A School System Full of Weapons

(Not this school system's pile. This is a file pile).

(Not this school system’s pile. This is a file pile).

“A School System Full of Weapons”? Actually, that describes what we had growing up, where one of the teachers might bring in his Springfield and some old gear to illustrate something about the First World War, or a couple of us might have squirrel guns in our cars for after school. All the guys carried a pocket knife and a lighter.

Today, they’d probably throw us so far back in the school brig that we’d have to be fed by Wrist Rocket. And actually fire the teachers (but keep the pervy ones, because Vibrant Diversity® FTW). Then, they didn’t have a school brig. See what Progress® gets ya?

So that leaves us a little unsure how to react to this tale in the Daily Mail. It’s hard to get inside the minds of the uncredited reporter there; we suppose it’s a steady job, but he wants to be a paperback writer. Anyway, we’re not sure whether the best angle on this is:

  1. the sheer gun-fearing wussiedom of the schools;
  2. the degree to which Britons are aghast that Yanks have eeeeewwww guns. (We can assure our UK readers that they are not slimy, merely smooth and cool to the touch);
  3. the fact that all this keys off a notoriously mobbed-up union, the Teamsters, getting twaumatized by weapons in the schools (we’ll believe the Teamsters have turned over a new leaf when they give up the mortal remains of purged capo Jimmy Hoffa);
  4. the fact that the famously-violent union supposedly twaumatized by all these guns supported Andrew Cuomo and his SSAFE Act, which was supposed to usher in the era of the New Soviet Man or something;
  5. The laziness of reporters, which we bring full circle by writing a report based entirely on a Daily Mail report which is based entirely on a New York Post report which is based entirely on sniveling provided by the union goon. At least we’re self-aware; not sure if the paperback writers in Fleet Street are, also. If so, Troll Level: Journeyman at least.

Anyway, here’s the Mail, with some interspersed snark:

Terrifying haul of 2,000 revolvers, handguns, meat cleavers and daggers confiscated from children as young as 11 in NY schools in just 10 months… and the NYPD are trying to keep the problem a secret.

Um, revolvers are handguns. Would you write “Horses, animals, vegetables and minerals…”? Well, you actually mightn’t, but they very well might. It is the Daily Mail, after all.

1,751 guns, knives and other weapons were confiscated from children in the city’s schools between July 1, 2015, and May 8 of this year.

Didn’t he just say 2,000? He did (look in the previous quote). Don’t know how to break it to the Math Is Hard Barbie reporter here, but 1751 ≠ 2000.

That is a rise of more than quarter from the same time last year

Forgive us if we find your estimate a bit dubious, without the underlying number. But it might be right, as the Ferguson Effect has many major-metro cops “going fetal,” to borrow Rahm Emanuel’s evocative condemnation of his own PD; a lot of places have crime up a quarter, and it’s a toss-up whether Rahm or De Blasio despises his cops more.

Shocking figures were released as school safety agents were thanked

Greg Floyd, the Teamsters local leader. Note union/Cuomo campaign signs.

Greg Floyd, the Teamsters local leader quoted in the article. Note union/Cuomo campaign signs.

The passive voice here hides the fact that the “school safety agent” is a neither-fish-nor-fowl level of city employee who isn’t a teacher, isn’t a cop, but is very well paid for a guy or gal whose occupational requirement is ability to fog  mirror. (Like TSA, but the upper crust thereof).

Revolvers, 9mm handguns, meat cleavers and daggers.

These are just some of the weapons schoolchildren are bringing into classrooms in New York City on a daily basis.

Boys and girls, some as young as 11, have taken them out to use during fights while others have used them to target other youngsters.

According to the New York Post, the dangerous items have been confiscated by faculty at schools, some of which don’t have metal detectors.

OK, now they’re admitting that the whole thing is really the Post’s report. Halfway down the page. (Not that the Post, either, is likely to employ someone who can identify a gun three times out of five at five paces).

An investigation has revealed how a huge number of dangerous weapons are being taken into New York schools on a daily basis. This revolver was found on a student at M169 on the Upper East Side.

