A Tale of Terrorism and Recognition

Purple Heart (this one was won by a Lieutenant in WWI who went on to be a General. It's our PH file photo).

Purple Heart (this one was won by a Lieutenant in WWI who went on to be a General. It’s our PH file photo).

It’s no secret that the Government, in its current iteration, has little interest in recognizing Islamic terrorism for what it is. This comes from many things, including an academic fascianation with the “other,” and a conviction that every conflict everywhere stems from something the US did: the old “why do they hate us?” story.

They hate us ’cause we don’t submit to them. It’s not deep and you don’t need a PhD to understand it (indeed, a PhD may be an impediment to understanding such simple things).

Its strategy towards Islamic terrorism everywhere — and most of the terrorism in the world is Islamic, from Israel to Chechnya to the Phillipines, to right here in the USA — is to fight it just enough to dodge charges of supporting it, while denying it even exists as a thing.

That’s how you get a government that pauses its Magical Mea Culpa Tour just long enough to advance the Iranian mullahs, defend their Saudi brethren, and demean the efforts of those who fought it and died.

They still think that Nidal Hassan’s jihad was “workplace violence” best addressed by taking guns away from folks who did not do it, and used the same line in relation to the Sudden Jihad Syndrome strike against military soft-targets in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 2015. The social-engineer suits who are running the services dry of lubrication, like the cars turned in during Cash for Clunkers, fought hard against recognizing these victims of terrorism as, well, victims of terrorism.

Back in April, with respect to the Chattanooga victims, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter and Secretary of the Navy (“Hey, how about USS Kardashian next?”) Ray Mabus, finally folded and the four Marine victims’ nexts of kin were presented with their Marines’ Purple Hearts. Two other victims, a wounded Marine and a slain sailor, had private presentations in January.

The decision had been telegraphed as early as December, after FBI director James Comey made it clear that the shooter had been radicalized by a local mosque and thereafter had been in communication with Anwar Al-Awlaki.

The part the media left out of this presentation was the ugly bit: had the Navy persisted in not awarding the medals (and ancillary veterans’ benefits that accrue to combat casualties), Congress was prepared to step in and force the issue. The Pentagon opposed the presentation of Purple Hearts to the 2009 Fort Hood victims until Congress directed it be done in the National Defense Authorization Act; the victims and their survivors finally received their medals from grudging officialdom in April, 2015.

“The Obama Pentagon fought tooth and nail against that,” [Sen. Ted] Cruz [R-TX] said in an interview…. “They insisted the attack was workplace violence. And they refused for nearly five years to award those Purple Hearts.”

“And each one of those family members, I took the opportunity to look them in the eyes, to thank them for their service and their family member’s service and simply to say I’m sorry this took five years for this to happen,” Cruz said.

Cruz and his Tennessee counterparts were prepared to do for the Chattanooga Marines what they, and a bipartisan group of Congressmen and Senators, did for the Ft Hood soldiers. It’s  amazing — astonishing really — that we still have senior officials, defense officials no less, who take the side of Islamic terrorists. And give that we have senior officials that disjointed from reality, we suppose it’s amazing that they actually gave in this time and didn’t make Cruz and his allies go through all the motions again.

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  1. Toastrider

    “The decision had been telegraphed as early as December, after FBI director James Comey made it clear that the shooter had been radicalized by a local mosque and thereafter had been in communication with Anwar Al-Awlaki.”

    And oh, that didn’t endear Comey to President 4Putt at ALL. Evidently there was some VERY heated discussion about this in the days afterward.

    ” And give that we have senior officials that disjointed from reality, we suppose it’s amazing that they actually gave in this time and didn’t make Cruz and his allies go through all the motions again.”

    Eh, they delayed it long enough that it fell off the news cycle. So now they don’t really care, as it doesn’t disrupt their narrative. Too bad for them that the word’s out about the UCLA shooter from the other day.

  2. Ken S.

    Wow. I am totally surprised that people dedicated to the destruction of America through “fundamentally transforming” a white, Christian nation into a third-world dung heap would not want to acknowledge the deaths of Americans at the hands of the enriching, multicultural, diverse transformers.

    Who cares if a few medals are handed out? The country is being systematically destroyed in front of our eyes. The deranged ape in the White House will just continue rubbing it in our faces. What’s our end game…besides genocide?

    1. Haxo Angmark

      that is precisely the (((Eskimos’))) plan. They do not intend to be pogrom’d, ghetto’d, holocaust’d. Ever. Again. Of course, if the globalist (((Eskimos))) fail to get control of the guns before the Universal debtPonzi collapses, then the genocide may go the other direction

  3. Mr. 308

    “They still think that Nidal Hassan’s jihad was “workplace violence” best addressed by taking guns away from folks who did not do it”

    They aren’t stupid, they don’t actually think that’s what it was. This is just the BS line they are using to to avoid addressing it. Just like the whole ‘it was caused by a youtube video’ idiocy.

