How Hampshire College Celebrated Veterans’ Day

How did they celebrate Veterans’ Day at Hampshire College in the college-dense wonderland of Amherst, Massachusetts? Students, professors, and administrators gathered on the eve of Veterans’ Day, lowered the United States Flag, and burned it. It was a fitting expression of their contempt for the United States and, especially, its veterans.


To celebrate this display of Hampshire College values, and illustrate college solidarity with the flag-burners, College President Jonathan Lash ordered that the flag not be raised, afterward.

Ever again.

Hampshire College’s president Johnathan Lash announced neither the American flag nor any other flags will be flown on campus.

Lash is not a veteran. (His only career has been as a bureaucrat and an enviromental activist). He despises veterans. He certainly doesn’t want them, or their family members, on his campus. He obviously doesn’t want any veteran in business ever to hire a graduate of Hampshire College, thereby staining the college’s purity of message with the taint of America.

Lash is no stranger to the power of the flag as a symbol. He had previously ordered it lowered to half-staff, in protest of the election of Donald Trump.

You know, if you are an inmate of some navel-gazing Academistan, and wondering how in the Hegel we wound up with President Trump, this is what those of us in the intelligence racket call an indicator. President Trump?  Jonathan Lash is how you get President Trump, and he’s already working to re-elect the guy.


Michael Walsh at PJ Media has more. He includes an excerpt from an updated statement from the veteran-hating Lash. In it, Lash says his decision to fly the flag at half-staff was a response to “the current environment of escalating hate-based violence,” by which he apparently means his candidate losing the election. (For an academic, he uses words with the imprecision of the bureaucrat that he was before). Then, he denies it had anything to do with the election; at one point, he even suggests he was doing it to respect the war fallen, a laughable suggestion. And he culminates by saying not flying the flag lets them focus on fighting what it stands for:

…racist, misogynistic, Islamophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and behaviors.

As Walsh says, you might want to think twice before sending your kids here. Not to this evil place. Or for hiring anybody else’s kids who have been subject to Lash’s hate indoctrination for four or more years.

35 thoughts on “How Hampshire College Celebrated Veterans’ Day

  1. ToastieTheCoastie

    Like you said, it’s funny how now that Hillary lost, largely because how ranting and incoherent the left is, they’re doubling down on the same thing that made them lose in the first place.

    1. Tom Stone

      Describing a someone who made tens of millions of dollars by blowing banksters is a stretch, no?
      HRC backed the 2005 Bankruptcy reform bill which made Student loans nondischargeable, also mortgages on your primary residence could be “Crammed Down” prior to that bill passing. You can still ‘Cram down” the mortgage on your second and third homes.
      Remember “Superpredators”?
      We are talking about the wild eyed liberal who took $250K from Goldman Sachs for a 45 minute speech and a $25MM bribe from KSA, right?
      GMAFB, Clinton is a high priced whore, not a leftist.

  2. staghounds

    The article doesn’t say or even suggest the burning was an act ordered or carried out by officials of the college.

    The lowering and no-fly thing are despicable enough.

  3. rotorhd

    Dear Hampshire College President Lash,

    Thank you for your recent First Ammendment display in action.

    However, due to your removal of the US flag from Hampshire College, I have removed all Federal funding to Hampshire College until the US flag is returned and displayed to it’s place of honor on your campus. This Federal funding will include all Pell grants, Academic Scholarships, Federal backed student loans Department of State, Department of Defense, All Federal research / scientific multi year programs and any other funding given or provided by the Federal Government. This action is effective immediately.

    God Bless America!

    President Donald J. Trump

      1. John M.

        I guarantee that Hampshire College is not 100% in compliance with the terms of Title IV federal financial aid laws and regulations. I guarantee it. Some good, close scrutiny of their recordkeeping will reveal this. Pulling Title IV funds completely wouldn’t normally be the first step after finding anomalies, but fines aren’t out of the question, and likewise additional scrutiny to show improved compliance going forward. Insufficient improved compliance? Whoops! No more Title IV.

        Obama’s Department of Ed bureaucrats killed two universities (ITT Tech and Corinthian Colleges) and had their heads mounted on the wall for somewhat flimsy reasons. I’m sure President Trump’s Department of Ed could do the same.