NY School Revolver

“An investigation has revealed.” Hell of a way to say, “Union representatives, who are looking for a lever in contract negotiations, handed us a prefab story…” The junk revolver appears to be a die-cast zinc el cheapo, and the Made in Italy origin statement was enough for us to track it down. It’s a close cousin of this cheap Italian .22 blank starter pistol, the Mondial Model 1060, if it isn’t exactly the same thing. The one at the link sold at auction … for a penny. If the Mondial name was ever applied to a real firearm, news of such has yet to arrive in Googlestan.

I bet they don’t submit these to trace, for fear they’d raise Time to Crime numbers and undermine the push for New Laws To Punish Those Who Didn’t Commit Any of These Crimes.

This .38 caliber pistol was found loaded with a single bullet at PS 40 high school in Queens. Safety officials say they are being threatened with punishment if they release information about weapons being taken from kids.

NY School Hi-Point

Ah, yes, the mighty Hi-Point. Not only that, it had… drumroll please… “a single bullet.” (The guy would mean cartridge, if he knew what that was. Or maybe he does and has too little faith in the Mail readership. Of course, it can’t be an edgy report without an edged weapon, too:

NY School Dagger

This dagger was confiscated at Newtown High School in Queens. It was one of 1,751 weapons seized from schoolchildren between July 1, 2015, and May 8 of this year.

Ah, yes. The Mall Ninja Store blue-light special, this. Actually the deadliest weapon of the three, but like the Hi-Point with “one bullet,” it’s probably only good for one shot. “Hey, let’s put some weakening holes in here!” — said no knifesmith, ever.

Hard to imagine the blood of Churchill and Nelson and Shackleton running cold over this pathetic display, but evidently it does. One hopes Alfred the Great is not looking down at the moment, or he might be moved to weep.

But we finally do get to some numbers:

Between July 1, 2015, and May 8 of this year, safety agents and cops recovered a total of 1,751 guns, knives and other weapons in schools.

That’s a rise in 26 percent from the same period last school year, when 1,394 weapons were confiscated, according to data provided to the Post by the NYPD

Gregory Floyd, president of the safety agents union in the city, Teamsters Local 237, told the newspaper the NYPD are cracking down on people who tell the public about the weapons seized from youngsters.

Those who leak information to the press have also been threatened with docked vacation days.

Floyd told the Post: ‘The purpose is to intimidate and to make an example of them so other safety agents will be afraid to report crime.’

He added: ‘If there’s no information to report, (Mayor) de Blasio can come out with his skewed numbers that crime is down and schools are safe, and parents don’t get a true picture of what’s going on.

Now this makes sense in a twisted sort of a way.

‘We shouldn’t be in the secrecy business. We should be in the business of making sure weapons brought to school doesn’t happen.’

Well, with that command of grammar, he’d better stick with his union gig. Of course, we can’t expect too much from the guy, he’s probably a graduate of these same pathetic schools.

Mona Davids, president of the New York City Parents Union told the Post: ‘It’s a cover-up, while putting the lives of our children and school staffs at risk.’

Families for Excellent Schools, an organization who has sued the NYPD for failing to protect their children at schools, says the latest statistics proves more weapons are being taken into schools on a daily basis.

Um, the police have no duty to protect anyone in particular. Established law, we’re afraid. And notice the reporter’s lapse into NYC Public School graduate grammar: “statistics proves.” Subject verb agrees should, no?

The NYPD defending its response to the seizures in a statement and insisting information that is ‘disseminated’ must be approved.

Then, the article shoots itself in the foot by announcing the following are “examples of dangerous weapons taken into New York schools in the last two months”. If you read them, you can see they’re more like “examples of dangerous weapons taken into New York schools in the last two months,” but this reporter’s innumeracy apparently extends to the differences between the various single-digit whole integers.

On March 15 – An 11-year-old boy sneaked a .38-caliber handgun loaded with one bullet into PS 40 in Jamaica, Queens. He was seen waving the gun at another student he had a beef with.

That’s the Hi-Point illustrated above. Note: the punk in question was eleven. Given New York’s attitude to crime and criminals, and the expected pace of medical advances, he could still be crimin’ in the 22nd century.

