeting- we quickly arrived and passed. It was almost strange to see the President standing there. He looked old and tired after four years of office, just as his predecessors have. I had but a glance of him, yet he looked wearied from the weight of the office. It is amazing how quickly that Office ages its occupants.

    It was also wonderful timing that the sun was setting as we marched past- the orange and red glows of the sky were quite beautiful on the aged and storied city, and the evening glow over this city hold a very special place in my heart. It is a marvelous city to me, steeped in the history of great men.

    We then marched to our buses and returned to base, where we turned in rifles and departed for the evening. It was a very long day, and finally returned home around 2000. I wish I could say it was an easy day on my feet, but for this Marine it was more wearisome that I care to admit, or remember. I am happy to have done it, and was happy the day was over.

  14. Aesop

    If he wanted to insure a second term now, all Trump would have to do the minute the oath of office was administered would be to take the microphone, and direct the DoD on live TV to see that those troops were issued arms and ammunition immediately.

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  16. Roger V. Tranfaglia

    J H Fing C!
    This will be a FIELD DAY for the anarchists if they come in large enough numbers.
    All they need is ONE armed jihadist 9or not) ahole to start their RIOT.
    Never been in the service guys, but I do not like the the possibilities for this event.

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