        Anyway, if this is how Hampshire College treats the symbol of the United States of America, how do you think it treats her laws?

        -John M.

        1. Kirk

          And, until the left and its captured institutions feel the same kind of pain they so casually inflict on others, they are not going to stop.

          This is the fundamental flaw with the Republican Party’s refusal to stoop to their opponent’s level, and why they always lose in these encounters. It is one reason I’ve abandoned the party, and refuse to contribute to their losing ways.

          And, I’ll venyure a prediction, here: One of these days, a fed-up veteran is going to happen on one of these flag-burning scenes, figure “F**k this BS…”, and a bunch of flag-burning hippies are going to find out what oppression really means when the guy loses his shit. I really, really hope I am not “that guy”, looking at the scene over the sights of a slide-locked Glock, thinking “Well, that felt good… But, now what…?”

          If I got jury duty for a case like that, I think I’d have a really hard time voting to convict on anything other than a justifiable homicide and a charge of discharging a weapon within city limits…

          1. John M.

            It’s gotten really obvious over the last 8 years that the Left really is just all about raw, naked power. You can still see it in the streets of Portland.

            The American right is stuck projecting that their opponents are decent people with a different vision of what “good governance” means. Mostly because that’s what they themselves are.

            Meanwhile the Left assumes that every Republican president is a Hitler waiting to march his enemies off to a death camp. Mostly because, well, it seems obvious now, doesn’t it?

            So, soon President Trump will have the whip hand, and we’ll see what it looks like.

            There are some early indications.

            -John M.

          2. John M.

            Oh, and as I read the OP, I wondered what would happen if a solitary veteran walked on to Hampshire College campus and raised his own Old Glory. And then sat down on the halyard. No need for a Glock, the resident Leftists will beclown themselves sufficiently to make for a tremendous 4GW victory.

            -John M.

          3. Dyspeptic Gunsmith

            You mean like the 8th of May, 1970, at Wall & Broad Streets in NYC, when the steelworkers came down off the high steel at their lunch break and opened up a 55 gallon drum of whup-ass on hippies and students pulling the same kind of crap as we see today?

            I watched reports of steelworkers beating the crap out of hippies on the evening news that day with great satisfaction.

          4. John Distai

            I think that’s why Trump won. He went in knowing it was a knife fight, and not a game of patty cake. But now that he’s won, it’s back to patty cake. To “heal” the country, of course.

          5. Aesop

            People might have believed Trump was some kind of serious, until he came out today with “No investigation/prosecution of Shrillary”.

            Meet the new boss;
            The same as the old boss.

            Continue to stock up on sundries, boys and girls.
            Soon or late this is all going to end in the streets, by design.

    1. KevsBlogBrother

      President-Elect Donald J. Trump Thanksgiving To-Do List:
      1) Crush my enemies
      2) See them driven before me
      3) Hear the lamentation of their women
      4) Pecan pie

      I didn’t even vote for the guy*, but the continuing marathon lefty freakout is so entertaining I’m sorry I didn’t. Means I can’t take even partial credit.

      *And no, I didn’t vote for HER. I wrote in someone else.

      1. John Distai

        Sorry, BB, but I think the list is different:

        1. Fold on one campaign promise
        2. Give Pattycakes Romney a job.
        3. Fold on yet another promise.
        4. Give some far left ideologue a job.
        5. Fold on yet another promise.
        6. Have dinner with the Clinton’s.

        1. Cap'n Mike

          He beat her.
          That alone was worth the price of admission.
          If he does anything else that he said he was going to do, its gravy.
          He wont be the perfect President, in fact I’m positive he will do many things to piss myself and other conservatives off over the next 4 years.

  4. Aesop

    I whole-heartedly support the right of those @$$holes, under the natural rights guaranteed in the First Amendment, to burn the US flag.

    I also deeply mourn the fact that they chose not to wrap themselves in it before they lit the match.

  5. Dyspeptic Gunsmith

    I have a wonderful idea. It would save 100’s of thousands of acres of western habitat for various little critters of God who are being harmed on a weekly basis by military live munition testing.

    See, there are huge blocks of land in the western states that are used for live-fire and live munition testing ranges. Where we used to live in Nevada, there were large areas of high desert habitat used by naval attack aircraft for bombing tests, etc. There’s large chunks of Utah used by strategic bombers (B-52’s and B-1’s) for bomb training. Even if they’re dropping dummy bombs with smoke markers, there’s a good chance that some tiny rodent is being bothered by this activity.