On March 17 – A 15-year-old student stashed a .38-caliber handgun in his backpack and smuggled it into York Early College Academy, a middle school in Jamaica. He was spotted flashing the revolver during a dispute with students in a stairwell.

This kid was Old School, with some cheesy alloy (Zamak strikes again?) .38 Smith knockoff, complete with round-noses and a shades-of-Joe-Colombo electrical taped grip (per criminal legend, defeats fingerprints). The Mail didn’t have the picture but the NY Post did:


Seriously, that’s like a crime gun from 1966 that’s been in some kind of criminal time capsule for the last fifty years.

On March 22 – A 14-year-old boy at Dr. Gladstone H. Atwell Middle School in Crown Heights, Brooklyn took a 9mm pistol and two magazines of bullets in his backpack. When a dean questioned him about a prior fight with neighborhood kids, he admitted packing heat.

That’s this fine example of firearms technology, which appears to have been cared for appropriately:

NY School Jennings

It’s a “Jennings Nine,” made by the Southern California nest of junk-gun makers that anti-gunners have dubbed “the ring of fire.” Anybody who’s been a cop for a while has taken a Jennings or two into evidence, but the more common ones are the pocket pistols. Thing is, for all their use in crime, many tens of thousands of these kinds of cheap guns are used by people who can’t afford our tuned designer work of defensive art, but still have every right to defend themselves. Drive up the price of guns, and the only gainers are the criminals.

On March 29 – A 14-year-old student at Urban Assembly School for Careers in Sports in Concourse Village in The Bronx pulled a steak knife on a 16-year-old boy.

We’ll go to the Post for this one:


We’re guessing that the “Urban Assembly School for Careers in Sports in Concourse Village in The Bronx” sends more grads (and dropouts) to the NY DOC than to the NBA, NFL or MLB. And we wonder what sport in particular this young sport had in mind.

Now his mom’s one steak knife short. Think she’ll be mad when she finds out?

On April 4 – A 13-year-old boy reportedly threatened a female student with a .22-caliber revolver at M169 Robert F. Kennedy on the Upper East Side, then passed the gun to a friend.

That’s the cheesy zinc alloy revolver visible earlier in this report.

On April 8 – A 16-year-old boy was allegedly found with a medieval-style dagger at Newtown High School in Elmhurst, Queens. It was uncovered after a 17-year-old girl told authorities that he had put it to her neck.

That’s the mall-ninja toad stabber seen above.

And the soi-disant “students” have been expelled from school, charged, and convicted of SAFE Act violations, and sent to prison, right? Right? Anybody?

Don’t be silly. The law is meant to be used as a stick to beat gun-owners Upstate, not Downstate hood rat gangbangers in the school (and hood rat gangbanger wannabees, which is the feedstock of gangbanger production). It’s certainly not meant to be used on actual criminals. 

NY Post guns in schoolsClicking through to the Post’s story, which was the cover story (right), we see that Postie Susan Edelman, no more au courant on guns than her hoplophobic British opposite numbers, spins it differently:

These are the guns and knives Mayor de Blasio doesn’t want you to see.

A surging tide of weapons — including loaded revolvers, 9mm handguns, meat cleavers and daggers — has been confiscated this year from students in city schools, most of which do not have metal detectors.

But instead of praising unarmed school safety agents for grabbing the weapons, the NYPD is cracking down on them for alerting the press and public, according to Gregory Floyd, president of the agents union, Teamsters Local 237.

Ah, it’s all Bill De Blowfish’s fault. Have you ever noticed that for New Yorkers, especially New York media functionaries, the worst mayor in history is the one they have right now, compared to the one they had before him, who was second best — and the one they will support to replace this schmo, that next one is going to be the Best Mayor Evah.

Edelman is alarmed that only some schools have metal detectors, and that most of the weapons were seized in schools without. Amazingly, though, almost 700 weapons were seized in the schools with the detectors, making one wonder about those union dudes running. Here’s the number.

Of the weapons seized this academic year, 698 came from schools with metal detectors, the NYPD stats show. Students brought 1,053 weapons — 60 percent of the total — into schools unequipped with metal detectors.

