When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Mom’s Basement

Mom’s basement? Yeah, that’s where this asylum refugee was, before he wigged out and capped two cops. And, while it’s always hard to say why someone who’s Bat Guano Crazy® did or does anything, it appears at least possible that being ejected from the maternal cellar, after a physical attack on said mother, was what flipped him out all the way.

And yes, this example of 21st Century success was living in Casa Mater at Age 46. Don’t people — even crazybones — have a smidgen of self-respect any more?

An Iowa man charged in the killings of two police officers was facing intense money problems, had been found by a judge to hit and financially exploit his mother and was ordered to move out of her basement hours before the shootings.

via Alleged cop killer was just kicked out of mom’s basement | New York Post.

Yeah, and as a DV suspect, he was a prohibited person. didn’t stop him.

One small bit of justice in the whole damned unjust thing: like the crumb in Pennsylvania last year, when they bagged him, they cuffed him in two sets of cuffs — the ones belonging to each of the two cops he murdered.

You wonder what other priors are going to emerge on this guy. It does happen, but it’s very rare for some jerk’s first entanglement with John Law to be homicide.

On the plus side, it’s a win for the judicial system. He’s finally out of Momma’s basement.

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