Latest from VA: “Sorry, Trannies.”

VA-veterans-affairsIn June, the Department of Veterans Affairs, which has had graveyards full of preventable deaths to demonstrate that it has completely failed to provide the minimum standard of care and treatment in life-threatening medical  situations, announced that it would become fully 2016 buzzword-compliant by providing sex-change operations for any veterans seeking a walk on the wild side.

Monday, days after a national election seems to have ousted those whose motto might be “Millions for Deviants, but Not One Cent for Defense,” the VA dropped a Dear John Jane on the trannies: sorry, we can’t do it. For the record, they didn’t say anything about the election, only that they don’t have the money. (Which is not surprising, because Congress never appropriated a dime for VA choppadickoffomies). The VA had been planning to do it by rule change, or get an executive order, which isn’t exactly legal, but what has that ever slowed them down? Military Times:

Veterans Affairs officials are dropping controversial plans to allow sex-change surgeries for transgender veterans, not because of criticism but instead due to budget constraints.

They weren’t going to “allow” this. They were going to “fund” this, in preference to treating combat wounds and other physical ailments.

The move… is a significant setback for LGBT advocates and raises questions on whether the surgeries will be offered anytime in coming years, given conservative control of the White House and Congress in 2017.

[P]ursuing a rule change to allow the long-held ban on VA physicians offering the surgeries will be delayed until “when appropriated funding is available.”

Don’t worry, though, sexually confused persons; they still feel your pain. (Not literally. That would be… it would… nope, not literally). And they’ll still try to make your world conform to your delusion, so long as it’s the right delusion.

In a statement Monday, VA officials said they plan on continuing to offer assistance to transgender veterans by offering “hormone therapy, mental health care, preoperative evaluation” and other services.

Department leaders suggested in June that they would work to overturn the ban this year, to allow sex-change operations to take place in coming years. On Monday, they indicated that they still believe the idea is worthwhile, even if not financially feasible.

“Increased understanding of both gender dysphoria and surgical techniques in this area has improved significantly and is now widely accepted as medically necessary treatment,” the statement said.

In other news, all psychiatric patients who identify as Napoleon Bonaparte will be surgically shortened to 5’3″.

“VA has been and will continue to explore a regulatory change that would allow VA to perform gender alteration surgery…”

Nothing is holding them back but the regulations. It’s not like they’d have a hard time finding physicians in the VA ranks willing to mutilate healthy patients!

Meanwhile, what’s the tranny veteran community to do? The plan to give them the chop has been given the chop, leaving them with no recourse but back-alley sex-changes using crosscut saws or pruning shears.

10 thoughts on “Latest from VA: “Sorry, Trannies.”

  1. DSM

    Is the DoD going to reverse their recent policies now? How this falls under the sight picture of the VA and to be covered by public funds is beyond me.

    1. Hognose Post author

      “If only I’d been a chick, I’d have gotten all the tries at Ranger School I needed”? I dunno. I only needed one, some guys needed more, chicks apparently need a whole truckload.

      1. DSM

        If anything falls into the pre-existing condition category I believe the choppadickoffomies would fit. There sure are a lot of the things we don’t understand about the human mind but I can think of no service related condition that would make someone wake up one day and decide to walk down that path. “Billy was OK until he got hit with that transgender IED. After that he had no choice but to become Milly.”

  2. ToastieTheCoastie

    Forget about President Trump’s policies. Him merely being elected is bringing a huge cultural shift. The examples from the last week have been endless, but I already see a lot of liberals finding themselves on the wrong side of “political correctness.” It’s beautiful, these liberals need to be kicked while they’re down.

    1. John Distai

      The great irony is that many of the SJW yentas I work with took Nov. 9 off because they were so bereft with the election outcome. Some even took the 10th and 11th off. They claim to be for the downtrodden, but don’t realize the irony in their “privilege” of having a job where they can call in sick or take sudden vacation days because their bitch lost. And they don’t realize the irony that they want policies that will harm the pocketbook of the benevolent owner of the company, who allows such whiners to take days off for such invalid reasons. The real downtrodden can’t get upset by that shit, they have to move on and live life regardless.

      I’ve tried to reason with my pantsuit wearing colleague to look at other points of view. She just can’t bear to look at Clinton through any other lens than “she’s wonderful, and done so much good!”. Then she lectures me on how I benefited from my “privilege”, even though I grew up in great poverty, and pulled myself up by my bootstraps to where I am today.

      I’ve already posted the “Call from the Dead” quote about a former commie realizing that the folks he supported were nothing but idealistic children, so he quit supporting them. On one hand it’s delicious to watch. On the other, it’s terrifying that they are so detached from reality and so locked on to the propaganda. It’s not only made them miserable, but unsuitable for marriage.

  3. William Calley

    What if you don’t want a lopitoffame? What if you wanted an addadictome? Is that budgeted?

  4. Jim Scrummy

    Fun times are upon us with the looming budget realignment. In DoDland aka 5-sided puzzle palace, in our office we will probably be saying bye-bye to our beltway bandit contractors in probably two years. I won’t need my minions on a 40 hour a week position after FY 2018, if I’m still at my current gig? The current contract is 3 years with 2 option years. One option year (FY ’18) will be picked up, but not FY ’19 at the current staffing levels and cost. I don’t have the heart to tell them just yet that their jobs are going away in the coming years, since they are all still licking their “wounds” from last week. Life ain’t fair, never has been or will be.

  5. Badger

    “Totally Fabulous!” :-/

    Like the (large & flashing) sign I saw the other day at the main entrance to the local VA while bringing some donuts to some brothers & sisters without vehicles for their kaffee klatsch.
    URGENT CARE CLOSED – makes perfect sense; it was Veteran’s Day.

    Need lots of rope & some journeyman carpenters.

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