The mayor is reporting crime in the schools is down, but it seems to be simply that juvenile criminals are not being charged.

Floyd also disputes the city Department of Education’s new discipline policy, which discourages student suspensions, and a pilot program to give “warning cards” to students for marijuana possession or “disorderly conduct” such as yelling, cursing, fighting and assaults. Some offenses previously might have warranted a criminal summons.

“In many cases, the children aren’t arrested, so the crime statistics are down, but it’s just not being reported,” Floyd said.

And we’ll close with a couple more of the little darlings’ playthings. The Post says of this catch:

On March 11, a safety agent at Fashion Industries HS in Chelsea found a 4-inch razor blade in a girl’s backpack. When she began to kick and scream, a report said, three agents restrained and handcuffed her before finding a 10½-inch meat cleaver in her bag.

NY School cleaver

That’s both of them in that grainy picture, the razor blade and the cleaver.  And then there’s this cleaver — it’s not the same cleaver, but its point of confiscation is unknown.


Now against that, before you send your kids to the New York City Public Schools, you need to weigh the fact that these Dewey Factories prepare their students (at least the ones that survive to graduation) perfectly well to compete for the unskilled factory jobs of the 1890s and beyond, like at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory; or to work as slackjawed government clerks.


36 thoughts on “A School System Full of Weapons


    Ah….guns in schools. When I was in junior high our school librarian was a guy, which was a pretty unusual thing. He was softly spoken too, and most of the school thought he was a bit of a wimp. That is, until he showed up one day with a truckload of heat. And I mean, an actual small truck loaded with weapons.

    It was painted green, and I recall he had one of everything. F1 SMG, SLR, M16 M60, M72, M79 and a Carl G. Even in year 9 I knew my infantry weapons.

    Turns out he was an infantry Captain who was the OC of a local Army Reserve rifle company, and he’d brought the weapons in to assist in a history lesson about our involvement in SVN.

    It was one of the coolest things I ever saw during the entire course of my education. His credibility shot up like a moon rocket, and it was one of my first lessons in not underestimating the quiet guys.

    That would’ve been around 1976. I’m pretty sure that any teacher who drove a truckload of infantry small arms into a school now would be in the slammer before you could say “trigger warning”. Those were better days.

    1. Mike_C

      > “most of the school thought he was a bit of a wimp […] Turns out he was an infantry Captain who was the OC of a local Army Reserve rifle company,”

      Starship Troopers: While in boot camp, burgeoning Mobile Infantry-man Juan Rico receives an unexpected letter from his old high school H+MP teacher:
      Good luck, trooper! You’ve made me proud.
      Lt.-Col., M. I., rtd.”
      The signature was as amazing as the letter itself. Old Sour Mouth a short colonel? Why, our regimental commander was only a major. Mr. Dubois had never used any sort of rank around school. […] Of course we had known that he was a veteran since History and Moral Philosophy must be taught by a citizen. But an M. I.? He didn’t look it. Prissy, faintly scornful, a dancing-master type — not one of us apes.

    2. John Distai

      I remember being at a shooting range in my college days. I saw a guy shooting some H&K model that was pretty cool, and I struck up a conversation. He told me that in the summer he liked to shoot every day, and that he collected H&K’s. He was a professor in the Art department where I went to school. I never considered any art classes, but took his after meeting him. It was a great class!

  2. Boat Guy

    “…t was one of my first lessons in not underestimating the quiet guys. ” An EXCELLENT lesson – at an early age, no less. ‘Pears school-years weren’t wasted on LSWCHP .
    A suggestion for NYC skules reminiscent of one in fashion for the Balkans in the mid-90’s; lock the place down and drop-in weapons and ammo . Deal with whomever might be standing when the noise stops.

  3. John M.

    Wait, is that the elusive Hi Point in .38 Super? Maybe that’s why the perp only had one “bullet.”

    -John M.

  4. Ken

    The Highpoint with one cartridge immediately brought to mind a favored old Fudd story; ” when I was a boy my daddy sent me out with old Betsy and one shell, had to bring back dinner, or else”.