    Regarding the UCLA shooting, I noticed this earlier in the Daily Mail story online;


    “Students could see the man walking fairly ‘quickly’ across Rolfe Hall courtyard after shots had been fired in another building on the campus. Students who took any photos were all told to delete the images from their cell phones by teachers.”

    What? Which teachers told them this, and why would they do this? I sure would like to know a little more detail about that.

  4. BillC

    Yeah, they couldn’t actually admit that they are doing a shitty job on the ambiguous War on Terror and that they actually has a terrorist as an officer in the US Army. Especially how Obama just told Air Force Cadets that they are diplomats, not a actually members in an armed service.

    1. Boat Guy

      Because they’re NOT “members in an armed service” I’ll bet dollars to donuts their ID cards say nothing of the kind. The typical one now says “United States Government” with categories as “affiliation” and “Agency/Department”. My retired ID says “Uniformed Services” where the old one read “Armed Forces”.

  5. Joe

    Because awarding Purple Hearts for actions on American soil is tacit admission…the war is here.

      1. Joe

        No disagreement from me. But president 4-putt’s chain of command has to sign off on these under his watch, while he’s golfing and bowing to Saudis, kissing Iranian asses. Gives his agenda “bad Optics” as he sells America down the river. He doesn’t give a wet shit about 911, or any American victims or casualties, never has. That’s all G. W. B’s fault. Purple Hearts awarded in CONUS for CONUS casualties affects the narcissist-in-chief’s legacy and perception. Cockbag would shag practice drives across Arlington if he thought he could get away with it, just to save the time of flying Marine 1 all the way to Andrews with those smelly US Marines.

    1. Mike_C

      >tacit admission
      Hadn’t thought of it, but good point. We have sunk down to Chicom reasoning then. In his very enjoyable book Iron and Silk Mark Salzman (white dude from Connecticut who goes to China teaching English and learning traditional martial arts) writes about accidentally killing a rat that runs across his desk while he is teaching class – by slamming a heavy book on it. The students think this is hilarious, especially given Salzman’s kung fu obsession, and persuade “Teacher Mark” to bring the rat carcass to the authorities, as there is a dime (roughly) bounty for each rat killed. So the class sets off on a procession across campus, waving mock denunciation banners of the rat’s crimes (this is chilling to me, though it was clearly meant in humor) that they have drawn up. Upon their arrival, the rat-control board (or whatever) initially laugh as well when they hear the story, but suddenly the head official gets very serious and tells Salzman that they cannot give him the dime bounty, and sends the puzzled American on his way. Later Salzman asks one of his Chinese friends what that was all about and the friend laughs ruefully. “Well, Mark, you must remember that the Party has stated that all pests have been eliminated in China. And you are American. If he gave you that dime, he would have officially admitted to a foreigner that pests do, in fact, exist in China when the Party says they don’t.”
      “But I was holding the dead rat in my hand. Obviously I know that pests exist China.”
      “That does not matter. He cannot make it official.”
      [dialog from memory, so almost certainly wrong in details – go read the actual book, or watch the movie of the same name, which actually stars Salzman because they couldn’t find another bignose* with the language and martial arts skills in one person]
      Any comparison of Nidal Hassan with a rat was unintentional. I apologize to any rat that may have been offended.

      *bignose: I have never heard the term “roundeye” used by an actual Chinese (other than as an obvious joke reference to American popular culture). The actual term, which can be either deliberately derogatory or just casual bigotry (Chinese are REALLY good at this), is “da bize” (pronounced bee-dzuh, it don’t rhyme with “size”) literally bignose. While I’m on the subject, “yang guize” (yong gway-dzuh) isn’t exactly “foreign devil” either. Literally it’s ocean/sea (as in from-across-the-sea, hence foreign) ghost. And there’s no supernatural connotation. The idiomatic translation is “foreign asshole” — I think we English-speakers substitute “devil” because Lucifer has some dark rebellious glamor attached, and the best lines in Paradise Lost after all.

      >What in the name of Niffelheim was 911?
      A regrettable but understandable response by oppressed peoples struggling to: 1) throw off the yoke of American hegemony, 2) resist the imposition of Western decadence and moral corruption on the rough, tough men of the only True Faith, 3) counter the effects of Global Warming. Duh!

      Re UCLA shooter. Having spent too much of my life in graduate school and various academic research institutes, the deranged, obsessive, narcissistic whackjob convinced that he’d have been a success if only his enemies had not stolen, STOLEN I SAY!!11! from him, is unfortunately not a rare thing in my experience. I don’t personally know of any that have gone out and shot people, but the paranoid nutbaggery is definitely out there, and seems drawn to academia. Perhaps because a business concern would have fired his ass (guys WAY outnumber girls on this for some reason) and barred him from premises long before it rose (or sank) the level of capping someone.


    You guys sure do have some monumental arseholes in senior positions in your military. And politics.

    Not that I can cast stones, I guess. Might hit my glass house.

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