    So let’s close off those MOA’s in the west. Let’s celebrate these protections of habitat loudly in the press.

    But… the US military fixed-wing and helo air units do need somewhere to train. I think these college campuses would provide excellent new training areas for our aircraft. Let’s limit them to using only dummy ordnance… so as to not have too much fun at once.

    After we’re done crumbling their ivy-covered walls to rubble, let’s fly some C-130’s over the area, spreading SaharaDG soil sterilant at a rate of about 50 lbs/acre. That should insure that nothing returns in the soil for oh, about 10 to 15 years.

    Then DJT should drive up to these campuses in a limo of his choosing, and plant a flag in the middle of the bare, rubble-strewn earth that’s now the result – and the flag should read:

    “How do you like me now?”

  6. staghounds

    It wouldn’t be a bill of attainder, it would be an executive order of attainder. And the Constitution is silent about those.

    The audit plan is a better one.

    Best, though, would be DJT and Congress getting together to desubsidize college, and also to be sure neither he nor any future President could use the power of the office to select unfavoured institutions or people for special enforcement.

    I dream.

  7. KevsBlogBrother

    New Contest Idea – Possible replacement flags for Hampshire College. Something the brilliant minds there will appreciate. A few possibilities:
    1) The picture of Che we all know
    2) A baby wearing a (red, of course) diaper

    Anybody else got a winner?

    1. Aesop

      Lash’s head would be a good one.
      Pretty sure I could find a suitable eyebolt to screw into it to make it halyard-compatible, if they can’t find any local carpentry talent to do the work.

      1. James

        Aesop,not a problem,am not only a carpenter but a licensed construction supervisor in the state of Mass.,be more then happy to not only supervise but do the job personally,about a 2 hour drive south for me,not a problem!

  8. Steven B

    These pieces of garbage are lucky I am not in charge. In my world I would just shoot them. Millions of American Men and Women have fought and died to give us our freedom. By doing this it’s a slap on the face to all who served. This moron Lash, and all the others who participated in this, if you hate this country so much, why don’t you just leave. Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Russia, etc would love to have you. This is why Donald Trump is our President. The Liberal agenda is not only Evil but the ruination of America.


    It’s not my flag, but still, respect is due.

    That Lash guy is a sonofabitch, and the flag burners…well, I’m fond of profanity but they don’t even deserve to be cursed.

  10. James

    LSWCHP,the irony is at least for me a lot of what the flag stands for allows these idiots to desecrate it/burn it in protest.This country has a far from perfect track record,that said,still has a lot of positives and is up to us as citizens to work to make it a better/freerer place,which,though annoying includes allowing these folks their free speech,actually,guess hate speech but that to needs to be allowed,sigh………

  11. RT

    You know,

    With how DJT so masterfully played his campaign of letting the left beat itself out of the oval office and etc…

    I’m choosing to reserve judgment until Easter 2017.

    With everything we’ve seen so far it’s very clear that he is a smart man who isn’t averse to pretending to play along right up until he goes for the kill shot.

    Looking at things in that light, many of his moves right now make plenty of sense to me. The time between November 8 and inauguration is the single most dangerous time for him where he has very limited power and ability to actually make moves.

    It may just be my own blind hope talking, but I suspect that he’s just playing nice until he can get himself firmly ensconced at which point the gloves will come off.

    He’s rode the flaming wreckage of his own ambitions into the ground a couple times already in his life. I like to think that he’s learned from this, and that many of us will be pleasantly surprised by where things are come Easter of 2017.

    That said, I’ll keep quietly stacking the essentials deep just in case.

    1. John M.


      One of the things I learned in 2016 was that Trump is a heck of a lot smarter than I thought he was. Another thing I learned is that Trump is a heck of a lot smarter than I am. I can think of a few reasons offhand why Trump might make noises about not going after Hillary here in the middle of the interregnum. And I’m confident that Trump is more than a few moves ahead of me on the chessboard.

      Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe all of the people who said Trump has always been a Clinton plant have been right all along. But this seems like an awkward way for the Clintons to go about avoiding their just desserts, doesn’t it?

      -John M.

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