    When I was a kid my grandmother had a little country store in a very rural area. She did in fact sell individual shotgun shells. Not sure if anybody ever bought a whole box.

  5. LFMayor

    I have one of those little RG’s in .22. I had to re grind the muzzle crown in order for it to hit where it’s aimed but all in all I like it. It’s a dongle action model14. My wife puts it in her fanny pack when she holds garage sales.
    I wait anxiously for the arrows to darken the skies

  6. LFMayor

    @&$! Dongle action. On the thing that goes up. Switches serial to ps2. Ya know….

  7. staghounds

    It’s much the same here. No one in the system wants the public to know what happens in the schools.

  8. Docduracoat

    Wow…just wow
    My 2 older kids go to an “A” rated public school here in south Florida, after having attending an expensive private school in Palm Beach.
    I am pleased with the education they are getting.
    You do have to always have to take a liberal position on any assignment in order to get a good grade. Conservative viewpoints are always marked down.
    We can counteract this liberal indoctrination at home around the dinner table.
    The youngest is in Catholic school
    I really think the most value is with the Catholic school which gives her some Jesus along with the reading, writing and arithmetic.
    And I am Jewish !

    1. Hognose Post author

      I spent a year teaching public school. Two big surprises: most of the teachers hated kids. (That’s like becoming a mechanic if you can’t bear getting oily). And all the teachers who had their own kids sent them to private schools, mostly to the Catholic schools. In MA, there were a lot of Catholics and a lot of Catholic schools, but we’re talking Jews, Greeks and Vietnamese ethnics all sending their kids to Catholic school. Where they had mandatory Catholic Christian Doctrine class. All I can figure is, it was easier for someone to counteract the dinner-table message with a respectful “that’s their belief, this is ours” versus the Catholic religious indoc, than it was to counteract the relentless secular, nihilist, pleasure-trumps-all message of the public school and its culture.

      And this was a good school!

      1. LSWCHP

        I’m not a religious guy, but my kids have all gone to a Catholic private school for that reason. And it’s exclusive, in that kids who misbehave are given a few warnings, and if they refuse to toe the line they are excluded.

        It’s been a huge financial sacrifice, but it’s meant my kids have received a good education in a caring environment that’s been free of bullies and thugs, so well worth it.

      2. Cattus Borealis

        I second what you said Hognose…

        Based on a couple of years experience I have found that most teachers truly hate children. I am surprised that there have not been any teacher initiated mass murders. It also seem that female middle school teachers eventually completely go insane.

        1. John Distai

          My wife went to Catholic school the whole way through. Her parents probably would have seen a better return on their investment if they used the tuition money to buy a better house in a better public school district.

          1. Loren

            I sent my son to a private Catholic boys school down in Perth. Paid 5 figures a year for 4th to 12th grade. Mandatory sports and if you know Australian boys, survival of the fittest. He made first 8’s in rowing 2 years and first 15’s in rugby. Now at university studying geo. nuke acquisition and will join the OZ naval UDT after graduation.
            I figure I got my monies worth.

      3. Cap'n Mike

        I did 8 years in a Boston Archdiocese Catholic school in the 1980s. I think I did all right.
        It did give me a bit of a complex later in life though.
        I was there at the height of the Priest sexual abuse scandal, but not one of those perve priests ever looked at me sideways. No matter how handsome my Mom told me I was, I guess I wasn’t cute enough.

        I then went to a public high school that had an actual rifle team. There cant be too many of those left.

  9. Jim

    I’m surprised they didn’t label that M9 a “high-capacity, armor-piercing, military-grade assault pistol.”

  10. Jim Scrummy

    Well, by today’s standards I am a criminal. I use to bring my Boy Scout Pocket Knife to school with me everyday. I was proud of the knife, because my father had given it to me (originally it was his knife) to use. I was EDCing back in the 5th grade. Today, as a 10 year old, I’d have a criminal record, because I’m a Caucasian male with “white privilege” who needs to be re-edumacated in the worker’s paradise work camps…errr I meant to say public school systems.

    Snake Plissken is getting older by the day, not sure he could escape New York these days.

  11. Bill T

    The story doesn’t mention actual victims killed or wounded in the same places and times. As evil as “Guns and Knives” are there should be a pile of corpses left in the wake of such a buildup of weapons – no?

  12. longfalcon

    “Thing is, for all their use in crime, many tens of thousands of these kinds of cheap guns” … leavin’ us hangin’ bro….

  13. Bret

    Actually the Mondial name has been put on a real firearm. I have a baby browning clone with Mondial grips. Haven’t gotten the courage to reassemble or fire it yet though.

  14. Xwire

    I’ve been stopped over here for ‘potential offensive weapons’. Basically screwdrivers, when coming back from helping a mate bolt some go faster bits to his bike. I dread to think what I’d be labelled as if I ever got into serious trouble & the po po even just saw my library and edged weapons collection. Any interest in weapons is enough to be seen as a dangerous nut job. I’ve been in shops where they obscure the shooting mag covers like with porn… Just pictures of guns are enough to trigger us poor sensitive Brits nowadays.

    And remember, the DM thinks m82s were designed to shoot down helicopters and need a bipod due to the recoil…

  15. raven

    What definition of “weapon” did they use for those 1750 items? The Terminally Stupid Asshole definition? Was there a bag filled with scissors, nail files and bottle openers? There should have been SOMETHING more photogenic than a starter pistol, a high point and a dimestore dagger with that many “weapons” to chose from.

    as an aside, there is a photo taken in the former USSR in the ’60’s by David Duncan, showing a tray full of small pen knives, nail files etc outside a local commissar meeting in a rural area, with the notation they did not trust their own people. At the time I saw it I thought it was a Russian thing….

    1. Chris

      I was thinking of something similar. Depending on how anal the school admin is feeling that day, they might use the TSA definition of “weapon”, or they might use the TSA-on-PCP-laced-steroids definition.

      I brought a swiss army knife to school most days in my backpack in the early 90’s. I often used the screwdrivers on it to help fix various things around the building.

      These days the school administrators would get their panties in a collective twist if a student did that (even one bound for the military who never even considered using his “weapon” against another human). Yet that didn’t stop a young woman from being stabbed with a pencil a few years after I graduated.

  16. Scott

    All three of my kids went where there were guns could be found in the school every day.

    Homeschool. ;)

  17. John Distai

    I remember being in elementary school and having something like an empty pistol casing and an empty rifle casing. (They make good whistles). This was in a state where hunting was VERY common.

    Some annoying little cunt went to the teacher and said “John brought a REAL bullet to school!” (point point, exclaim, exclaim!!!!). I got a serious talking to by the teacher about how inappropriate and dangerous this was, and my parents were called. I tried to explain, they are empty casings. There isn’t any bullet. They are no more dangerous than school supplies. I don’t have a gun. It didn’t matter. For as big a deal as they made you’d have thought I brought some weapon of mass destruction.

    Then when I got home my dad beat the shit out of me for the school calling home.

    The little girl is probably some high-level corporate backstabber by now with the tattling behavior she had.

  18. Keith

    My parents sacrificed so I could go to local private baptist schools. I am grateful and do figure I got a better education. On the gripping hand I was a little older than most, read books and both my parents while I was in school were local deputy sheriffs. So readers think back to your school days and think how you would have acted?

    In my case 9 years of hell. But at least did not have to worry about guns at school. And they had a strict policy on knives as well.

  19. Tom Stone

    You’d have to be a damn fool not to carry some kind of weapon if you had to attend a public school in NYC.

  20. Heresolong

    A few quick calculations reveal the following:

    1751 weapons/978,121 students equals approximately 0.18% of students brought a weapon to school, assuming no duplications

    1751 weapons/200 school days equals approximately 9 weapons seized per school day. 9 a day out of almost a million students in a system rife with poverty and crime. Surprised it isn’t higher.

  21. DSM

    I grew up where gun racks in pickups were almost a standard feature. Everyone had a pocket knife. Then again students at my school got excused absences during planting and harvesting and even a half day excused if they dusted a deer before class. And this wasn’t all that long ago, twenty odd years and change, so maybe I was part of the last generation to have the capability of independent thought there.

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